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  2. "During the war as Allied bombing intensified, the collection was moved from Germany for safekeeping and broken up into three parts - two were taken to what is now Poland and one to the Czech Republic. The section left in the town of Slawa Slaska in Poland was seized by Polish authorities in 1945, while the others were taken by the Red Army." This could be interesting. I knew a lot of documents had been taken by the Russians and that the Russians returned the documents to organisations that could be identified a few decades ago. I -for example- have dug through the "Russian boxes" of the Dutch federation of Le Droit Humain. If this remaining third in Poland is also potentially (grand) lodge administration, it may refill some holes in some histories. If that is the case, I hope they won't keep the documents to themselves, but return them like the Russians did.
  3. It'll be interesting to see if they have got enough stuff they can use as an exhibition.
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  5. Regrettably some lodge secretaries in Belfast (IC) are not informing members that to gain access to their hall that they must follow the same covid regulation as if seeking to enter a hotel, bar etc. These public covid regulations have been applied for several weeks and merely copied to Masonic premises. And yet of those turned away some become annoyed and allegedly surprised of the hall management enforcement. It is disappointing that the lodge almoner also appears to be sleeping behind the wheel to assist those more elderly. The messaging from both Grand Lodge based in Republic of Ireland and that of the Provincial Grand Lodge based in Northern Ireland is conflicting and discourages members from attending halls that are fully adherent to public safety. Hopefully good word of a Halls covid compliance will spread and that all members long awaited return will be further encouraged to do so. Stay safe and follow the rules, where ever you are.
  6. Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail, but... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10384957/Nazi-archive-Freemasonry-amassed-Heinrich-Himmler-shed-light-secret-society.html
  7. An update on hall (mis) management.... PGL Antrim sold its purpose built hall, which was only 50 years old and choose to rent 4th flloor office space above a betting shop at the nearby High Street. This 2017 arrangement was much praised by the hierarchy. Whilst the proceeds of the sale were never disclosed on annual accounts it is now published in the Antrim newsletter that savings of £40,000 per annum will now be made by relocating out of Belfast capital city to a village in Templepatrick near the airport to an abandoned Masonic hall. However the newsletter states, '' It was explained that the proposed refurbishment to the premises, was estimated to cost between £145,000.00 and £200,000.00, but due to the spiralling costs of materials, the costs could be as high as £400,000.'' So five years of apparently excess costs of £40k have been incurred despite 10 years of prior planning upon the sale of its former offices and now a proposed refurbishment tf a property which has an unknown cost, but likely to exceed estimates by £255.000. The PGL Antrim treasurer in 2017 was jailed for stealing £120.000 from the Order. I wonder has he now started a building company !! Happy and prosperous new year to all.
  8. Any premises has the right to impose conditions of entry on users of the premises. If people want to use them, abide by the conditions. If they don't want to observe and comply with the conditions, don't moan when they can't get in.
  9. Sontaran, hope you fully recovered. I have from within my immediate family those who attend to private households with Covid as their jobs demands so. Their job demands they follow appropriate measures and they never disregard their own personal reasonability. Masons are well able to follow government guidelines and regulations. The Orders blanket decision in Ireland telling members not to meet is financially closing down larger halls with catering and club bar facilities. If government permits catering and bars to be open then masons should surely be able to meet in their own premises. Even if an actual meeting is deemed unnecessary the gathering of the lodge at catering and bar maintains the masonic connection nad breaks the isoloation of many elderly. Of course such gatherings are invitational and not a summons !
  10. Snippet: Anti-vaccination graffiti has been found on the pavement outside the Freemason’s Grand Lodge in Dublin which was damaged in a suspected arson attack on New Year’s Eve. Full story: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/anti-vaccination-graffiti-found-after-suspected-arson-at-masonic-hall-1.4767318
  11. Do you still need this? (nothing received ...)
  12. 🤣 that's debatable given the number of people who either don't believe the virus exists or refuse to have the vaccination because of a) allows the government to track them, b) gives them the virus, c) don't believe it works, d) insert a conspiracy theory of your choosing! Having actually HAD the virus, I can say with absolute certainty it exists! But yes; stay safe!
  13. Here in Luxembourg the Grand Lodge takes the approach, like most Grand Lodges seem to, that they will follow government guidelines/regulations. Thus we apply the 'COVID Pass' system (passport 😆) that allows only fully vaccinated (and boosted) or recovered persons at indoor functions, and that masks be worn.
  14. First, I wonder why you've resurrection a thread from 2018 ...? Second - and this is just a personal opinion and not an official statement; the original withdrawal of recognition was because of the creation of multiple lodges in an area that comes (came?) under a neighbouring Grand Lodge - the political boundary is irrelevant and the decision had no political basis. The fact that the lodges concerned announced that they were planning on creating a new Grand Lodge is probably the reason any further movement is still pending - that and the subsequent pandemic having affected international travel. Until the two existing Grand Lodges, and the group of lodges come to some agreement - and that's down to them and no-one else, UGLE -and the other Grand Lodges that withdrew recognition, can't re-establish recognition of Albania as they -technically- are the ones at fault. I get the impression that you have a vested interest is this ...?
  15. Based on research the decision was biased and unconstitutional and political, since no one was there to stand in defense to Albania decision’s where made on someone else’s fate. i believe the UGLE should not take sides and operate based on their obligation. Kosovo happens to be an independent and sovereign country recognized by England. In fact England was part of the process on creating the country of Kosovo. With all this being said if Kosovo wanted to go on their one while they had proper ritual and had regular masons. I believe UGLE and all the grand bodies in the region should have participated on erecting a new Grand lodge which is the right thing to do and a Masonic way.
  16. Sir Crawford McCullagh was indeed a member. Whilst he was a foundation member in another lodge his membership in his name sake Craft and RAC units is unclear. He also was a Rose Croix member. A few years ago, I spoke with Susan Cunningham who penned the life of her great grand-father in a book ‘Sir Crawford McCullagh – Belfast’s Dick Wittington.’ Regrettably, the publication makes no reference of his masonic involvement. It is perceivable that the absence of masonic membership recognition appears typical of that era when disclosing your membership was discouraged. And I believe that we today are missing an opportunity to promote our past successful and eminent members who made valuable contribution and impact in public life. Slightly digress – another member Sir Charles Cameron who also had a lodge (353) named after him. The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RSCI) whilst marking the centenary of his death in 2021. The RSCI hosted a favourable section on his masonic interest. see link https://www.rcsi.com/cameron/index.html and scroll to near end of article.
  17. I see that there was a Lodge and Chapter named after him but was Sir Crawford himself actually a Freemason?
  18. By all means do so. What version of Office? - last version I have is 2007, but you should be able to save in that format and then 'update' it if I manage to fix whatever is wrong.
  19. I have approx 500 rows of csv data to import into a db which mainly consists of tables e.g. a table for the various units, a table for offices, a table for rank etc. I attempt to import the csv data using the Access external data import wizard and get a total failure to import. I can PM you and then send a sample of the csv and the db files. Regards, Eng.
  20. Don't use Base (LO) unless you are really sure what you're doing. Access is ok for what you want IMO. And as far as the 'pro' side of things are concerned, my particular expertise is on embedded software (eg GPS), military or aviation (although it's all 12 years out of date now). What's the problem you're having? - I can't guarantee I know the answer, but unless you ask the question ...
  21. I've never used database software, so I can't help directly, but if you're not keen on Access you could try Base, the free alternative included as part of LibreOffice. https://www.libreoffice.org/discover/base/
  22. Thanks. To save boring you with a lot of detail at this point how are you with MS Access please ? I know a lot of "pros" consider it the work of the Devil and avoid it like plague. Regards, Eng.
  23. I doubt it did - it's easy enough to change font/colour when replying to a post (as I've done .. using 'bold' and the colour picker) What's actually the problem? (retired s/w eng here...) PM if necessary
  24. Both. The current spreadsheet and proposed db are a record of activities. Still confused as to how the font changed colour. Anyhow, no offers of help, public or otherwise, so I will need to plough through it and see if I can identify the problem with importing the csv version of the spreadsheet into the db or just manually enter the back records. Hey ho. Eng.
  25. Sir Crawford McCullagh was not the pioneer of the ‘Two Minutes Silence’, as Newtownabbey author Bob Armstrong claimed in his publication “Through the ages to Newtownabbey.” According to The Belfast Telegraph at the time Sir Crawford called for a ‘Five Minutes Silence’ on 11th July 1916, following receiving news of the death of thousands of soldiers from the 36th (Ulster) Division at the Somme. However, significantly, he was the first recorded person to publicly call for a period of silence for fallen soldiers. This was in response to a decision made by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland to cancel the annual 12th July celebrations. The Lord Mayor of Belfast Sir Crawford McCullagh instead requested that all businesses be suspended for the duration of 5 minutes from noon till 12.05pm. He asked that street traffic be at a complete standstill for 5 minutes, so that the City’s tribute to the heroes of the Ulster Division would thus be impressive and universal. Trains stopped in their tracks, the city’s trams came to a halt and the Police Courts were adjourned. As men and women on factory floors, in hospitals, in shops and in homes all over Ulster bowed their heads in respect of the 36th Ulster Division who had lost their lives at the Battle of the Somme. Silence echoed through the streets of Belfast as the city came to a complete standstill. Susan B Cunningham author of Sir Crawford McCullagh: Belfast’s Dick Whittington says, the first recorded instance of such an “official moment of silence” was in Portugal in 1912. In the UK, the formal adoption of a two-minute silence to remember the war dead occurred in 1919. But she added: “I think it can be held that Sir Crawford was the pioneer.” This silence was the precursor of the 2 minute silence which is now recognized worldwide. Therefore, it can be argued that Sir Crawford McCullagh was the first recorded person to publicly call for a period of silence to honour those who have fallen in battle. V W Bro Tim Whiteside penned and hosted the above on https://arthursquare.org/assets/pdfs/2020-Reflections-Issue8.pdf Regrettably in 2014 ML 427 Sir Crawford McCullagh returned its warrant but RAC 427 of same name continues within the Irish constitution.
  26. I read it as the details of the various ranks and offices within those Lodges. Call it my wary retired plod brain.
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