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    That will be because the RoI Govt. has made different Covid19 stipulations to the Northern Ireland Assembly. The RoI seems to require lots of evidence of vaccination for indoor activities, this of course is not under GLoI's control. We have had similar situations in the mainland where England, Scotland and Wales have all had different responses to social distancing over the last year and that's not to mention the Islands of Man, Guernsey, Jersey who have also had their own responses too.
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    Also what about those that like to imbibe enthusiastically at the Festive Board?
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    Or maybe we should use the term Muslim to try to avoid offence?
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    Hi Sam You are probably going to get some heated answers to this question. You can clearly answer "yes" when you are asked at your interview "Do you believe in a Supreme Being?" No further information is required so don't say any more than that. When you are initiated, and when you take higher degrees, you are required to take an Obligation on the Volume of the Sacred Law. This is usually the Bible although certain other sacred texts are allowed for members of various faiths. Provided that you are happy to take Obligations on the Bible there is no problem. If you aren't, or if you feel uncomfortable with a theistic approach, involving prayers to the Great Architect, then Freemasonry isn't suitable for you.
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