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  3. Breaking news. after nearly 200 years the Library and Museum of Freemasonry in London has changed its name to the Museum of Freemasonry. Details and visit the new website here: https://museumfreemasonry.org.uk/
  4. Freemasons' Hall Arthur Square Belfast have hosted several papers (6) regarding the hall nearing 150 years existence. The paper on Women Freemasons compliments those members who served in The Great War. Interesting that the hall is offering accommodation Re Tyler's Rest article. The link is https://arthursquare.org/blog
  5. There are none so blind as those who will not see! snippet: The Bishops’ Conference of Cameroon (CENC) recently published a pastoral letter condemning Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and sorcery, by which the conference called on all Catholics to oppose these groups and beliefs. The signing of this text appears to be one of the first public acts of the newly named president of the national bishops’ conference, Bishop Abraham Bialo Kome of Bafang (western Cameroon). All the other Cameroonian bishops also supported the text through their national conference. It comes after a similar initiative in the 1990s, when the Cameroonian episcopate first published a document condemning “esoteric sects.” Full story: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/african-bishops-blast-freemasonry-sorcery-in-new-pastoral-letter
  6. Quite right Mike. I referred to the 2nd Degree TB for the accompaniment of the knocks at it's mention.
  7. To be clear about what I meant, the combination of S&C including the 'G' is not used in UGLE. The S&C is and so is the 'G' but together they are not.
  8. I agree AND disagree as there is more than one "G" (3 at my last count) and no one, other than the GLoI, seems to be clear which one they are putting into the S&C.
  9. It's for a temporary Manager of the shop: https://museumfreemasonry.org.uk/shop-manager
  10. I was given a pair of cufflinks including the G for my birthday. I wouldn't have bought them myself, but I'll probably wear them for lodge meetings (when no-one will see them) and when the person who gave them to me is around. The problem, I think, is that unless you know where to look most Masonic jewellery that you find online does include the G. I agree with Sentience - it's too strong to say that the G is meaningless or not recognised within UGLE. As far as ties are concerned, note that if you buy a black one it should be plain black with no S&C on it, even in the weave. I have been known to wear my Craft tie (original version) outside lodge meetings, and I believe it was intended for that purpose as well as in all meetings. UGLE will shortly be selling a new tie specifically for non-lodge wear.
  11. This will help as it is not actually a secret
  12. To clarify he said a s&C with a G in the middle wasn’t recognised in English freemasonry, I am not aware of the tracing boards meanings yet (I’ve looked at the entered apprentice one but I’ve not really looked until I can fully understand their meaning). Sorry for the ambiguity, thanks for clarifying!
  13. Sentience - I don't think he's a member yet ...
  14. You might want to revisit the 2nd degree Tracing Board where the G is specifically mentioned. To say it isn't recognised is incorrect. UGLE simply doesn't display it within the S&C.
  15. Thanks, Jon! I will definitely keep you all posted!
  16. As far as a tie is concerned, I'd just settle for a black tie (can be worn at other 'events' too ...), and buy yourself the tie of your Province .. the proceeds normally go towards your Provincial charities.
  17. Welcome Jake! Castle Grove is a lovely building, and I have happy memories of visiting there and dining at Bryans fish bar afterwards. Welcome to this forum too, there are lots of enthusiastic and knowledgeable UK masons here so never be afraid to ask a question or for advice...... I look forwards to hearing of how you progress Jon
  18. A mason who is helping me to join told me about the “G” not being recognised by English Freemasonry, very interesting! Its not something I am thinking of immediately, there was just so much on there it seemed like there must be a demand for it. Personally it seems a little ott to wear a Masonic themed tie and ring and cuff links especially daily, I was just wondering if this was commonplace. I think a Forget-me-not will be a good first item, I’m not sure if I would be bothered by a ring or cuff links, I guess I can gauge other people use when I attend meetings. I like the idea of a ring (after raising ofc) but not sure I could pull it off, and also would need to be careful at work. I’m not sure if it would be worth it to just wear it during lodge meetings Thanks all
  19. Also, don't make the common error of buying things with the S&C containing the letter 'G'. Irish, Scots, Americans and some others uses that symbol quite legitimately but for an English Freemason it has no meaning. I would, however, advise waiting a while before getting items of this kind. About the only thing that a cautious Freemason might wear in public would be the little blue forget-me-not emblem (tip: research its origin). Rings and so on can be seen as a bit 'showy' and in some settings, particularly business, could easily be misinterpreted.
  20. It's up to your own personal choice really, personally I find S&C gloves a bit tacky. I do wear a ring though.
  21. Snippet: In the parlance of freemasonry, Michael Walker, who has died aged 83, “served” no fewer than five grand masters of the order in Ireland as the grand secretary of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Ireland on Molesworth Street in Dublin. However, as the present grand secretary, Philip Daley, put it to The Irish Times last week, Walker “was effectively grand master” during his tenure from 1981 until his retirement in 2005, given that during that period, although not in recent years, the position of grand master had been one “of figureheads”. Full story here: https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/michael-walker-obituary-freemason-who-opened-up-masonic-lodge-1.3961487?mode=amp
  22. The only 'jewelry' I wear are cufflinks (Provincial Steward), and sometimes a tie clip. EDIT: and only when attending a masonic meeting!! RE: gloves .. it's personal preference; I got a pair with S&C on (free) when I purchase my latest regalia set, but the rest are plain white.
  23. Hi all, One of the things that I have seen on regalia shops and online, is Masonic themed clothing and jewellery such as rings (obviously) but also cuff links (square and compass, but also aprons and gavels), socks, pocket squares, ties, watches etc. My main question is do people actually wear these? And if so is it a day to day thing or reserved for lodge? I have also been told I will have to buy my own gloves (which is how I ended up on these sites), and wondered if there was any significance to the square and compass on the gloves, or if this is personal choice when it comes to me buying my own. TIA
  24. Hi Jake and welcome to the Forum, You can ask questions here and most of the responses will be from English Freemasons
  25. Thanks for the advice! And I am originally from Sheffield and go back regularly, I will look into visiting at some point!
  26. Seems you're going about this in a sensible way. Yes, take your time, there is no rush - there's lots to absorb! If the lodge you join turns out to be not quite what you want, look around, visit some others and then move to one you feel is a better fit. No two are alike and they change over time too, as will you! Don't be surprised if, when you ask the same question about freemasonry (what this or that means) to several different members, you will get at least as many different answers! When that happens, you need to do your own research. If you get down to Sheffield, there's an excellent and helpful library and museum at Tapton Hall (http://www.freemasonryinsheffield.com/). Give them a call first, so someone will show you what's what. Enjoy
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