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  1. A paper came around regarding giving toasts along with fire when nonmasons are present. My lodge does allow ladies to join us at our festive board. The paper stated that it was up to each lodge to decide how they want to deal with this. when you consider that we have ladies serving us at the festive board, they get to hear and see all, so why not our wives, partners etc. My lodge has rejected the idea.
  2. I attended a meeting the other night put on by the provincial team describing a plan on how to attract new members, and to retain them. It seems that in my province, we are losing just on 100 members a year. Mostly for genuine reason very few for disenchantment. What was in the plan, is not new as many ideas were being implemented by many lodges, it was only the few lodges that stated they have not had not a new member for years. Is this Pathway Nation wide have other heard of it?
  3. While on holiday this year, I met a gentleman who recognised my signage ring. Over lunch and in the bar of the hotel for two weeks he asked about Freemasonry and from the tone of his questions, he had done some research. He was keen to join but did not know how to and I said I would help him. As he lived in the Northampton area I managed to get a member of the Provincial team to contact him. Which they did and as it turned out the lodge he is joining the treasuer went to school with him. He is being initiated in November and I will be attending, and I am doing the charge after initiation by kind permission of the lodge. All this through wearing a signage ring.
  4. I practice in the car, but the best place is in bed, as it helps me to sleep!
  5. Medic


    I welcome the new forum, and I have turned over a new leaf.
  6. At a meeting the other night, I heard two brethren saying that some high ranking person has had to resign from the fraternity has he had been caught up in a police sting involving child abuse. These two brethren were visitors so I did not intervene.Has anybody heard something similar, or any truth to the story? I hope not!
  7. Hi Ian welcome to the forum, I did the Traditional history only last Thursday, only you could have seen mine!
  8. Welcome Eddie from Somerset. I was training to be a butcher at the CO.OP Barking in Essex when I left school, got the sack around the this time of the year. After Christmas join the Medics in the army never looked back (1962)
  9. Welcome back, with you gone I thought it was me, some thing I had said!
  10. Many congratulation, enjoy your year, and watch the waist line!.
  11. Welcome, to the forum and the answer to why you have not joined is?
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