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    It seems that some members of the Catholic Church have actually opened their eyes to the reality of Freemasonry and the fact that the vast majority of it around the world holds absolutely no enmity toward the Church: Snippet: VIENNA (ChurchMilitant.com) - Eight popes over 200 years in a barrage of 20 legal interdicts have condemned Freemasonry, pronouncing automatic excommunication against any Catholic who becomes a member of a masonic lodge. Now, a new book by an official of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is claiming that a practicing Catholic can simultaneously be a Freemason and that the penalty of excommunication may "certainly not" be applied to "Catholic Freemasons Full story here: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/catholics-can-be-freemasons-claims-pontifical-council-cleric And here: https://novenanews.com/freemasons-catholics-not-excommunicated-vatican/
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    🤣 I've been to one .. the sausage supper evening. WM/PMs are 'prohibited' from taking the chair .. they use the LOIs to give the Wardens (amongst others) chance to learn what it's like to act as Master. No-one takes an office that they hold 'for real', but other than that, every office at every LOI is up for grabs I understand. The only 'offices' filled by PMs are the Preceptors - and there's normally one from each lodge.
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    I always let go of my concern by reminding myself that for every "horror story" or even proven "bad apple" there is at least a thousand perfectly good Freemasons happily making the world a better place starting with themselves.
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