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  2. Thank you Mike. I've told my QC Lodge and Circle about this in case any are interested.
  3. Snippet: The Bavarian State Library has returned over 200 books stolen from Freemasons by the Nazis over 80 years ago. The library said it is facing up to the responsibility of its cooperation with the Nazi party. Link to full article: https://www.dw.com/en/germany-library-returns-books-stolen-by-nazis-to-freemasons/a-51533157?fbclid=IwAR2PCGEF9iaFf67MK5TFhvZOzG7Kq7YMAmjbec6DCdjyB3c6btXesD4PT6s
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  5. I agree with Mike here. Frequently I'm in direct communication with members of staff in the LibMus at GQS; no involvement with anyone else and no one else's business.
  6. Ahh I get it, it's amazing how many people refer to Freemasons' Hall as "UGLE" or "Grand Lodge" when it is actually the building where it is and there are several other organisations in here too No need to go through third parties when contacting the Library & Museum, Masonic Charitable Foundation, Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London or the London Grand Rank Association as we're not parts of UGLE. As to someone in Grand Lodge reporting you there are some over zealous people up there
  7. Last time I spoke to someone near your office, that person was away and one of the secretaries picked up on his email and reported me to my District (via the Grand Secretary) that I had communicated with UGLE without going through the proper channels and had a sever warning raised against me.
  8. I don't know why you've involved your District but it is bound to slow down your progress.
  9. Hopefully, after many badgering, my District has.
  10. https://freemason.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Laws-Constitutions-5th-October-2019.pdf Grand Lodge of Ireland now hosts it new L&C. as 5 October 2019. Well partly hosted, as it only shows 49 pages as I presume the other 150 odd pages are to follow. In subordinate Lodge workings if the T's are not crossed and I's are not dotted then expect much displeasure ! How can a Grand Lodge indicate approval as 5 Oct 2019 and not have entirety of the L&C completed?
  11. Correct, no one will claim ownership of these significant jewels; they were awarded to lodges and not to individuals. Many qualifying lodges mount them proudly on the Master's collar. However, since so few brethren appear to take much interest in the history of their lodges or of the Craft as a whole, it is not surprising that little is known or passed on about such matters. I would suggest that you do likewise and perhaps address the lodge on the subject.
  12. At our Installation, the IM read out a short explanation of this jewel adorned to the WM's collar.
  13. I would suggest contacting the Library and Museum through its website here: https://museumfreemasonry.org.uk/
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  15. Bank staff can go to prison if they don't follow AML [money laundering] processes - hardly surprising they're 'obsessed' about getting it right
  16. I saw the original question and it is one of the reasons that we don’t usually recommend “researching” Freemasonry on the Internet.
  17. Hi again, The thing about Freemasonry is that each of us are free to focus on different elements of what it introduces to us. In my view "charity" is an unavoidable byproduct of the imperatives that Freemasonry presents us with but definitely not the purpose of Freemasonry which is of course a fellowship which stretches across not just the centuries but also boundaries that don't seem to be avoidable in normal life. Sadly some of us "old lags" start pointing new brothers toward the "extras" before their feet are even under the table which is all a bit unnecessary. The different degrees that have been mentioned are, in essence (and fact) separate organisations that you can join once you are a Master Mason so yes their charitable focus is different from what you will come across in Lodge and if you choose to join them you will look to their charitable activities as well, however, it should be pointed out that you have no need to join them to be a Freemason. However other than your annual donation to the national Charity your other charitable activities are yours to decide. As to theology you will find very little of it in Freemasonry, KST is the "setting" of our Degrees as the place where the tale of the builder unfolds but no more than that. Some side degrees have a Christian flavour whereas others are more Old Testament but I would say don't worry about that until you are actually a Freemason and then eligible to join them.
  18. Thanks for the replies. I have looked into Freemasonry for quite a long time now and I love the brotherhood side of things and the belonging to a worthy cause. I have questions regarding the Charity work, do different degrees open you up to contributing to different charitys? Or do Masons contribute to the same charitys no matter what degrees attained? I have a lot of other questions in my mind but I dont think knowing too much will benefit me as it seems like a lot of Freemasonry the fun is in the learning and unfolding. I am of course versed in Christian theology and the story of Solomons temple and own a few books on Freemasonry. As above I do not wish to learn too much as I want the mystery to unfold before me and I wish to do the side degrees if I make it that far in the most interesting way possible. To think that I will be taking part in some of the same things that people have been partaking in for centuries is very cool. And I've always wanted to be the best man I can be and I think from what I have read Masonry will help me become even better as I will be surrounded by support and knowledge. I dislike the American all in a day ceremonies were you can attain mutliple degrees in one day by watching a ceremony and not taking part just one person taking it and acting it out for a group initiation this seems to take all the fun out of it. I am in no rush and wish to take things at a pace were I can enjoy every part for what it is, I will hold it sacred and it will be life changing from what I have read. But of course in the scheme of all things Mason I am naive so forgive me if I sound in any way out of touch, I am just keen to learn and grow and to do good with like minded people and people who may be quite different *in a good way! Regards
  19. Hitting the happy medium is the trick! My grandfathers and an uncle were in the craft but both my father and brother shunned it. As my uncle was a great favourite with me I'd often pondered exploring it more sadly he passed away from cancer at the young age of 62. After a career in the RAF I was chatting about it with a good friend and explaining I'd always been disappointed not to have received a tap on the shoulder and invite to join he enlightened me that I had the wrong idea and it was a case of asking! Within about 18 months I was initiated and I'm delighted to report that I had not explored any of the ceremonies so it was all a great unfolding mystery to me. Post the Chair of King Solomon I then started to explore the side degrees. Starting with Mark, next RAM and finally Chapter. I'm glad I did it that way as looking at the bigger picture the whole falls together much better that way. It irritates the life out of me that to a certain extent some in the Craft seem to view Mark as not worthy of them. Indeed, I believe that in Scotland you can't join Chapter until you have ventured into Mark. The latter to my view being a wonderful ceremony but apart from that seems to little by way of fundraising. Mark, on the other hand raises quite huge money for many very worthy causes and the Brethren have great fun in doing so.
  20. Welcome to the Forum, if you think of any questions post them and we see if we can help.
  21. Greetings you guys, I have just spoke to someone at the local lodge about possibly becoming an EA Freemason. I love the idea of bettering myself and becoming a proper "gentleman". For now I am just researching and the person who I have spoken to said he is going to speak to his people about me. I hope to become a brother in the near future. Respect. Thomas
  22. Greetings from Sweden. You have a lot of things ahead of you (I hold the VI degree in the swedish rite).
  23. There is quite a difference in the signs used in England and Scotland, ie., the signs for all three Craft Degrees vary greatly. And just wait until you get to the Temple Degrees and Rose Croix. Still. still part of Life's rich tapestry.
  24. A Scottish friend of mine joined our Mark lodge a couple of years ago. He'd received his Mark in his Scottish Craft lodge, but we accepted it anyway. For some reason it fell to me to prove him beforehand, and I noticed that they give one of the signs very slightly differently.
  25. In Scotland the Royal Arch consists of three Degrees (aside from the Installation of the Principals and Office bearers) The Mark, which is the first degree an applicant for the Royal Arch will take (and like in England and Wales you must be a M.M. before being eligible to take the Mark), The Excellent Masters Degree (The Passing of the Veils) and finally the Exaltation. In Scotland the Mark Degree is primarily considered a Royal Arch Degree although by "agreement" between the Supreme Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Scotland it can also be given in Craft Lodges (and nowadays this is the more usual route). I put "agreement" in inverted commas because that is a story in itself. The main difference is that the R.W.M. of a Scottish Craft Lodge dispenses the Mark Degree by virtue of his authority of being Installed in the Chair of K.S. He is not an Installed Mark W.M. as recognised in England & Wales. That, on occasion, leads to "debate" as to whether a Mark mason made in a Craft Lodge is a "proper" Mark mason". I stay well out of such debates, having been Initiated, Passed, Raised, Advanced and Exalted in England but having been through all those ceremonies in Scotland as well. So I've been "double done", as it were. Should an applicant to join a Chapter have already received his Mark Degree in a Craft Lodge his first step would be to affiliate his Mark to the Mark Lodge held within the Chapter. Consisting of a short Obligation he would then go straight into the Passing of the Veils Degree that evening.
  26. In Scotland you have to be a MM to do your Mark. The lodge is opened in the 3rd then reduced to a second to perform the ceremony. Not sure about HRA up there as I was exalted in England.
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