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  2. If you put his picture up, we would at the very least be able to give you an idea of what rank he held, which Province etc. (assuming it's decypherable from the picture of course!)
  3. I defo wouldn't want to try and "bring them in" as I don't see it as really practical and I also feel that doing so would add credence to their "legendary histories". I would, however, like to see a proper education given to Freemasons about their actual origins so that they can make their own informed decision about whether they want to get involved with them.
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    Hi John, Welcome to the Forum.
  5. I’m a member in the north east. Do you have any more information?
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  7. I have to say that I prefer our English pick-and-mix arrangement, with pre-qualifications, to a regimented order. We can select to our individual tastes and needs, as they develop over the years. Of course, it's the way I'm used to, so won't suit everyone.
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  9. If you could redesign regular Freemasonry to include any Rite or Order, which ones would you include? Or do you think that having a selection of (relatively) independent Orders to choose after a Craft (perhaps + Mark) and HRA backbone is the best way to do things.......
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    Welcome, Bro John. We look forward to your comments and queries.
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    Hello all, I am from the Province of North Wales and look forward to participating in the forum.
  12. This is the down fall to us all, because men being held together by a common thread can only make us stronger. I would to petition the governing bodies,a nato summit of such to deal with feelings and ideas and be as one. So that are no grey areas. We all practice as one. (I'm a dreamer as you can tell)
  13. Here in England we take a similar obligation as a Master Mason but it has caveats as to how far we need to go to assist a fellow MM. However and as I'm sure you must know not all organisations that style themselves "Masons" are the same thing. This is why Grand Lodges have their own criteria for which other Grand Lodges they will recognise based on what is practised in the name of Masonry, there is no trademark on the term and it is today applied to many things that were unheard of back in the 1600s.
  14. Understood Brother, We are men that has chosen masonry for the better of man. In not to see the trees for the forest is to be blind and what we all seek is light!
  15. Hi there and welcome to the Forum, it might be nice if you stick a little intro into the relevant section. I suppose that it's possible that where you are you do take an oath like that but here in England we do not take an oath to make anyone Masons in fact the closest we get to that is as an Installed Master we promise not to be involved with the making of women Masons. I'm not sure if you've misinterpreted the talk of "ashlars" as here it is related to ourselves and our efforts to improve ourselves so that we become a credit to ourselves and to Freemasonry. The treatment of the Ashlar in our First Degree lecture seems quite different to yours: "The Rough Ashlar is a stone, rough and unhewn as taken from the quarry, until, by the industry and ingenuity of the workman, it is modeled, wrought into due form, and rendered fit for the intended structure. This represents man in his infant or primitive state rough and unpolished as that stone, until by the kind care and attention of his parent or guardians, in giving him a liberal and virtuous education, his mind becomes cultivated, and he is thereby rendered a fit member of civilised society. The Perfect Ashlar is a stone of a true die or square, fit only to be tried by the Square and Compasses. This represents man in the decline of years, after a regular well-spent life in acts of piety and virtue, which can no otherwise be tried and approved than by the Square of God's Word, and the Compass of his own self-convincing conscience."
  16. You took a oath to to make men into masons aren't you forgetting why and what the accents were, well since you have I will remind you Builders. You have been given a great responsibility to a mold rough ashlar into a finely polished stone. 1st degree forgot ? "Quote " The new entered apprentice is the rough material straight from the quarry. “Rough undressed stone - ignorant, uncultivated man, ready to be squared and prepared for purposeful employment by skilled craftsmen”
  17. Power and Knowledge is a grand and beautiful thing. The number of brothers that meet are small and few. Ideas and egos get in the way of what really needs to be handled. I have always thought this was problem for a long time. That if you are my brother you are my brother regardless if your blue,red or green with yellow poka dots ,you are my brother . This is 2019 . I took a oath to Fly to my brothers relief. Where are you Masons on this issue. Be honest ! For the true will set you free ! Power is in numbers. If you are a mason your ritual and ceremony should be same. When you go to England to Africa to Russia and to Hawaii or Waynesbro GA . You can take part and break bread with your brother this is what must be. I'm Stepping off the soap box ? Remember who you are a "builder" !
  18. Hi Michael and welcome, The following link will explain how to verify whether your granddad was a Freemason and what Lodge/s he was a member of: https://museumfreemasonry.org.uk/family-history/
  19. Greetings from London and welcome to the Forum.
  20. I have just discovered my grandfather was a mason in the UK in the North East and am trying to find out his background if anyone is able to point me in right direction. All I have is a old picture of him in his regalia but no idea what it means and know he was a member over 35 years ago. All help appreciated
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  22. Is anyone here a member of this? For £2 I was thinking about it To support its work even though I’m unlikely to make meetings.
  23. Dear all I am a master mason from the grand lodge of Denmark (Swedish rite masonry) and my mother lodge is Z&F in Copenhagen, the oldest lodge in Scandinavia. i look forward to explore the forum.
  24. Ha ha ha, I can just imagine those Georgian Freemasons complaining about these new fangled Victorian dress codes in Lodges
  25. As to the forget-me-not, there have been many stories about its origin and use, including the ridiculous idea that German Freemasons used it for recognition during the horrific period from 1933 to 1945. Here is the paper by Alain Bernheim, highly respected Masonic researcher and international concert pianist, who was himself interred under the nazi regime. It's a lengthy and detailed paper but worth reading to get the truth: http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/bernheim3.html
  26. The G has been covered but I noticed that I'd missed your other points. Under the UGLE we have tie called the "Craft tie" which was designed to be worn both at Lodge meetings and also at normal work. It is covered in small S&Cs which when you are about 3 feet or more away become hard to distinguish. I have always wondered about the logic of buying jewellery that is only worn at masonic meetings as jewellery shows your affiliation to the Craft to others or reminds you yourself of it and it seems to my mind to become very redundant when you're at a meeting that only Freemasons can attend. If rings are dangerous at work you could always plump for a necklace, I have a pendant S&C necklace that I can close or open depending on what I'm up to. Regarding the forget me not, first you need to understand that it isn't really a masonic emblem and its legendary explanation is beyond deeply flawed but also be prepared to answer questions about the Alzheimers Society as they have been using the fmn for a long time
  27. Although from memory, 88 only wear them at Installation don't they?
  28. And Scientific No.88 and Isaac Newton 859 in Cambridge too......
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