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    If you mean, by what I understand from your statement, that you can, if there is an equivalence between the U.K. side degrees and the higher degrees of the Swedish Rite, join them (i.e. the Swedish Rite higher degrees) as well, my understanding is no. I can only say from personal knowledge that dual membership of both the Scottish Rite and Swedish Rite is not allowed. While i can visit meetings up to the Xth degree, as a member of the Scottish Rite, were I to wish, after a potential membership of a blue lodge of the Swedish Rite, to continue in the Swedish system and not simply visit my brethren in the higher degrees as a Scottish Rite visitor, I would have to resign completely from the Scottish Rite and then be initiated in the equivalent Swedish Rite degrees as any other brother. (while there are equivalences between the degrees, the Swedish Rite degrees, in their content, vary a lot from the Scottish Rite degrees, so even if you resigned and were initiated into the degrees of the Swedish system, you would be experiencing an initiation and not simply a repeat of the a Scottish Rite degree in a different form. Of course with the proviso that you have not been present during the working of the degree as a visitor in the past, because then, in my view, you will not experience anything initiatory. The Swedish Rite is a complete closed system, whereby every degree is based on the one below. Each time you progress up the ladder, the teachings of all the previous degrees that you have had, are further impressed onto you with the additional teachings of the new degree you are being initiated into. If you are moving to Sweden and intend to be there for some time, I would advise you to get your papers sorted out with UGLE so that you can visit blue lodges once you get there. Then once you are there and settled down, ask the local brethren for their advise on this issue.
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