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  3. Looks like he's had a bit of a pile on from his own readership if you read the comments on the "Independent" website by searching Oliver Keens.
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  5. Following on from Baroness Keans showing off that she doesn't know that there are women Freemasons in the "New European" (tagline "think without borders") a couple of weeks ago, another UK Journalist has jumped on the bandwagon of defending womens' rights by taking a swipe at Freemasonry and completely ignoring or disregarding the fact that there have been female-only Lodges in the UK for over a Century. You would have thought that these apparently intelligent people could use Google. Oh well! Snippet: By contrast, gentleman’s clubs or the majority of male-only Freemasons’ lodges that still bafflingly exist in the UK lack any comparable justification. They’re purely about power, about maintaining elites and ring-fencing a tiny group of humans as “the establishment”. Garrick members like Stephen Fry and Hugh Bonneville might think they’re worthy because they campaigned for women to be admitted, but they still knowingly joined a boys club. (The Garrick Club, until last month, had exclusion written into its rules). Full article can be read here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/there-s-actually-a-place-for-single-sex-clubs-they-just-need-to-be-justified/ar-BB1nqrdA
  6. Hello and welcome to the Forum, sadly your post got caught up in the system and I've only just seen it. If you're still about and looking it would be very helpful to have an idea where you're located to be able to signpost you.
  7. Hi Alex and welcome to the Forum, The Madrigal Lodge No. 5039 in the Province of East Lancashire was Consecrated in Oct 1928 and used to meet in Salford, sadly the Lodge was erased in 2016 having held it's last meeting in 2015. You are correct that it had a musical theme, madrigal is a type of singing. The most likely way to get the dates etc of your G Grandfather's membership would be to use the Library & Museum of Freemasonry's service which you can find more details of here: https://museumfreemasonry.org.uk/family-history
  8. 5039 is the Manchester Science and Art Lodge. The Secretary's details are found on the link and who might provide you with some history. https://eastlancashirefreemasons.org/list-of-craft-lodges/
  9. All seems a bit mythical to me when you look at the timeline of the various recognised religions. The imagination of those creating religion would give a sci-fi writer a run for their money. Religion was devised at a time when we didn't understand science and nature. Historical events couldn't be explained and access to information was non existent. Religion as a concept, helped create order where none existed, for the fear of death and what happened next was a tool to control the masses. Religion is a personal issue based on conviction rather than scientific evidence or historical artefacts. If it comforts you to believe, then believe. I look at Craft Freemasonry as just 4 acts (EA, FC, MM & IM) which we all get to act out if we choose. I take no religious connotation from any of them.
  10. Snippet: Scottish Freemasons were honoured by a Royal Visit yesterday, when the Duke of Kent attended the Grand Lodge of Scotland to unveil a life-size portrait of his uncle, King George VI, who was Scotland’s 91st Grand Master Mason. Full story here: https://www.grandlodgescotland.com/scottish-freemasons-honoured-by-a-royal-visit/
  11. This lady, clearly having researched hard, managed to miss the two (100+ year old) Grand Lodges of Women-only Freemasons and the Grand Lodge of men & women Freemasons not to mention the Soroptomists!
  12. Following many decades of not answering back the UGLE started a few years back with the "Enough is Enough" campaign, this is the latest and very public response to biased journalism randomly besmirching the character of Freemasons and Freemasonry: https://www.ugle.org.uk/about-us/media-centre/press-releases/ugle-responds-new-european
  13. A interesting exercise is to compare the Hiram legend to the 1st Apocalypse of James, one of the Nag Hammadi texts, and to the account of the assassination of James in Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History. Both "Hiram" and James were interrogated in the Temple Courtyard, and then executed by having their heads bashed in with a mallet. PsAbdias, a 6th c. Latin text claims that Paul (aka Saul) was the mallet wielder.
  14. Hello, I’ve been asked to look into a Masonic medal for my grandma which I believe was her father’s. She’d like to know a bit more about it, as she didn’t really know her father. I’m looking to do some research into this and was hoping this forum might be able to help. I believe that my great grandfather belonged to Lodge 5039 which I am lead to believe was musically associated in Manchester area? I can’t seem to upload photos but the medal is a gold piece, at the top is a blue enamel plaque with “33rd W.M.” Followed by 1961 underneath in red. There are then 3 chains which hold up the main piece which appears to be a hand enamel painted picture of a statue with two women and two men sat at the foot. On top of this arches a blue plaque saying “Madrigal”. A scroll and red rose is underneath the main picture which has the Lodge number. Then attached with a small ring is a beautiful solid gold set square and white enamel image. I wanted some advice, firstly on where to find some history on this lodge and the role he might have had. Secondly, on whether this piece might have any value for my grandma which requires insurance or where to go to possibly understand it’s provenance. Any advice would be great. Thanks, Alex
  15. Back for a chat again. Masonically very busy and a few more orders and chairs.
  16. Contact through your Lodge Secretary to your Provincial Grand Secretary will get usually get you contact information for the relevant Grand Lodge and a letter of introduction.
  17. Greetings. Can anyone put me in touch with a lodge near Torrevieja? I'd like to visit and experience a ritual in spanish. I am an officer of the Prov of Middx and travel to that Region a number of times a year. I would even consider joining. S&F
  18. SundayTimes today 11 Feb 2024 article on Oxford membership. as per attatched PDF Oxford - Sunday Times.pdf
  19. I wholly support any Lodge to lift their warrant from Masonic halls and relocate to non masonic premises. It is the members decision. If they not happy, they vote with their feet and relocate. But i wonder what the feeling and ambience would be like having meeting in non masonic room. Also, how many lodges would be fully self sufficient with pillars, lights, altar etc. Whilst the management of halls would realise that the Lodges custom in bar and meals should not to be taken as granted. But is it really that poor and costly situation when a masonic gathering is neither a dining club nor a 'social club' Provincial and GL officers will be unhappy that halls are closing as the Order has no strategy upon these matters. Personally, i could live with only attending for the purpose of a meeting. However whenever attending a meeting and the option of food and beverage is being offered i partake. But i would never attend a meeting and leave a hall to go elsewhere for FB. It is discourteous to hall staff to pander to a lodges meeting requirements and then take custom elsewhere. Nor is it particularly convenient for elderly members to arrive at a hall for a meeting, and then expect their attendance at another venue for FB. My local hall caterer supplements his business with bookings from out side the Order. This is bizarre as Lodges in the hall gripe with what is offered.
  20. I would willingly have my Lodge take its Warrant and meet elsewhere to put it bluntly. Why should we put up with poor menus and quality.
  21. ‘Every meal and beverage purchased elsewhere is a loss to the future prosperity of Freemasons’ Hall.’ The above statement is extensively displayed throughout my local hall. In the washrooms, in the lift, on promotional material etc. But, yet some lodges / brethren take their custom to non-masonic premises. I would support any lodge which desires to use a hostelry of their choosing to also take their warrant with them. I do accept that often there maybe better value and wider selection of both beverages and menu than what is offered within halls. But you are in a masonic hall for a masonic meeting. The cohesion of gathering at a single venue contributes to ease of members particularly those less able or more aged. If one cannot positively support the Hall what merit is achieved by the boycotting other than expediting the demise of the hall and closure of services.
  22. I know of several small lodges who dine outside of their hall, as to whether they are permitted to as to their lack of economy of scale, I’m not sure…….I’d have thought as long as they pay their hall per capita, like other lodges do, there shouldn’t be a problem, if there is what would it be.
  23. This caught my intertest whilst on recent visit to Lisbon, Portugal. Educational plaque in Santa Maria de Belem Church refers to ‘Lodge.’
  24. There's no requirement to have an FB at all. I know at least one Craft lodge meeting at Freemasons' Hall that doesn't, and in any case lodges that meet there can dine anywhere that they can find (increasingly difficult in London). I imagine it's purely so that the halls in question can get as much money as possible out of the lodge.
  25. I can't find any mention of it in any books, but does a private Lodge have to have a festive board or, are they free to move on to a hostelry of their choosing. I can't see any reason why halls are insisting on Lodges dining if they meet at the halls.
  26. Whilst we are currently enthralled with the ongoing Post Office inquiry as to who is responsible and ultimately accountable. A scenario within Irish masonry is developing that would also demand clarity. A Grand Master (IC) read a statement at a provincial meeting. ‘‘I wish to state clearly that every PGM represents the M. W. Grand Master in his particular Province and has the equivalent authority therein.’’ The statement was later circulated. If ‘equivalent authority’ is the case, then an allegation against a PGM clearly extends that the allegation is also upon the GM. Does the buck stop at the GM as he is solely responsible for nominating his PGM’s?
  27. And now the Hall of which the member identified himself to belonging, is attacked as criminal. see article https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/psni-investigating-criminal-damage-at-freemasons-hall-in-belfast/a1576743979.html However, others sitting in the hall are of a mind that it is a hate crime.
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