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  2. It is also important to understand that Freemasonry in Sweden is Christian. So unless you are of that faith, Swedish Freemasonry (known as the Swedish Rite) would not be for you. If you are of that faith, then Swedish Freemasonry will be full of meaning for you. If you look in Wikipedia for Swedish Rite you will find what you need to know at this stage.
  3. If, after speaking to some local Masons, you decide you want to join, any reading that you have done will be a "spoiler" - it will literally spoil the experience of going through the ceremonies if you know what is going to happen. The only reading that is "safe" is a book on Masonic history, and you probably won't be interested in that before you join anyway. I'd stick to the public content on the website of the Grand Lodge of Sweden.
  4. Hi there and welcome to the Forum. Freemasonry is not really a thing you can read you have to experience it, which is why you will find that serious Freemasons will advise against it. Books written by actual Freemasons speculating about hidden meanings and such are intended for other Freemasons as without experiencing the Degree ceremonies you have no chance of understand what they're writing about. Those written by non-Masons are just guessing and of no use. Rather than trying to read you should reach out to local Freemasons and talk with them about what it entails.
  5. Be greeted brethren, Not a member, but like a spy outside trying to get some answers 😃 From Sweden I am, still fumbling around in the dark having more questions than answers. And the more I read the more confusion it creates in a bizzare odd way. And the more I read some doors gets shut, some open and some is a dead end. Many religious books I have read to find answers but I guess my eye is not open and the veil is still there. Few things I have understood about the hours of the spheres and the impact from above down below here on earth. On the left there is something dark, on the right there is something bright... Now can anyone be humble and kind enough to recommend a book for me to begin my proper journey?
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  7. Someone has been taught to be cautious
  8. Dear Brethren, I thank you all for the knowledge you have passed on on this topic.
  9. Theoretically -but highly unlikely, our Provincial Meeting, nominally scheduled for 2 July, could take place ... but more likely to occur on the backup date of 21 October
  10. I know you won't say - and I understand why not, but I'd be really curious to know the Craft Province you belong to as I have met a fair few of the PGMs/Deps/Secs of the Provinces surrounding London when I was ASec of my Province and in my current capacity, and they'd be horrified to discover what you've intimated goes on under their noses!
  11. To give an example of the differences between lodges that Mike Martin refers to, my lodge under London Metropolitan only invites new joining members of sufficient standing in the lodge's type of work; no degree work whatsoever is done. And before you ask, it is not a Past or Installed Masters' lodge. The lodge has never initiated anyone although required by UGLE not to prohibit initiations by any rule. So we have an extremely high fee for that. Apart from that, the lodge is 'normal'.
  12. It's an old lament but offered to you in good faith, be careful not to extrapolate your own personal experiences of Freemasonry to all of Freemasonry. What your Lodge, or even your Province, does is not necessarily what is done in the other approximately 7,000 Lodges under the other 46 Provinces and Met GL of the UGLE.
  13. Ahh, so PM in a Province and PZ in London? This would distract when it comes to "honours" as here under MetGL they are not quite as "automated" as they seem to be in some Provinces and are related to your potential future service to "London Masonry" as well as your past. You need to be at least 5 years out of the Chair of a London Lodge and active to have your name put forward to be considered here.
  14. Then , i m sorry to say, you do not know the current situation of the Craft, the result of recruit recruit recruit policy and the must have 3 rituals every year.
  15. I m but not for the Craft but for the RA. But thanks to the suggestion I m now registered with and can access Rosetta since yesterday. 👌
  16. In all honesty, I find it hard to understand that a PM does not know what the red regalia was for and how Provincial honours are decided.
  17. He played John Adams Gates Freemason/Knight Templar in National Treasure. PS I wouldn't personally count the Duke of Wellington as he had no liking of Freemasonry see: https://www.freemasonry.bcy.ca/biography/wellington_d/wellington.html
  18. Hmmm, I suspect that you're not actually a London Mason, which Lodge are you a member of?
  19. When the Deacons are out getting the candidate, we usually have a short break so that the Private Godfreys can 'be excused' . . .
  20. Well, he played Rudyard Kipling in 'The Man who would be King' and Wellington in 'Waterloo', so those are two real freemasons (albeit Wellington was initiated and never went back, I think). He played Sherlock Holmes in 'Murder by Decree', based on the anti-masonic conspiracy theory about Jack the Ripper, and Holmes was invented by freemason Arthur Conan Doyle (though not that story obviously). OK, I give up, who was the made-up freemason he played?
  21. Nothing ever mentioned to me in 9+years. Admin has always seemed to be the domain of the Lodge Secretary who keeps all the cards close to his chest. And we know why , don't we ? 😉 I asked once the Visiting Officer I was sitting next to at a FB whether the notes he making were to mark the ritual performance of the the Lodge officers but the matter was dismissed lightly with no real answer. Rosetta ? I thought it was a program for Lodge Secretaries. Could you give me a tip on how to access it ? This is not the place for me to explain why I am in this situation of admittedly, ignorance. Indeed I would not explain them anyway because of the reflection this would have on my Brethren. I was taught to be cautious. But I only say to you: do not be surprised.
  22. Just to add to the info that Trouillogan posted. St. Patricks lodge 295 (the oldest travelling military lodge), also warranted by the GL of Ireland meets in Warminster, Wiltshire.
  23. Hello Serpion, Re - Your interest in starting a new Lodge under the jurisdiction of Ireland or Scotland. Personally, with the 'knowledge' gained from being a PM / PK and PP in the Irish Constitution, and if i could recommence my masonic pathway i would join an Order of masonry for men and women. That would be - International Ordre of Freemasonry for Men and Woman / Le Droit Humain - British Federation , which sit in England and Ireland. And similarly is the Grand Lodge of Hibernia - Ireland only. When a renowned leading UGLE masonic member of recent years jumped ship and explained why - I knew that i could have joined better ! Best wishes on your pathway. Lagavara1
  24. Hi there, As you state that you're a PM of a London Lodge without mentioning that status within a Province I assume that you actually mean a Metropolitan Grand Steward? I am a little surprised that as a PM you are unaware of the roles of your own Lodge's Visiting Officer and Senior VO in the process of recommending "merit" on behalf of your Lodge to the Office of the Met. Grand Master for consideration. The question of setting up a "foreign" Lodge in England has been well covered and I would only highlight the fact that the three "Home Grand Lodges" actually work very closely together and would not dream of setting up Lodges in each others geographical territories, which is why Lodges in Northern Ireland are actually under the Grand Lodge of Ireland. PS as a London Mason you have access to Rosetta in order to research these things.
  25. I suppose you could always try to approach GLoI to form a Lodge with a travelling warrant and hold meetings in London?
  26. ProvGStwds and PPGStwds can petition for a Lodge of Provincial Grand Stewards if one doesn't exist and there is call for one. You can't just set up a Stewards Lodge because you want to wear the coveted red regalia of which we are very proud. The role of ProvGStwd seems to differ from Province to Province. I can only speak for my own where it is seen as an opportunity to reward PMs showing promise with early honours. Duties range from escorting the Provincial representative at Provincial visits, acting as building and car park security on open days and Provincial Grand Lodge etc, and generally assisting with events. There have been those few who vainly view it as the lowest office, but fail to observe that it is an Active Office and that you're usually promoted to PPSGD or PPJGD 12 months later. Given the choice of early Active honours or waiting 6 years to be promoted to PPSGD, I'll take the former.
  27. As has been said, the criteria differ between provinces. In some, a purely factual approach is taken concerning occupancy of the Chair, ritual or other work undertaken and recorded in minutes. Special consideration is given to a brother who has done exception charity or other work but has not occupied the Chair of a lodge. In another province, lodges may have a committee for recommendations to be made to the province, in addition to the above. In yet another, instead of a lodge committee the lodge secretary may make recommendations, again in addition to the above. Etc., etc. Note that these all result in recommendations to the province. The province will have a committee or individual who filters the recommendations so as to advise the ProvGM.
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