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    I agree with Trouillogan, in my humble opinion all that is really needed is to remove this almost obsessional belief (amongst some of our number) that somehow "Degree work" is the ONLY work and get back to understanding that the real "work" of a Lodge is to a) help its members to understand the content of the Ceremonies by working the Lectures of the Degrees and providing an advancement in wider Masonic knowledge by encouraging the delivery of talks on other Masonic subjects in open Lodge and b) to enjoy the fellowship of their Lodge and its many vistors.
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    Yes, Sentience, it is UGLE-wide but many of the issues are lodge-specific. I see provinces trying to address issues by adding layers of administration - managers for this, vice chairmen for that and that reminds me of an African saying that when elephants dance, the grass suffers. I firmly believe that we we need fewer directives and initiatives from Olympus and more fertiliser (masonic education) at the grass roots so that freemasonry becomes more attractive to those who really wish to follow its precepts. Your item 4. underlines this need.
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    A sensory shed that can calm children with special needs was unveiled yesterday (June 13). When the leaders of Leverton School in Waltham Abbey realised it needed a safe place for its special needs pupils to retreat to, they were disheartened when their bids for funding were unsuccessful. That was until a grandfather of one of the pupils heard of their difficulties and pointed them in the direction of the nearby Forester Lodge. The Loughton Freemasons took the cause to their heart and set about raising £1,800 for the project, which was increased to £2,000 following a personal donation by organist Tom Kelly. (Continues in the link) http://www.eppingforestguardian.co.uk/news/16290574.leverton-school-in-waltham-abbey-unveiled-its-sensory-hub/?ref=mr&lp=12
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    I did speak with a one or two veterans who didn't attend for reasons stated above, however I was in attendance along with a lot of serving and ex serving members of the armed forces including one or two that served in Iraq with Johnson. Also chatted with Danny who seemed quite cool and relaxed about the whole thing, a real nice chap
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    I understand your immediate concern but my point about recognition is that if you affiliate to work under another Grand Lodge then you'd better make sure it is one that is widely recognised, otherwise you and your brethren will find yourselves unable to associate masonically with brethren under other Grand Lodges. I would also posit that you would be more likely to find men of the sort you seek within a recognised jurisdiction, than in unrecognised ones.
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    I would agree with Mike's observations about degree work. I have seen too many instances of meetings at which there was no candidate being used for "demonstrations" of a degree. Whilst this may aid the progressive officers who have learnt their work as they get to put their efforts into practice, it wastes an opportunity for deepening masonic understanding. It should not be done because otherwise the officers have wasted their efforts- they haven't as the act of learning the ceremony reinforces it and provides a more solid foundation on which to build greater knowledge. It may be that there is greater reward (or at least a perception thereof) for repetition of existing elements- the main ritual and the commonly used additional pieces- rather than for any novel thinking and wider discussion. Ironic since we refer to ourselves as "speculative". The prohibition of discussions of religion and politics should not prevent discussion of philosophy and controversy can be introduced without producing discord. Even when lectures (in the common sense rather than the masonic catechisms) are presented they can be bland or facile. Facts are presented without reference to their masonic significance. For example they can repeat historical evidence without consideration of why masonry appeared to thrive in a particular area or amongst particular professions. The avoidance of controversy at all costs may be hampering the adoption of modern practices, particularly where things are learnt by rote without proper understanding. For example, the phrase is "improper solicitation against... inclination": this is not the blanket ban on approaching candidates that we have heard repeated too many times. Sentience's point about certain groups being "stuck up" is unlikely to be a new phenomenon. I believe that there is some evidence to suggest that the Moderns chiefly drew their membership from different social strata to the Ancients, at least initially. However, the quantity over quality point is valid as higher quality candidates are more likely to engage with a more nuanced program than those who turn up, listen to a degree which they take at face value, and get to the bar as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the cost of freemasonry is linked to numbers. Lodges have overheads and smaller units mean that those are borne by a smaller number of people. Fewer, higher quality, units may be the answer- sharing the costs more widely and the breadth of work could make the race to the Chair (and therefore beyond) less important as members appreciate internal growth rather than chasing external plaudits.
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    Hi Joselito I have been discussing some options with Jayson - I had offered 2nd June but understand you are in Wales that weekend Hope you are able to get something sorted
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    Glad you enjoyed, more than welcome to attend any time. s&f Chas
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    I still don't get why Lodges insist on pushing Candidates through their degrees in rapid succession. This obsession of having to perform a ceremony if there's a Candidate waiting for a 2nd or 3rd, surely has to stop. Progression should be based on the ability of the Candidate, their demonstrating that they have learned something about Freemasonry and whether they are willing to progress to the next degree.
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