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  2. SundayTimes today 11 Feb 2024 article on Oxford membership. as per attatched PDF Oxford - Sunday Times.pdf
  3. I wholly support any Lodge to lift their warrant from Masonic halls and relocate to non masonic premises. It is the members decision. If they not happy, they vote with their feet and relocate. But i wonder what the feeling and ambience would be like having meeting in non masonic room. Also, how many lodges would be fully self sufficient with pillars, lights, altar etc. Whilst the management of halls would realise that the Lodges custom in bar and meals should not to be taken as granted. But is it really that poor and costly situation when a masonic gathering is neither a dining club nor a 'social club' Provincial and GL officers will be unhappy that halls are closing as the Order has no strategy upon these matters. Personally, i could live with only attending for the purpose of a meeting. However whenever attending a meeting and the option of food and beverage is being offered i partake. But i would never attend a meeting and leave a hall to go elsewhere for FB. It is discourteous to hall staff to pander to a lodges meeting requirements and then take custom elsewhere. Nor is it particularly convenient for elderly members to arrive at a hall for a meeting, and then expect their attendance at another venue for FB. My local hall caterer supplements his business with bookings from out side the Order. This is bizarre as Lodges in the hall gripe with what is offered.
  4. I would willingly have my Lodge take its Warrant and meet elsewhere to put it bluntly. Why should we put up with poor menus and quality.
  5. ‘Every meal and beverage purchased elsewhere is a loss to the future prosperity of Freemasons’ Hall.’ The above statement is extensively displayed throughout my local hall. In the washrooms, in the lift, on promotional material etc. But, yet some lodges / brethren take their custom to non-masonic premises. I would support any lodge which desires to use a hostelry of their choosing to also take their warrant with them. I do accept that often there maybe better value and wider selection of both beverages and menu than what is offered within halls. But you are in a masonic hall for a masonic meeting. The cohesion of gathering at a single venue contributes to ease of members particularly those less able or more aged. If one cannot positively support the Hall what merit is achieved by the boycotting other than expediting the demise of the hall and closure of services.
  6. I know of several small lodges who dine outside of their hall, as to whether they are permitted to as to their lack of economy of scale, I’m not sure…….I’d have thought as long as they pay their hall per capita, like other lodges do, there shouldn’t be a problem, if there is what would it be.
  7. This caught my intertest whilst on recent visit to Lisbon, Portugal. Educational plaque in Santa Maria de Belem Church refers to ‘Lodge.’
  8. There's no requirement to have an FB at all. I know at least one Craft lodge meeting at Freemasons' Hall that doesn't, and in any case lodges that meet there can dine anywhere that they can find (increasingly difficult in London). I imagine it's purely so that the halls in question can get as much money as possible out of the lodge.
  9. I can't find any mention of it in any books, but does a private Lodge have to have a festive board or, are they free to move on to a hostelry of their choosing. I can't see any reason why halls are insisting on Lodges dining if they meet at the halls.
  10. Whilst we are currently enthralled with the ongoing Post Office inquiry as to who is responsible and ultimately accountable. A scenario within Irish masonry is developing that would also demand clarity. A Grand Master (IC) read a statement at a provincial meeting. ‘‘I wish to state clearly that every PGM represents the M. W. Grand Master in his particular Province and has the equivalent authority therein.’’ The statement was later circulated. If ‘equivalent authority’ is the case, then an allegation against a PGM clearly extends that the allegation is also upon the GM. Does the buck stop at the GM as he is solely responsible for nominating his PGM’s?
  11. And now the Hall of which the member identified himself to belonging, is attacked as criminal. see article https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/psni-investigating-criminal-damage-at-freemasons-hall-in-belfast/a1576743979.html However, others sitting in the hall are of a mind that it is a hate crime.
  12. Recent revelation that money was not repaid has again raised awareness to connected events. A member was sentenced to jail (six months) for fraud without any action taken apart from being merely ‘struck off’ for not paying his dues. Neither his Lodge, the Province nor Grand Lodge acted to the unquestionable facts either before, during or after the court case. His fraud occurred over five years of which during that period of time he was joint signature on a charge sheet that successfully attained unmasonic charge against others leading to their suspension. With the legitimacy of the charge sheet discredited, by his conviction, I would have deemed the allegations he levied against others as both dubious and self-protectionist due to his rank. Is there ever a time limit to correct that which is wrong or requires explanation?
  13. I know of a Mason who was cut off from his church because in the eyes of the Priest, Freemasonry conflicted with Catholicism. The only area it conflicts is charitable giving in my view, as I follow the notion that the Catholic Church wants your spare cash on the donation plate and being a Mason means it is going to other causes and that they don't get it. I add that the same Priest told the congregation that a woman's place was in the home raising the children, thereby demonstrating his archaic views.
  14. Another edict. As reported in the Irish News, Belfast. ‘People have been guessing what foot I kick with all my life' – Belfast Freemason Brian McBride reacts to Vatican ban on Catholics joining organisation - The Irish News
  15. PM George, thank you for recalling your experience on matters in Scotland. For clarity, the issue is solely a masonic issue and not of someone in jail. I wonder in your instance if the brother was appealing his judgement of Lodge or Provincial at a Grand Lodge setting. It is good practice that a higher authority not be involved as it enables a pathway of appeal. Here in Ireland I do recall a non masonic solicitor representing a brother at masonic trial. Unfortunately Grand Lodge Ireland has deleted past minutes of proceedings from its website, co-incidentally at a time when Grand Masters Lodge expelled several members and the Grand Secretary position was relinquished. However, this specific (IC) Grand Lodge trial was directed and managed by the Deputy Grand Master under instruction openly aired at a Provincial Grand Lodge meeting by the Grand Master. Whilst this in itself is somewhat bizarre in itself and setting that aside, the accused ultimately has no pathway of appeal as Grand Lodge has no route of challenge against the direction and will of the Grand Master. Never the less, even judgements not derived from any Grand Masters direction the accused is never in attendance in Ireland. I believe sentencing a brother in his absence is wrong and it is unjust.
  16. I have been present in Grand Lodge when the Brother who is facing a charge has been there and put his case to the brethren. Could be a bit tricky to achieve where the person in question is already behind bars. Unlikely he would be allowed out for the day to attend a Masonic Meeting.
  17. In recent times there has been numerous instances, highly publicised, at court sentencing when the accused have declined to be present to hear the (guilty) outcome of their trial. Freemasonry in Ireland regretfully also is required to hold trials. However, in Freemasonry the accused is not permitted to be present to hear the outcome at Grand Lodge when judgment is delivered. Rather the entirety of those attending Grand Lodge both hear and vote on the judgment while the accused (guilty) learns from hearsay or awaits postal correspondence. Masonic scholars will advise that matters are proven rather than have guilt applied. This may so but the absence of the accused is not justifiable in today’s modern world of openness, transparency, and human rights. What is the position in UGLE and GL Scotland when an accused is judged?
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-66738674?fbclid=IwAR09wgd2QCRGtgAD9DfKRvRB2B4VN8dbx0wjEkDS4ynoQUjnUAtWnU-B-Aw_aem_AVddEWIdBeP4hlw57btiMH1BDer95jjgdNGmj92xdMDyv3vAUzaIedKcEXDuttid0rA
  19. An Excellent point about changing myself to the new province. I will take that on board.
  20. I totally understand. Driving/parking/dinning is becoming a problem all round now. Good luck finding a new Lodge and one that can survive for a long time. Remember if you do change, consider changing yourself to that Province
  21. I now live a long way from my lodges, driving is coursing me problems. I am looking for a lodge in the area I now reside, in the few I have visited ritual was not very good and I like the strictness that ritual beings. Some are struggling for membership and having difficulty in retaining their what membership they have.
  22. As many times as they can stand you😝 Become a PIG Permanent Invited Guest
  23. Thank you for your replies. I am attached I just wondered if there was a number of times I can visit.
  24. If you're asking because you're "unattached", you would need to enquire what (if any) rules the "importing" Grand Lodge has about visiting as an "unattached" Freemason. If you are currently subscribing there would be no limit and it is up to you.
  25. I can’t remember my password, and request a reset……but I never get the reset email. I wasn’t aware it was down, I’ll try again now
  26. If you are still an attached mason (paying member of another lodge) you can visit as many times as you like. If you are an unattached mason (not a member of any lodge) the old rule was once only but that rule has been rescinded. You can visit several times to any Lodge
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