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  2. Indeed and absolutely correct. How many actually know of the existence of b.ugle.org.uk? Not very many, I'm sure; I still come across even lodge mentors who have not heard of the Solomon knowledge resource. When faced with two options: 1. a willing and totally unknown candidate, perhaps originating from the provincial office, and 2. no other prospect of a degree 'ceremony' on the horizon, which is the lodge committee likely to choose? Answers on a postage stamp! For many years now, the system has been pushing the importance of a numbers game; it will take time to calm that down. Faced with that pressure from above as well as more unknowns from the Universities Scheme, I had a modicum of success in filtering out undesirables by trying to instill the need for each proposer to get to know the potential applicant over a period by informal meetings in public venues - think, interviewing the proposer! We find that unsuitable candidates are not prepared to wait a few months (i.e. those who are not prepared to wait are almost by definition unsuitable). Further, making sure the proposer is fully aware of his rule 171 responsibility tends cool his fervour and concentrate his mind on realities! Remembering that we are discouraged from soliciting new members, we need to turn our attention to the education of members old and new alike into the meanings and attributes of freemasonry. That way, good retention is achieved and a willingness to become involved. One aim being the attraction of suitable members through a common interest and desire to progress. /falls noisily off soap box!
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  4. Thanks God they finally realise that! In my province it was all about increasing membership no matter the quality of the candidates.
  5. In the recently circulated bUGLE update there are updates to the Pathway document and we see the statement below which we should all be aware of: “The Tercentenary celebrations created an increase in public interest in Freemasonry and in the number of applications from unsuitable people. Lodges must be prepared to reject them.”
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  7. Thanks all. Looking forward to meeting some of you in the future
  8. Yes, welcome, Eric. Visit. Get yourself out there and enjoy. And we are all mostly a nice bunch. Even Trouillogan, Sontaran, and Jon, all of whom I know!
  9. Hi Eric, Welcome from me too, I live in Cambridge, hail from near Pompey and have maternal family in Kirkbride near Annan! Enjoy being a FC, FM is a long race and not a sprint, so it is worth taking time to enjoy each stage that you pass through; IME you will look back and understand some of the lessons of a Degree many years after taking it. Do ask questions here if you like, the posters are a nice bunch and a wealth of (mostly useful 😁) knowledge! I hoe that someone has directed you towards the UGLE Solomon website as it is a great learning tool too (https://solomon.ugle.org.uk).
  10. Frankly, it's probably the best time to go out and meet as many of those at the same stages in freemasonry as you can. Those bonds will last a very long time. The same thing happens further along as well, when new lodge Masters (sometimes known as 'the hungry hundred'!) go to other lodge installation meetings in the locality. That re-enforces these earlier friendships.
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  12. A very warm welcome from me too I would strongly endorse Mike's comments above Wayne
  13. A very warm welcome from me too Wayne
  14. Hi Eric and welcome to the Forum. I would disagree that there is little benefit to visiting as an FC, which is why I try to organise a meeting to another Lodge as quickly as I can after our new boys have been through each. Aside from the usual fraternisation after the meeting it also gives you a fair chance to get your head properly around what you went through in your own degrees to witness someone else doing them.
  15. Hello All i'm a new Craft member (FC). I'm currently in Warwickshire but do have links to Devizes (mother in law) Plymouth (Home town and parents still there) and Southwest Scotland (Annan (ish)) which is where my mothers family hails from. I appreciate there is little benefit visiting as and FC unless there is a first or second to see however i'm hoping to get out and about this year and meet lots of you interesting folks. Regards
  16. Greetings and welcome to this Forum which is based in England in the UK.
  17. Greetings. I am a single 83 year old new kid on the block. I was raised in Amity Seal Rock Lodge in 1959 and received 32 Degree at Tehran Temple, Fresno,Ca. 1979. I have been in active for years.
  18. If you do, just make sure you check with GQS via your Provincial Secretary in advance! Attend the wrong lodge and you could find yourself in trouble.
  19. Only the last one is recognised by UGLE
  20. Checking on Wikipedia and it shows 4 GLs in Morocco (see below). Does anyone have any experience of lodges in Morocco? Might be heading out that way and wouldn't mind taking a look, going along and seeing what's what. And of course I'd love to speak with any Moroccan brethen who might be around here! Thanks Morocco Grande Loge du Maroc[1][36] 1964 CLIPSAS CPMAM, UMM Morocco Grande Loge unie du Maroc (United Grand Lodge of Morocco)[37][38] 2005 5 80 GLUDE[37] Morocco Grande Loge Féminine du Maroc (Women's Grand Lodge of Morocco)[36][39] 2008 3 Morocco Grande Loge Régulière du Royaume du Maroc (Regular Grand Lodge of the Kingdom of Morocco) (GLRRM)[4][40] 2000 7 [8]
  21. Try uploading a hi-res close-up of it to Google Images for a search.
  22. The back is just a reverse of the front, thanks for the answers iv'e been trying to figure it out for a while
  23. There's nothing Masonic about it but I think it may be the emblem of the anti-Trekkers What does the other side look like?
  24. I don't recognised it nor do I see anything masonic about it.
  25. Hello all, I found this pendant and was wondering if anyone knew the origins of this symbol, it seems to be masonic but I cont seem to find it anywhere, Thanks Brock
  26. Grand Lodge of Ireland has again revamped its website - same address https://freemason.ie/ The 2015 revamped web site was inferior to content as what was previously hosted with extensive back catalog of minutes historical matter. And now this second revamp there is less material hosted. Not even a news section. Keeping the membership in the dark!
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