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  3. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    It is much better to not speculate and deal with facts, so I'll ask what everyone is wondering. What is the Grand Lodge that your new Lodge is under? What was the former?
  4. Last week
  5. The ritual was applied regardless of known previous swearings. Perhaps the current GL does not accept that the GAOTU supervises orders that the GL does not recognize. At that stage I noticed that the initiation only occurs if secondary commitments are made, to the initiating lodge and to the relevant GL. Thus a candidate who wishes to become a Freemason must swear allegiance to the GL regardless of whether it is racist, corrupt or without the genuine secrets.
  6. I was pleasantly surprised as I was told I would be. It gave an accurate representation of the Scottish Craft IMO. Yes, as you said there was a few things that stuck out. One for me was brethren not covering their work especially when a film crew was present. The GMM came across well and so did all the other Brethren who spoke. I’m sure the prospective candidate will have been ‘telt’ fae his grandad either tonight or tomorrow that his bunnet should have been taken off when inside!
  7. One other thing. It was a bit naughty of the programme makers to show an excerpt from Ankerberg's anti-masonic exposure on US TV. And the black and white footage of a supposed initiation was taken, I think, from a Nazi propaganda film made in occupied France.
  8. I've just watched it, and it wasn't too bad. Of course, the ill-disposed will take the wrong things from it - the suggestion that Burns and Watt gained success by their masonic connections for example (I laughed at the academic who pondered how many James Watts were out there who didn't have that advantage!). I wasn't too keen that the three times three after a toast was shown. And as for the student prospective candidate who said his grandfather was a Mason, I bet grandad was telling him to take his ruddy cap off! But, all in all, I think it gave a positive picture of freemasonry, and Scottish freemasonry in particular, and if I wasn't already in the Craft, it would have made me interested in joining.
  9. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    There are three situations that I can think of which might bring this about: If you have joined a lodge that is under a different but recognised Grand Lodge from the one under which you were initiated. However, in that case you shouldn't have to forswear your original initiatory lodge, as that initiation would still be valid. If you originally were initiated in a lodge under a Grand Lodge that is not recognised by the one you have just joined, or is in some way irregular. If you have just joined an irregular lodge under an unrecognised constitution - sort of the reverse of 2. above. May I suggest that you ask exactly why you have been asked to forswear your original initiation? It would seem that something odd is going on. It might just be that someone in your new lodge doesn't know the rules - it happens!
  10. That sounds suspiciously like someone who joined a irregular lodge and later joins a regular lodge (having resigned from the former) - that's the only condition that springs to mind.
  11. > no matter where you are, the lodge into which a brother is initiated is his mother lodge, even if he were later to move to another lodge I have done just that, and the new lodge insisted upon initiating me and having me swear that I would always acknowledge that new lodge as my mother lodge even though they knew I had already sworn that for a previous lodge.
  12. Good stuff - will look out for it on iplayer!
  13. I’ve had been advised from the GLoS Facebook team that Brethren will be pleasantly surprised at this. Apparently GL had a lot of say in what should be shown. Also to note that it was an independent production company that the BBC employed to create the documentary. I think GL was worried of bias initially but, seem to be happy with the end result. TV set to record tonight as I have a meeting...
  14. Hello from Sweden.

    Thank you brothers.
  15. Greetings from Aberdeen

    Welcome back Wayne
  16. Was a great meeting and good to catch up again Will try to come along again next year Wayne
  17. Hello from Sweden.

    A very warm welcome from me too Wayne
  18. Dave Rees

    Croeso!! Wayne
  19. Hello from Monaco

    Hi Remy, Where is the lodge in Monaco? My father lives there and I’ve never noticed it. I was of the impression there wasn’t one.
  20. Greetings from Aberdeen

    Hi Mike, if it’s ok with you I’ll stick with the new one? Glad to see there’s lots of topics being talked about.
  21. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    I admit to knowing very little detail about specific administrative matters in Australian freemasonry but I will say that no matter where you are, the lodge into which a brother is initiated is his mother lodge, even if he were later to move to another lodge, even under another Grand Lodge's jurisdiction. This is just the same as being born in a particular country makes you a native of that country - nothing can change that. As far as allegiances are concerned, yes, you agree to abide by the rules laid down by the Grand Lodge under which your lodge is warranted. If, simultaneously, you were to belong to lodges under different jurisdictions, then you abide by the rules of the Grand Lodge in whose territory you are at that moment attending a lodge. If territorial jurisdictions overlap, then one can see a problem - I said it was complicated! I could see that since the overlapping Grand Lodges would have agreed to allow the overlap, then one can logically suppose that when you are attending a lodge (whether or not you are a member of it), you would be governed by the rules of the Grand Lodge under which that lodge is meeting. We are here talking about Grand Lodges which recognise each other. Of course, if you are in any doubt, you could always ask the secretary of the provinces and/or districts concerned.
  22. Hand over of chair completed for Glittering Star...weekend was good and great to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. Could do with a few serving soldiers to bolster the ranks though :-) i feel lonely in red Interestingly the WM chair was made when the Regt was out in India s&f Chas
  23. Vetting Process

    Giving the matter proper consideration and careful thought is a good thing - enjoy your holiday and look forward to answering any question you have
  24. Locally to be initiated the candidate not only has to swear to keep the secrets but also to agree always acknowledge that lodge as his mother lodge and abide by its rules and swear to abide by the rules the GL to which the lodge belongs. In my view, pledging allegiance to the Great Architect should be sufficient.
  25. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    What are you going on about? There is nothing in our rules that says someone can't get Initiated wherever they want. What our criteria for recognition do show is that we will only extend recognition to grand lodges that meet the criteria. I think you need to take the time to read things more carefully before replying!
  26. Greetings from Aberdeen

    Hi and welcome back. If you wish you can always reactivate your old User ID
  27. Hello brethren and gentlemen, I was a member on here years ago and fell away from the forum for a long time. Now I’m back and looking forward to reading all of the great articles, comments and information on here.
  28. Hello from Sweden.

    Welcome to the forum.
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