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    I have been invited to join another lodge in a different county. How many times can I visit in order to make up my mind if this is the right lodge for me. Have only visited this lodge once before.
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    If you are still an attached mason (paying member of another lodge) you can visit as many times as you like. If you are an unattached mason (not a member of any lodge) the old rule was once only but that rule has been rescinded. You can visit several times to any Lodge
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    I've been away from the forum for some considerable time, but had to comment on this .. We had a member who, in his younger days had love / hate tatooed on his knuckles. He had grown to regret having them. He was the nicest individual you could wish to meet; we accepted him with open arms on the strength of his proposer (who happened to be my IPM). He fell on hard times - but his masonic membership was the one thing he kept going. He died during the pandemic, and specifically asked his daughter to let me know. She told me that whenever he was feeling down, the thing that kept him from going under was the knowledge that - whatever the rest of the world might think of him, he knew his brothers had his back and saw the man, and not the outward appearance.
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