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    Well, attending QC today where I'm to be one of the lucky ones being invested as PAGDC. Looking forward to it, although I wish my father was alive to see it. This meeting, back in 2005, in the October of which my eldest son was born, was the last time I saw my father alive as he died on the anniversary of this coming Saturday which, coincidentally, is the date of my mother lodge's first meeting since I received the letter back in December - on the anniversary of my mother's death. All in all, a very strange set of coincidences.
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    I’ve had been advised from the GLoS Facebook team that Brethren will be pleasantly surprised at this. Apparently GL had a lot of say in what should be shown. Also to note that it was an independent production company that the BBC employed to create the documentary. I think GL was worried of bias initially but, seem to be happy with the end result. TV set to record tonight as I have a meeting...
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    Hi and welcome back. If you wish you can always reactivate your old User ID
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    Aldersgate & Domatic are probably the most common.
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    When the idea of the "Ancient Landmarks" came about there were no Grand Lodges and Freemasonry only existed within the British Isles! So that's a pretty redundant point. However recognition of foreign Grand Lodges is about a lot more than landmarks and you can see what is involved here: https://masonic-forum.com/index.php?/topic/690-basic-principles-for-grand-lodge-recognition-ugle/
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    That depends on who is asking, who they are asking, when they are asking, and how they asked. It is something that has been enforced, ignored, agreed to, and agreed not to in various situations.
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    Indeed so - but I didn't say 'in England'. I said: 'Neither the 'Past Master (Virtual)' nor the 'Most Excellent Master' form any part of either the UGLE craft working or the Holy Royal Arch here.' I can be so nit-pickety sometimes!
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    If I may point out the "Most Excellent Master Degree", as worked in the English Royal and Select Master, is different from the 'Excellent Master' (Passing of the Veils) Degree as worked only in a Scottish Royal Arch Chapter, which is again different from the Passing of the Veils as worked in a Bristol working (or formerly the Passing of the Veils as worked prior to 1834 in English Chapter. All part of Life's rich tapestry. Past 'Z', Past T.I.M (Scottish Cryptic Degree)
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    It did thanks - thoroughly enjoyed it - and I can also report that Jon West (3GP441) will be invested as PAGStB in April - congratulations Jon!
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    ... --- .-. .-. -.-- / -. --- - / .. -. / .-.. --- -. -.. --- -. / - .... .- - / -.. .- -.--
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    Nice to see a potted history of the Mark that for once recognises no blame for it being a separate body lays with the UGLE. Many who peddle that particular tale don't realise that the same Grand Officers (of UGLE) that had the vote derailed were the same who, a very short time later, held the principle Grand Offices of the new GL MMM.
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    A Freudian slip, Jon?!
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    I think the difficulty that you're going to face is that the "source" material (the Old Testament) for this Masonic character doesn't actually give much information about him other than what has already been mentioned. What complicates it further Freemasonry takes him and seems to give him a "job" which is at odds with that information.
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    Answered on 'the other place' ... (just waiting for a reply from our secretary)
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    This film is an earlier awareness of why released originally in 1943:
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    Its another subject entirely, but there were servicemen that needed rank on their arm, wrist or shoulder to get things done and there were those who didn't need to wear it, as the troops would work for them, no matter what. There are some bloaters in Freemasonry (ex military that big themselves up to have been something more to non-service Brethren) that voice their contribution by tutting and ridiculing Brethren trying hard. The good ones will offer encouragement where needed and praise for every effort, knowing small steps lead to big advances.