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  2. Deeply honoured to have been confirmed as Master Elect of Mercury Lodge, for the forthcoming year!

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  4. Yes, you need to engage your logic function because you are inventing a theoretical situation that probably doesn't exist and that is a waste of energy. The question will not be able to be answered until you yourself have engaged with members of the Lodge you are talking about. Contact the Lodge indicating your interest and when you meet some members you can ask them if the person is a member.
  5. You could always ask whether or not he is a member of that lodge, and, if not, go ahead yourself. If subsequently he were to apply to that lodge, you would be able to raise an objection on 'personal issues'.
  6. Thank you for your answer. The closest one is about a hour from here. And i am aqually guessing he has not joined Freemasonry, but there is a chance. The next closest logde would be around 4 hours from my house. Which would make it a pretty long travel so make for every meeting. There used to be public list of membership, but they stopped showing those. I will do a little reasearch. I do have several Masons that are related to me, but i dont realy know them. Maybe when one day feel ready i would have the time for this commitment i will ask them about it. But from your view joining another lodge would be problem free, if they would see me sutible in other ways? I appreciate your answer. Thanks again.
  7. A very sad and difficult situation. I'm not intimately acquainted with the finer details of Scandinavian Rite Freemasonry but I'm quite sure that it would be unwise to join a lodge where there could be a brother with whom you are at variance. To do so, would, from what you say, hardly promote brotherly harmony. It really doesn't matter what the 'rights and wrongs' are of this particular case. There would always be rancour. As you are not yet a member, are you quite sure there is no other lodge that you could join which is closer?
  8. Hello everyone! I have a question i hope somebody have a answer to. I live in Scandinavia first of all. Almost 10 years ago i had a falling out with a friend of a friend about a woman. The father of the guy is a member of the odd fellows, and i know for sure that 10 years ago he was not a Mason, but i just found out that the Masons from the nearest lodge have now a "brother- meeting place" for masons in the Odd fellow lodge(where the father is a member), whitch is a little closer from here. So i guess they are atleast friendly. I am still together with this woman and the guy who i had a falling out with have started a family of his own. The thing is that i know for sure this guy still has bad intentions for me, as i have met him several times, and he has gives me a smug look everytime i have seen him. Have also said he is going to "destroy my life". I cant stand the guy as he is a complete A-hole. I have also met his father several times and he has even stared me down and even walk toward me almost bumping in to me when there was nobody around. I can handle myselft physicly, but i never did or said anything as they are probably looking for a reaction where they can use it against me. There is ALOT more to this story i could mention, but i think this is enough for now. Anyway they are a very bitter family still after 10 years. The closest Freemason Logde is around one hour from my home, and if the father is now a Mason this is the place he would join.( the son is a ex fellow so i guess he would not be alowed?) I have been interested i Freemasonry for years, and i would be interested in joining in the future when my career and business i more estsblished. If the father is a Mason, would this make me be black balled and i would never be able to join? Sorry if there are many spelling errors, as english is not my language. Hope someone can answer this.
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  10. Well, apart from Ozymandius' post, this thread is all about the 250th collar jewel and illustrations of them. The '300th' is another event entirely and, of course, it looks different, as it should.
  11. It would seem, then, that as he was not capable of answering for himself in UGLE, the edifice could collapse and his UGLE degree conferrals be void. I really believe this should be referred to the UGLE Grand Secretary for advice, followed by a similar referral to the Mark Grand Secretary.
  12. Thank you Mike, yes he is a member of a UGLE Lodge. I was told at the FB any questions put to him in his Craft lodge was answered by a deacon.
  13. Lewis and Trouillogan, Please note that Medic is referring to an "Advancement" into a Mark Lodge, the Candidate appears to have already been made a member of a UGLE Lodge
  14. I think he was saying that the 275th collar Jewel is nothing like the Tercentenary collar jewel (pictured below).
  15. "you freely and voluntarily offer yourself a Can etc" doesn't seem to have been applied.
  16. May I suggest that reference is made to the section: 'Disabled Candidates' in the booklet Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft. This, you will see, is one of the decisions made by the Board of General purposes. In the situation you mention it would seem appropriate seek advice from the Grand Secretary. That some kind of ceremony has been performed involving this poor chap, that is a separate issue which you would need to mention to the Grand Secretary.
  17. So is that one, it's just a library image. As they appear on the collar.
  18. This evening in lodge was a total farce, he did not say anything, the senior deacon said it for him. the obligation was just quoted to him. I had difficulty in getting him to follow what I was asking him to do, therefore I just continued to the end without him he just stood there. I feel that if I say something I will get myself in trouble, so it is best to let things go.
  19. Very difficult. How can he confirms that he placed his trust in God and how can he do any of the obligations. I personally think his case should have been refereed to UGLE for a definite answer
  20. The one I have shown is attached to the WM's collar with silver braid (like PM braiding) as issued to the Lodge in the late 60's
  21. Not sure what you mean - it's identical with the one Lewis shows above. Just that yours has been removed from the collar.
  22. Tonight we are advancing a young man, who I am told for some medical reason fell into a coma. For how long I don't know as I did not attend commttee meeting to discuss this person joining my Mark Lodge. However having come out of his coma I am told he is brain damaged. His father managed to get him into his craft lodge and from what I understand it was very difficult putting him through the three ceremonies. Tonight I am relating the secrets to him, and I feel uncomfortable, as I feel he should not be a member. However other people who have met him at interview think different. His dad is not a member of my lodge, but will be JD for the evening to support his son, so both Deacons will be taking him through the ceremony.
  23. If it is anything like the 300 Anniversary Masters Collar Jewel, my Lodge purchased it from Toye Kenning so there would not be any record at Grand Lodge.
  24. Mine certainly has it adorned to the WM's collar.
  25. Just to inform you that the UGLE Library were very helpful in my request, but there were no records kept on which Lodges were presented with this Jewel for their WM's collar. Looks like I'm the proud owner of this Jewel.
  26. Hardly - but nice try, though!
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