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  2. I approach volunteers when I feel that the Forum is in need of them. At the present time we have enough. Regarding Tom I fear the worst but have been unable to confirm anything as my approaches (both private and public) have gone unanswered.
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  4. (I was curious who the mods were) RE: Tom. I noticed that too - so I did a google search and found him on FB .. where the last time he posted was Jan last year.
  5. Don't really think about this but after having read your post i see Tom Cherup hasn't posted for over a year, he was very regular and I hope that nothing serious has happened to him! I wonder does anyone know? On the question you have asked I believe this is in Mikes hands and he will ask members if they wish to assist when he feels he needs assistance! Being a moderator on 2 Masonic Forums it is something that does take a certain amount of time and effort. I have no desire to moderate on this Forum!⚠️
  6. I've been browsing the list of moderators, and was wondering just how many are still active participants - there are quite a few who's last visit are some considerable time ago - 6 months+ .. years in a couple of cases. Should we/admins be looking to replace them with more current users?
  7. I have to admit, I did rewrite some of my reply before posting ... A lot actually.
  8. I'm sure that you had a good giggle to yourself as you put that lot together. Based on what you've written there is a door in front of you and it's got a great big knocker with a sign saying "knock to enter" but you instead of knocking are searching for piles of extraneous stuff to pile against that door so that it doesn't open, this in itself is pretty strange as all you have to do is turn around and walk away from it. Now I don't know why and to be frank I don't really care as you seem to be enjoying yourself but please understand that we can't tell you why you're doing it!
  9. I really don't know where to start. Ok. Before anything else, not one thing you've said in that has anything to do with Freemasonry. Not one thing. An upside down reversed hand grab .. I can, in complete honesty and with a clear conscience say "I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about" - and as for the 'psychic test' .. the only place I've ever come across that is in sci-fantasy books. And as for the red/blue, square/circle, noughts/crosses thing - give as much information as you like(!) as I really don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about! Wow. Um. I'm sorry, but I'm completely lost for words - and I'm not being or intending to be obscure or insulting, I genuinely don't know what to say or how to answer you! - just keep asking and hopefully we'll be able to help you.
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to these realms, but I’m a long-time researcher, first time writer. Firstly, let me apologise as I do tend to waffle, but I eventually get to my point, or question. I thought I'd write today given that there seems to be so much speculation and madness surrounding the society, it stands to reason the best place to ask is on a site like this. Although I hate the term conspiracy, thinking myself as a free thinker, most of the subject matter that I investigate does exist within the conspiracy spectrum, as colourful as it is, this being somewhere between the six and seven colours that now exist. It seems to me that a lot is going on in our age of technological wonder, although the veils of ignorance translate extremely well, certainly since the age of the internet which was born in 1969. Personally, I’m still unsure as to whether freemasons are what they purport to be, or they’re something to be extremely worried about, which is ultimately why I have never joined the Secret Society. Yes, I’ve been asked many times, and yes, I’ve had some wonderful evenings with my wife all dressed up in ball gowns and me in a dicky bow, but personally speaking, there’s just something not quite right about having to join something before finding out the inner sanctum, the tabernacle if you will. So, what’s put me off, not the people that’s for sure, many are very likeminded individuals, many I like very much, but there’s just a feeling that something isn’t quite right. It’s not the threat, as once was in days of old, of having my tongue cut out and being buried at low tide should I reveal any of the secrets which are bestowed upon me, it’s not even that I wouldn’t like to be part of something bigger, because I would, if not for what I would get from them, but what I might be offer it. Without going into any great detail, many years ago, one thing I didn’t like was being informed, by an extremely drunk member during one of the nights we attended, was that everything I needed to see was right in front of my very eyes, this information bothered me considerably. Being a curious person, this was the start of my path, up intel then, I had watched how members greeted one another, handshakes, gestures, a wink, a no, an upside-down reversed hand grab, which were all noted and stored in the grey matter. As I say, without going in detail, as a child I was watching TV, Warner Cartoons, I had a fit and died (seriously, six or seven minutes in fact), obviously making a recovery, this event was in 1973, then in 76 (aged six) I was visited by two people in school, they took me into the school hall and asked me a series of questions (interrogated me for the want of a better term), very odd questions indeed, using psychic tests, cards show in reverse, I saw wavy lines, a fish, a circle, amongst many others in my mind eye, then we moved onto Rubin’s vase, what could I see, a vase I replied, could I see anything else?, yes, yes I could, at the end of the session I was asked to Watch a Watch go back and forth Wondering what is meant. I think that day pretty much ruined my life! But that’s enough of my life story at that stage. Anyhow, many events have kept bringing me back to a road of discovery, for example, watching The Wizard of Oz as a child, Dorothy Follows the Yellow brick road, but I was the kid that wanted to know where the red road lead too?, and why was it Red, noting in the movie that the Good witch was of the North, whist in the book she was the most powerful sorceress in the land of Oz, and ruled over the Quadling (C)country south of the Emerald City? Again, through a strange set of coincidences I stumbled on Nikola Tesla and his 3, 6 and 9 way of thinking. This led to many, many great discoveries, The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci, Babylonia, The Seven Liberal Arts, plus the other five and three. Although depictions shouldn’t be trusted so I studied all seventeen, then moved up to the twentieth, notwithstanding tiling and a few others others. In any case I digress, it seems to me there is a battle going on, let’s say for the sake of reasons sake, that’s it’s a battle of circles and squares, or red and blue, odds or even, noughts (if they exist) and crosses, however you wish to picture it or describe it, obviously I’m not trying to give too much information away in fear of being thrown out of this site, like I did a few years ago for asking questions, for people need to understand, the challenge, for me, the fun and joy of everything in life, isn’t always in the answers, sometimes it’s in discovering the questions, questions can represent so much more than frustration in not having the answered. So, why am I writing all this, why bother, I’m neither a member of the fraternity nor a theorist, although to have a theory at least shows you have a mind, in my opinion, the problem is when the con gets into Con-spiracy, or into the Con-struction of an idea, a group or an organisation then information is likely to be withheld, and in many cases this information just may make civilisation a tad better, or worse, depending which side you’re looking at the number 6, to one observer they see number six, to another opposite they see a nine, neither is wrong, and both are right, but this is the sort of stuff battles are fought and people die for, there doesn’t seem to be anyone arbitrating the perspective, the obvious, the silliness of it all. Maybe this is the purple? With the above said, I wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t join the freemasons in the future, I have access to many members, but without some clear answers, and a reasonable and open conversation about what the bloody hell is really going on, I find my situation untenable. Let’ look at - T.V? Just what on earth is going on? The mechanics and mechanisms of Black and white was (is) simple to see, with the introduction of colour things moved on, Red and Blue in equal perspective, why could this be? well, you need to know how colour frequencies work, then mix in a heap of Hypnos, Monarch and Milk Weed, adding a splash of intent, then a pinch of one small step for man, one giant leap for Man Kind, and we have a recipe for “we the purple”, this is the pie that the battle of the ages produced, it proves a draw was called, a stalemate if you will, neither red, nor blue winning, both accepting equal proportions and a bite of the pie that is, you and me! In the movie where they talk of the ultimate answer, to the ultimate question, we’re told it’s Forty-Two. But is it? What could it mean? Music isn’t any better, it too is a sorry tale, people talk about the secret of 432 verses 440, but it’s not much is a secret is it? Quite honestly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The same goes with history, in the UK we have the battle of Hastings, 1066, Americans have 1776. Each have their moment, that one defining moment, for example, in Freemasonry hey have important dates, for example, when the first grand lodge was formed in England, and many, many, others that I could talk about but won’t just in case you lose interest, which I suspect you might already have, reading the writings of a madman, I’ve got to be mad right? I’m a theorist! A free thinker – A Hyper, are Hyper’s are Here to help? Maybe! Conspiracy, like all things, has its trends, not so long ago it was Antarctica, although science of old said we had six continents, this moved to seven when we started to understand the earth’s geology better, now we’re technological experts and know-alls we’re being told there’s eight, but personally I like to refer to Antarctica as the seventh. Even tour companies take you there now, in fact I am soon to book a trip with my wife with one of the most reputable of them all, my view is this, it’s like going into space, it’s a dangerous place, cold and uninviting, so in such instances would you go with a budget provider. Byrd says some interesting things about this place, and personally, I just feel the need to go, and this from a man who positively hates the cold. Another new one on the con scene is Ra, and the Law of One, but this isn’t something I’ll cover now as I have a great deal to say about this, but maybe I’ll write again covering this subject on its own, that’s if I’m allowed too, who knows?! Obviously, I could go on for hours, days, weeks, years writing about what is unfortunately rattling around in my mind, but I have to know, is there still a side to choose, is it a case that acceptance is futile and push on, or are people like me collateral damage?, and there is a lot of us, or maybe we’re just plain damaged? Me. Personally, I have faith in my life events, I gave up believing in coincidence many years ago, there is no such thing, ah’ you say, I believe in a higher power, well, maybe, but in my view this power is no higher than I am to myself, therefore, free will isn’t real, in this realm, there is only, if you will. These QQuestions have to be asked and answered, otherwise it has to be seen as insidious, not malevolent but benevolent, so which is important, and which are we fighting for, or fighting on behalf of? Is it life? Love? or humanity itself? A we know, there is some things you should know. Some things you must know. But there are other things you must never know. The latter of these three is the one I’m most aggrieved about, because this means that there is information out there that no matter how hard I try, or how much effort I put in, and how much more I become, there are those putting the same, if not more, into making sure I never find it out. Is this fair? Mr FG, could you please offer any advice or guidance for a soul that is in this sorry position?
  11. Wow, so like a "tribute" Lodge in effect. Well I do hope that the Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717 is a great success.
  12. The Goose and Gridiron Lodge 1717: http://freemasonsfordummies.blogspot.com/2018/10/goose-gridiron-lodge-1717-established.html
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  14. Hi Mike and welcome to the Forum. That's an interesting idea how will you be able to visit an English Lodge in Ohio?
  15. Remember that Chapter in Ireland is a bit different. I don't think they have AMD, given they have Knight Masons that cover much of the same area.
  16. Hello Brethren! I've been a Master Mason for twenty-five years and my son is sixth generation. I hail from Ohio in the United States. I have always wanted to attend lodge in Scotland or England, maybe one of these days I'll be able to cross the pond. I am very much looking forward to visiting a English emulation lodge here in Ohio at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to meeting you all, exchanging ideas and obtaining more light. /G\ Mike
  17. Nevertheless, the system is still open to abuse unless monitored and governed by an independent panel of administrators.
  18. And the same invitation applies to you MrSifter - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised; I don't (nor, I suspect, does Jon) hear any such discussions here - and we're both in positions where we would hear of such. I can think of only one lodge in the Province where such talk may occur. I guess it does help when pretty much every member of the Province knows the PGM (he's also GSupt), Deputies, etc personally as between them they attend all Installations, and quite a few ordinary meetings. We are very much a 'family' Province.
  19. Sentience, Come to Cambridge for a visit sometime, either Sontaran, David or myself can arrange a Lodge meeting. We are a good bunch, the Province is small and happy and you'll enjoy it S&F Jon
  20. Thank you. If getting a “reward” is what motivates someone and it’s what they want, I’ve no problem at all with the lodge supporting that. In return, the bare minimum we can expect any brother to do is give it his all in whatever office he is invested in. Sadly, and far too often, it’s not what happens. On a personal level I just find it very disheartening that every single lodge meeting, GP meeting and festive board a large chunk of the discussions revolve around this issue. Even more so when it’s top of the VO and SVO’s agenda. As I say, it is bread and circuses to keep the masses in line.
  21. Ok, having re-read, I do apologise and -to an extent, take it back - but I do stand by my observation about supporting someone deserving to 'enable' suitable reward. I do agree with your observation; my view was coloured by the shortened quote.
  22. Be a love, put up the full quote and in context.
  23. A lot of Provinces are starting to move in that direction - ours included.
  24. What smear? - you were the one who said .. and I quote " and certainly not if they can’t even do the most basic of ritual to a high standard. " - I disagreed (to an extent) - that's not a smear! Oh, and I actually agree with your observations about 'honours' or 'rank', but we have to accept that they're here to stay - I did say 'ignoring ..etc'! (and if you ask David Goode, you'll find I'm not moaning because of being overlooked!)
  25. Here, the Honours system has been based on attendance both at meetings and the FB, Offices held after the chair, ritual delivery and charitable activities/additional work for the Province. Hit all the criteria and you'll get Active rank. Don't and you will get a Past Rank. Be really not up to the mark and you'll get nothing.
  26. I’ll take that as you withdrawing your outrageous smear against me. Hopefully yorksmason does likewise. I’m all for supporting any brother through the Chair that’s prepared to do his absolute best and am consistently on record as saying that’s what we should all do if it is what the brother wants to do. I’ve had no higher honour than being installed in the Chair of King Solomon of my craft lodge, it is one of the highlights of my life and I’d love every brother to experience it To answer your last point, I don’t think “rank” or “honours” (whatever term applies) should exist at all. Human beings being what they are, it’ll always be open to abuses and perverse qualifying criteria. If it didn’t exist we wouldn’t have these embarrassing discussions on here, in GP meetings and every festive board. It’s bread and circuses and I actually find it quite disturbing that so many people (despite the inevitable protestations) are utterly obsessed “being eligible for senior positions” as you euphemistically put it.
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