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  2. Dear Brother Mike Do you now how many of this rare scottish fob exists? S&F from Switzerland
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  4. Widely reported in today's newspapers is that Prince Michael of Kent and his wife will RETIRE from public life when he turns 80 next month The media focus on his Royal and Charitable duties, but little or no mention of his role as the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, and Craft Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex.
  5. Much the same could be said for many of the Biblical figures.
  6. Do you ever read the Bible? Hiram, often spelt Huram, is the King of Tyre. Hiram, also called Huram is a separate person, the son of a widow of the tribe of Napthali, sent ot Solomon as he was a skilled craftsman in Brass.
  7. 😀I didn’t realize it is you who wrote it. Yes, I saw it long time ago and I kept a copy of it. Thanks again.
  8. If you're referring to the site which showcases part of my collection I did actually say "rarer" rather than "rare" when talking about the "Long Armed Victorian" but I actually wrote those descriptions 10-15 years ago.
  9. Thanks Mike for taking your time to reply. I asked about this particular ball since it was featured in the Masonic website as being very rare. (with the long arms and those serial numbers). With the other ones I have it’s easier for me to sense the market value and compare. Thanks again, Anat.
  10. Hi there, The thing about antique jewellery is that it's price is set by the people who want to buy it. 20 years ago this type of watch fob was fetching around £350 a time on Ebay but as they have become more common that price is being asked but not being given. If you listed it for £200 you would sell it relatively easy but higher amounts means you will need to be very patient.
  11. Hi, I have a rare 9 kt gold long arm Masonic ball. Each arm is marked 9 kt. Marked pat.26391/20 REGd. I was wondering what is the value of it. Thanks
  12. I suspect we'll only get to know when/if the another annual report is published.
  13. For those closer to the number crunchers, is there any idea what the fall out rate has been nationally for the Craft and HRA? It's obvious on a local level that numbers have fallen, in part due to the Pandemic, which also gave members time to discover things outside of Freemasonry and rekindle old interests.
  14. May I ask why you left? - or is it too personal?
  15. I used to be a freemason but I left a few years ago. Although I left, I am still interested in the masonic mysteries, so I joined this forum.
  16. Hammersmith Lodge No. 2090 was Erased in 2017, not that there is any real need for help with the topic as the actual question was answered.
  17. The Pro Grand Master has today announced his retirement; the Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Jonathan Spence is to be invested as the new Pro Grand Master in September.
  18. Strange that no mention is made of St David's Lodge No 366 founded in 1821 in Hakin, Milford Haven and apparently operating unofficially from c 1815 with the help of Haverfordwest Lodge N0 82, now defunct
  19. You may like to know therefore, that he was a Past Provincial Almoner in Norfolk - and as the Provincial Almoner is (AFAIK) never appointed as a Past rank, he will have been responsible for all the Almoners across the Province of Norfolk at one point. A very responsible position.
  20. Hi I have just been polishing a brass letter opener with the words Old Tower 49 15th May 2000 engraved on it and I wondered what the words meant. I googled it and it has come up with a Freemasons in Spain. This must have been presented to my father Roger Heap just before he left Spain in 2000I believe he was one of the first members of this particular Lodge and became Grand Master. My husband and I brought him out to Spain in 2015 and we visited the Lodge in Quesda but it was closed. He sadly died in August 2021 at the grand old age of 95. He was very proud to be a mason and spoke fondly of the times he lived in Spain.
  21. Hi there and welcome to the Forum. I have had to remove the link from your post and the second (aka spam) time that you posted it as it breaks the rules of the Forum (9a specifically) please do read the rules before posting again (link below) and I am sure that we all look forward to getting to know you a bit better.
  22. Hi there and welcome to the Forum, It can be quiet but if you throw some bait in you'll get some nibbles eventually.
  23. Hello and fraternal greetings from Scotland. 1st post as a newbie .....but certainly not a newbie to freemasonry.
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