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  2. If you move to another bank they'll probably introduce charges too if we go into negative interest rates. It's a moving target.
  3. Wait to see what and who they are going to charge. Long way off to predict now
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  5. #HSBC today announced they may soon introduce charges for running general accounts. Particularly as a lodge treasurer I'm keen to ensure that we don't waste money on bank charges and also maximize any interest available. Is anyone experienced on where the most suitable Masonic friendly financial institution is in these current times, please?
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  7. I couldn't tell you how much it weighed but as well as the watch fob orb there was also a walking stick orb, the orb was the handle of a walking stick which could well weigh in at that much if it was removed from the stick.
  8. Has anyone seen an old large Masonic Orb that actually weighs 31 grams? Thanks Charles
  9. To avoid issues with GDPR opinions should NOT enter into the equation at all. Everything should be fact based. I would go further and suggest the 'honours' system is totally devisive - but that's just my opinion. 😁
  10. We had a preceptory at our school, that was so ancient that it was unnumbered. When asked if I wanted to join an emulation lodge I agreed, because it's good to see that the old ways are still remembered, and that people from all walks of life can have a taste of how things are for those of us brought up on the narrow path. It was very refreshing to gain further insight into the subject of lodge and temple mechanics, the gains, and losses, that have been made over the centuries, but overall, by far the best part was to stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellows, on the level where we meet, and by the square, where we part, in peace and harmony. Shalom.
  11. Hand them in to the Police as found property.
  12. Hello there and welcome to the Forum. I'm afraid that there's nothing we could do to tell you who the owner of the rings is, although handing them into the Police could help as if they were from a burglary they will be listed on the owners' crime report. As to the rings themselves, they are just made for a Freemason, who is proud of his membership, to wear hence the use of the Square & Compasses emblem although it is actually the version used in Scotland and most of America rather than England. One of the rings appears to have a Trowel and a Level on its sides and the other just some bling.
  13. Hi there. I found two masonic rings discarded. My assumption it was disposed from a burglar or something as they are stainless steel and very distinct. I'd like to find their rightful owners. I will upload pictures but not disclose where they were found. But also I'd really like to know the meaning of the rings. Many thanks. Please contact me on zoe.lucas@live.co.uk if you are able to help find the owners and tell me more about them.
  14. I ended up taking it to a local jeweller who does repairs. Unfortunately, it seems I was ripped off with a cheap overseas copy rather than the genuine solid body one, despite buying from a well known and advertised supplier of Masonic regalia. The jewel can't be repaired so have had to buy a new one, this time from another well known vendor.
  15. I also came across Steve. I emailed all the brethren of our lodge about it and took more than 20 orders, which went to Steve (and a great cause!) Nice pin badges too 👍 Will be proudly wearing mine whenever it is that we next meet.
  16. Why not have a chat with the guys (Crest Regalia) who host this forum, they manufacture regalia so may well be able to repair too. The phone number is 01709 531572
  17. Has anyone any experience and guidance on repairing collar jewels. The eyelet on my Provincial rank jewel has come off so I can't attach it to the collar. I can't tell whether it was soldered or welded on, but nonetheless, it was poor by the looks of it and has come off. I've still got the eyelet and hopeful it can be repaired as I'm reluctant to have to fork out for a new one.
  18. From an era where video reporting was not as copious as today here's a look at what our brethren of the 1930s were up to. Full title reads: "Brighton. With Impressive Masonic Ceremonial. Major R L Thornton Provincial Grand Master of Sussex lays foundation stone of the new Sussex Eye Hospital." Have some of this: https://www.britishpathe.com/video/with-impressive-masonic-ceremonial
  19. Yes there is a form of words to do so. Hence my comment earlier the problem is the OP gives no context so not possible to address.
  20. incidentally, could a Quaker become a Freemason or anyone who else who is forbidden to swear oaths on the Bible.
  21. I must apologise for a typo in my response. The first appointment is 'LGR' (London Grand Rank), not Metropolitan.
  22. Troulligan - thanks for answering my questions, sounds like a can of worms to be sure!
  23. The joys of Apple computers deciding they know what you meant to type and changing what you actually typed. 😡
  24. In this province, the secretary alone fills in the returns for appointments and promotions but these are almost all factual: time since lodge mastership, record of rituals performed, outside community involvements and the like. Opinions seldom enter into the equation. Some other provinces work on the basis of lodge committee recommendations and that I feel is much more vulnerable to pejorative opinion. For what it's worth, I'm personally not in favour of the UGLE so called 'honours' system, because it is complex, has the potential for divisiveness and is to a great extent meaningless.
  25. I see the mention of Acting Ranks - should that, perhaps read Active?
  26. And that's the important part. If you're not happy with the Bible because of your particular beliefs, this clause applies. The Bible as the Volume of the Sacred Law, is symbolic - for example, if you lived elsewhere in the world for example, the VSL that's physically present/open in lodge, is quite possibly not going to be the same as here in the UK.
  27. But it's better than having the Lodge Secretary submit/approve his mates for promotion
  28. It's a long, complicated historical tale! Until a few years ago, lodges in London were administered first directly by the Grand Secretary and then after 1997 by the Assistant Grand Master. Nowadays, since 2003, they have been administered by a Metropolitan Grand Lodge. As to honours, Metropolitan Grand Rank is normally the first appointment for a Past Master of a London lodge. The promotion from that, is to Senior London Grand Rank. This is a very simple and straightforward system with which London masons generally approve. The active Metropolitan Grand Officer ranks are shown in the Schedule to rule 61 in the Book of Constitutions. There are no 'past' ranks in the metropolitan system. With some 1,500 lodges of around 50,000 individuals, to administer a complicated honours system, such as exists in the provinces, would be a complete nightmare.
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