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    Agreed, Sontaran, it's just plain ordinary good manners for him to keep out of the way and keep his head down while the new chap destroys all he's done!
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    Hi there and welcome to the Forum. That ring will have definitely been "special" to your Granddad because it was "his" Scottish Rite ring and to you for the same reason but I'm afraid that special factor doesn't really carry on into the wider world. This type of ring is or has been quite popular in the States and for that reason examples turn up frequently on Ebay and you are right to baulk at a $4k price tag for reinstating the diamond as they are often listed for around a $1000 - $1,500. As to what you do with it that is really a decision for you but don't get hung-up on honoring this piece of jewellery as it is just an outer show of our membership of a fraternity that has internal ideals of brotherly love, relief and truth. Some of us wear masonic jewellery because we are proud to be a part of such a tradition but it is not an essential item, his regalia would have been that part. If you want to find out about what he was a part of you should google up the Grand Lodge of the where you live, as you're in the US that will be a State Grand Lodge.
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    Hi and welcome. I'd like to suggest that you avoid reading books on Freemasonry; they contain lots of spoilers which will take the edge off your initiation. I made that mistake and regretted it. You can read the information, and watch the videos, on the Grand Lodge website at https://www.ugle.org.uk/ , although I personally think that there are too many spoilers even there! The best way to find about Freemasonry, and whether it and you suit each other, is to talk to local members. I should point out, though, that the more you put into Freemasonry, the more you get out of it. While many members are happy to just sit back and watch the various ceremonies, you'll enjoy it far more if you take an active part, working your way through the various offices and up to the Master's Chair. Taking part in the ceremonies, especially as Master, can give your self-confidence a tremendous boost.
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    I like the Scottish system that you do Mark in your craft lodge. Most lodges have one or two Mark degrees per year. No separate governing body and no other regalia therefore preventing unnecessary cost. I’d like to see HRA done in craft lodges in England as a “special meeting” when there’s a candidate. I don’t see the need for separate governing bodies. I’d keep all the other side orders separate.
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    It's also worth mentioning that 32° is -in all fairness- pretty meaningless in the US as just about every member of the Scottish Rite in the US is a member of that degree. As I understand the US system, if he'd been a 33° SR member, his standing in the order would be significantly higher (for similar reasons as below ...). If he'd been a member of the equivalent system in England & Wales, it would mean a lot more as the members who have been awarded that are a fraction of the overall membership, and both the 31° and 32° are rewards for distinguished service to the order (and sometimes for services to the wider community and/or freemasonry in general). Under our system, the majority of the membership are either 18° or 30°; the latter just means that the holder has been in charge of his lodge (not precisely what it's called, but it serves for you to -hopefully- understand the analogy). The US 32° pretty much equates to the combination of our 18° and 30° with few of our 31° and 32° thrown in. You should also be aware that being a member of the Scottish Rite (or our equivalent) is not the 'be all and end all' that you may have been let to believe -or that the media would have you believe; it's just an additional 'organisation' that freemasons can join should they be so inclined - and of which being a freemason is a prerequsite for membership. All the members of the SR are, first and foremost, freemasons, as are members of the York Rite; another 'organisation' who's members are primarily freemasons. That also used to be the case for the Shriners, but I believe that requirement has been relaxed. The main thing to understand is that it's that he was a freemason that's important, not that he had also chosen to join the Scottish Rite (and maybe the York Rite). Yes he'd have been proud of that ring, but if he were still alive and were you to ask him, he'd tell you that the most important outward sign of his membership of freemasonry in general is/was -as Mike as intimated, his white apron.
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    IT was great fun making this video, thanks for sharing Mike.
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    It seems that some members of the Catholic Church have actually opened their eyes to the reality of Freemasonry and the fact that the vast majority of it around the world holds absolutely no enmity toward the Church: Snippet: VIENNA (ChurchMilitant.com) - Eight popes over 200 years in a barrage of 20 legal interdicts have condemned Freemasonry, pronouncing automatic excommunication against any Catholic who becomes a member of a masonic lodge. Now, a new book by an official of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is claiming that a practicing Catholic can simultaneously be a Freemason and that the penalty of excommunication may "certainly not" be applied to "Catholic Freemasons Full story here: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/catholics-can-be-freemasons-claims-pontifical-council-cleric And here: https://novenanews.com/freemasons-catholics-not-excommunicated-vatican/
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    I think MrSifter has got it about right. I’d like to see the Mark in its proper place, between Passing and Raising, followed by HRA, all in the the Craft lodge. I’m rather pleased that the other orders are not in the vice-like and stifling grip of UGLE.
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    I defo wouldn't want to try and "bring them in" as I don't see it as really practical and I also feel that doing so would add credence to their "legendary histories". I would, however, like to see a proper education given to Freemasons about their actual origins so that they can make their own informed decision about whether they want to get involved with them.
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    In 2019 Freemasons’ Hall London will once again be joining a host of important and historic buildings in London that are opening their doors to the public as part of the annual Open House weekend. This year FMH will be open on both days - Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September. As well as the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the building and see the parts that others do not see there will also be the following activities: · Lodge Room tours · Children’s Trail · Lego Make and Take · Freemasons in regalia in the Grand Temple · Tea and Coffee for guests · An MCF stand with large teddy for raffle prize More information on the buildings taking part will be available from the Open House website (https://openhouselondon.org.uk/ ) from 20 August 2019.
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    Why am I NOT surprised? As you say, there are soooooo many Mainwarings in Masonry..... but I think I'm probably a bit of a Jones, myself:DT.
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    There are two Mainwarings in my Lodge. However, that is their surname not their attitude.
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    The joys of Apple computers deciding they know what you meant to type and changing what you actually typed. 😡
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    It's no different from doing so in a law court. The following two of our rules set out this aspect: 3. The first condition of admission into, and membership of, the Order is a belief in the Supreme Being. This is essential and admits of no compromise. 4. The Bible, referred to by Freemasons as the Volume of the Sacred Law, is always open in the Lodges. Every Candidate is required to take his Obligation on that book or on the Volume which is held by his particular creed to impart sanctity to an oath or promise taken upon it. If you have a problem with either of these, then it would be a good idea to discuss the subject with whoever you are in contact with concerning your wish to join. That person will almost certainly need to take further expert advice, as this is a seriously fundamental requirement.
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    To be eligible to become a Freemason you must accept belief in a Supreme Being and be prepared to take "obligations" on the holy book which governs your faith (not necessarily the Bible). If you're not comfortable with that, Freemasonry isn't for you. To put it another way - it depends on why you're not comfortable with the Bible. If it's because you have another religion, you can probably join. If you're an atheist, you can't (and it wouldn't suit you).
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    Yes, that's my point. I think it was designed so that there was a clear progression through the three Craft degrees and then into the HRA. The prerequisite to go through the Chair was dropped a very long time ago, but I feel after a few years a Brother should be encouraged to join Chapter. However, this doesn't seem to happen and this is a shame as most brethren miss the rich symbolism of the degree. The purpose of the three allegorical craft degrees is to understand these symbols, but by the time most join Chapter they miss the rich symbolism. It's actually quite bizarre as we have all taken that great leap to join Freemasonry, we are happy to enter into something unknown, to give up our time, to meet new people and to part with our hard earned cash.... but after joining most then stop and don't go onto join anything else. Now, I'm not advocating joining multiple Orders as this isn't for everyone and most of us don't have the time (early mid-week meetings is another big issue!) or the finances to join appendant bodies. But when we join we are informed the standard journey is EA, FC, MM and again for most of us WM. I believe we should also include the HRA in this journey. Perhaps it's because in general the meetings are usually on a different date to the Craft meetings that they feel separate? I don't think it is pushing people, we wouldn't say that about the other degrees..... Perhaps if our Craft dues included the HRA then Brothers would be more inclined to join? Food for thought.
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    We did look into using PayPal attached to the Lodge, but they insist on charging for payments, thereby increasing the financial burden on Brethren. We're now looking at a simple card machine.
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    As mentioned above, good communication from Relief Chest Reps (Lodge and/or Provincial) would ensure that all members are already aware of the fact that they can donate direct to a (the Lodge's, the Province's or any other) Relief Chest here: https://mcf.org.uk/donate/ More info on all Relief Chests here: https://mcf.org.uk/reliefchest/
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    Yes but how about Cpl Jones ? 😁
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    It does bring a smile:
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    Greetings Brethren All Our Lodge in Leeds, in the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding, England have just undertaken a very enjoyable trip to a lodge on Dublin in Ireland. The trip was a wonderful experience and highlighted the social side of Freemasonry. Although the ceremony was cut short due to the on-going Covid 19 crisis, we still saw a different ceremony from under a different constitution. The masonic part of the trip can be read about here and the social side can be read about here. I hope you enjoy the read.
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    I've corrected your title as the Grand Master of the UGLE has no say over the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland.
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    What's a Junior Master, a Junior ceremony, and a Junior team? I've never heard of any of those.
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    A sincere and fraternal hello from Gods Own County and the fair city of Leeds. We are The Lodge of Dawn 6511 in Leeds. Should anyone in Leeds or the local area be interested in joining Freemasonry, please take a look at our (new, work in progress) website at www.thelodgeofdawn.co.uk. There's lots of information about not only how to join but why you might want to join. We meet at the wonderful Grade II listed, Castle Grove Masonic Hall in leafy Headingley. And indeed should any of the brethren on here be in Leeds on the 4th Tuesday of the month, I would be delighted to welcome you as my guest. Just hop on our website and click on the 'Contact Us' form - it comes to me 🙂 Phil, The Lodge of Dawn 6511
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    On the Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 web site there is a list of speaking events at which the Lodge members are involved. Given for each are the date, speaker, the subject or event, where it is taking place and sometimes contact details for bookings. This is the link: https://www.quatuorcoronati.com/when-and-where-to-hear-our-members/ For those who may not be aware, Quatuor Coronati is the world's premier lodge of masonic research and it's members are are all ardent researchers frequently speaking, leading discussions and writing books and in masonic magazines. A few of the events shown are abroad but most are in this country.
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    Philip Lovelock is the Provincial Secretary for Essex. Drop him an email (on the page Cornish E mentiioned) saying you are interested in joining. If you're in the Saffron Walden area, I can put you in touch with the Walden Lodge secretary directly (Walden is my lodge's parent so I know many of the members, including the secretary as he's also a member of my lodge) Tell him a bit about yourself and say WHY you want to join - that's extremely important. Tell him what you hope to get out of being a member, and what you can offer in return - you know the kind of thing .. a commitment to attend meetings and to learn what being a Freemason means, to help with lodge social events when asked .. even Provincial level events if asked. You'll also need to say where in the county you live as it will dictate which lodges/centre he will pass your details on to. They'll also wnat to be sure that you are financailly secure as it has been known for men to attempt to join thinking that masonry can help them get a job or a 'leg-up' at work (it won't), so make sure you say who you work for and where. Also tell him what your interests are as those will pay a part in where you'll feel most at home.
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    Is that why it was the last edition? 😄
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    Rose Croix only has the one ceremony until you attain higher degrees, but doesn't feel stifled or restricted by it. I'm not in the Mark degree, but associate with plenty that are and have never heard any critical comment about it. Conversely and behind closed doors, HRA is often referred to as the marmite degree; some like it, some don't and quite a few drop out. It's also interesting that some Districts use membership of the HRA as a requirement to gain Active Honours. Maybe this is why some don't enjoy it, as it must seem like being press ganged into something.
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    My mother Lodge has its very own ritual, and we do several things in our own unique way. Looking at the faces of visitors most seem to find that highly entertaining and when we visit other Lodges even more curious looks when Brethren from our Lodge do their thing 😉
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    Here’s a cracking watch from 1957:
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    Sorry but this is a forum for the discussion of Freemasonry and related topics not job hunts. If you do have questions about Freemasonry please do join in otherwise you're probably looking for a different kind of site.
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    Point them at their own advertising on their website regarding club & community accounts ...
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    Since when does one of the signatories have to be the Secretary?? - Last time I had to go through this, it just needed a copy of the minutes of the (installation) meeting detailing the change in Treasurer .. your predecessor being listed in the officers in attendance, and your name as the new Treasurer, with the minutes having been duly signed and approved. I appreciate it's now a bit more involved with the advent of GDPR and money laundering laws, but I'm still not aware of any requirement of the Secretary being a required signatory!
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    Bank staff can go to prison if they don't follow AML [money laundering] processes - hardly surprising they're 'obsessed' about getting it right
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    I have to say that I prefer our English pick-and-mix arrangement, with pre-qualifications, to a regimented order. We can select to our individual tastes and needs, as they develop over the years. Of course, it's the way I'm used to, so won't suit everyone.
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    I personally do not currently wear any jewellery but only as i've not found anything i've liked. I do however see many people with rings cufflinks etc. One item i have seen used and i really really want but haven't yet found is worn by a lodge brother and is a silver (with s&C logo) napkin hook. 1 end hooks into the tie knot the other is a small clamp that holds the napkin. at the FB we were all joking about it and subsequently all threw food down our ties and the item was immediately added to the wish list.
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    Well, therein lies the enigma which I couldn't possibly discuss in an open forum!
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    Welcome to the forum. Bearing in mind your other post, it would be a good idea to introduce yourself here; your general background and your freemasonry to date.
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    That may be your opinion (about Grand Lodge) and you're entitled to it but I can tell you based on my own interactions with friends and acquaintances who are staff and officers of UGLE that when we talk about such things, and we do a lot, not one of them has ever said we need more Masons regardless of quality. Even the statement that started this topic which is an official pronouncement of Grand Lodge does not support your contention. It may be that because you're pretty new to Freemasonry that you don't realise that English Freemasonry was very much in the "public eye" from its very beginnings and even more so following the foundation of the Grand Lodge in 1717 and that it ONLY fell from public view during the second world war. Prior to that people didn't believe mad conspiracy stories about what was a very open and public organisation and had been for over 200 years and this is what UGLE is trying to combat. Any complaints that you have about how a Province deals with its recruitment have to be laid at the door of that Province because each of them is free to find its own way of doing things and they invariably do. I often poke fun at Provinces when giving presentations by pointing out that "the 47 Provinces plus London are very adept at finding 30 plus different ways of doing the same job or implementing the same initiative". Grand Lodge's direction ends with the Provincial Grand Master as he is the Grand Lodge Officer who takes it into his own Province where everyone does what he says. The same is true of private Lodges, they decide who they wish to accept into membership no one else does it for them and definitely not UGLE. I would also point out that Grand Lodge has made great progress since it first gave (back in the late 1980s) the instruction to drop the unnecessary and excessive secrecy employed by some of our brethren since the 1940s. You won't realise but we used to see evidence of the damage that had been done to the Craft on the first iteration of this very Forum, back in 2000, fighting (and it was fighting which is why the Forum Rules were devised) with those who had no idea what Freemasonry was but believing the most ridiculous trash being spouted on telly, newspapers and the newly burgeoning Internet about us.
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    I’m curious to know how UGLE define “unsuitable people”. I also find the gender neutral phrasing strange. Regardless, overt atheists, those with criminal records etc. are obviously “unsuitable” men but how far do you extend the term? My London lodge always manages to get candidates and all are what, prima facie, would be deemed good candidates. We’ve had barristers, taxi drivers, doctors, lorry drivers, former headmasters, IT consultants, magicians, pilots and all manner of professional men join in the last decade. Sadly our success and retention rate isn’t good and greater than 50% were ultimately “unsuitable”. One chap turned up roaring drunk for his initiation (I don’t think we should have done the ceremony) and failed to turn up for his passing, we never heard from him again and he ended up being excluded. Another joined (a salesman) and said all the right things at the enquiry. “Father in law was a Freemason, wife hugely supportive, plenty of free time, want to better myself as a person, love meeting new people”, and the list went on. It became clear he was only there to network for business opportunities. After two years and realising there was no financial gain, we never saw him again. The former headmaster told us at his enquiry he’d always wanted to join, loved the idea of LoI, learning ritual and also being a concert pianist was a “perfectionist”. He received an outstanding initiation in the December, attended the installation in March, then we never heard from him again. He completely ignored all attempts at contact then wrote to us about one year later saying he’d “lost his faith in God” and resigned. All of the above were known men to their proposer and seconder. Our current Master has been absolutely fantastic and was a UGLE referral, unknown to everyone. On the flip side we had another referral circa 2009 and we never saw him again after his raising. After nearly twenty years in the Craft I can’t say (in general terms) with any confidence who I know is suitable and who isn’t. I doubt UGLE could provide any further direction on that either, making their statement above both vacuous and otiose.
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    Then you are exposing yourself to the risk of getting engaged in thoughts opposite to yours. Did the people of Germany in 1939 think the vision for their country was wrong at the time? No they didn't. What some people see as morally right now, may not be morally right in years to come. Freemasonry is an old established fraternity with a majority older membership. People who believe if it ain't broke, it doesn't need fixing. We know what the moral standards are for acceptance into the Craft and we abide by them. We knew the criteria for joining when we joined. Changing it to suit modern day ideology will not sit well with many of us. Avoiding discussing the issue until it lands on your table, is one way off preserving harmony.
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    Standards of behavior are not in themselves morals, although our morality may be reflected in and by such standards. I agree that vandalism is vandalism, but does an increase in vandalism move the boundary of morality? I don't believe it does. If a refusal to obey standards does lead to a decline in morality, where does that leave someone like Bootlbuck1, who, when asked to adhere to a certain standard of dress (no jeans), refuses to do so? I have no doubt that Bb1 is a man of exceptional morality. He choose, on this point, to flout the rules, but it did not affect his or our morality. Remember, someone who joins masonry with a less than good standard of morals is soon found out, and often the result is that he leaves or his morality improves. I know that does not apply to everyone, but I believe masonry has a way to deal with those who do not conform. I notice this is my third post on the subject and, since it appears to be generating more heat than light, it is my last. Just as a parting shot, my ritual in a certain place describes Brethren as being of "...good morals, great skill, true and trusty...". Note "good" morals. Not "perfect" or "excellent" or "exceptional", just "good". If we required perfect morals we would, firstly, have precious few members, and, secondly, they would not be able to make any improvement.
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    For the sake of harmony, it is prudent to avoid religion and politics on social occasions. I struggle to understand how freemasons can avoid discussion about moral behaviour given the nature of the organisation. How to square diametrically opposed views of moral right is a challenge for a morally based organisation.
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    I too would like to welcome you to the forum.
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    Trouillogan (01/11/2016)There is actually no point in arguing with those kinds of masonophobic conspiracy theorists; they don't want to hear that their dyed-in-the-wool ideas won't stand up to authentic examination. Generally they only want to confirm their ideas with others of like mentality. Let them chatter among themselves and just walk away.I agree but there is a problem that their numbers are growing. Also, I'm sure some of the claims they make on those forums would open the forums up to prosecution as they accuse our organisation of many awful things.
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    I would like to welcome you to the forum.Hope you enjoy your membership to the forum.
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    ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND they are making another Dad's Army movie.. with Bill Nighy as Sgt. Wilson... INSPIRED casting!T.
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