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  1. I have approx 500 rows of csv data to import into a db which mainly consists of tables e.g. a table for the various units, a table for offices, a table for rank etc. I attempt to import the csv data using the Access external data import wizard and get a total failure to import. I can PM you and then send a sample of the csv and the db files. Regards, Eng.
  2. Thanks. To save boring you with a lot of detail at this point how are you with MS Access please ? I know a lot of "pros" consider it the work of the Devil and avoid it like plague. Regards, Eng.
  3. Both. The current spreadsheet and proposed db are a record of activities. Still confused as to how the font changed colour. Anyhow, no offers of help, public or otherwise, so I will need to plough through it and see if I can identify the problem with importing the csv version of the spreadsheet into the db or just manually enter the back records. Hey ho. Eng.
  4. Confusing me as well, as I do not recall changing the font ! Eng.
  5. As I said this is a record of MY activities but thank you for your concern.
  6. Good evening, Is there anyone here who is very familiar with MS Access please ? I keep a record of my masonic activities in a spreadsheet which currently runs to about 5-600 rows. I want to replace this with a database which has a common data entry form and then have the ability to run reports; either pre defined or ad-hoc. I seem to have created a db with various tables for lodges, ranks etc but I am having the Devil's own job of exporting data from the spreadsheet into the db. It would be useful to be able to talk this through with someone knowledgeable. All, of the data is text, no graphics nor video. To be clear, this isn't a commercial project, it is for my own use. Thanks in advance, Eng.
  7. I have got the same problem using the following; Firefox, 66.0.5 Chrome, 74.0.3729.131 Pale Moon, 28.5.0 All on an i5, Win 10, 64 bit box. Seeing the same using FF, Chrome and Pale Moon on an AMD, Win 7, 32 bit box.
  8. Hello Stephen, Welcome to the forum. Dealing with your specific query first and bearing in mind you do not mention where you live so if it is other than England this might not apply. No one will be contacting your neighbours or employer. The "masonic investigation committee" is normally the Master, Wardens, Secretary and A N Others. They vary from lodge to lodge. I am a member of two lodges; one in each of two separate counties, or as we call them; Provinces. In both Provinces the practices are similar; A prospective candidate is invited, with his Proposer and Seconder, to meet members of the lodge, so that each side can assess the other. Normally the Master or Secretary will ask about a dozen questions in order to gauge your reasons for wanting to join. You would also have the opportunity to ask questions. The interview can last from between 15mins to an hour plus, depending upon the to-ing and fro-ing of questions. If you have a wife / partner you will be asked if you have discussed your intent / application with them. Why ? Because we do not want to drive a wedge between couples. There is no single, England wide, process for these interviews so it would help if you would like a more detailed response if you could tell us where you are and if it is England which county the lodge is in which you are looking to join. Hopefully one of us will have some experience or know someone in that county / Province. All the best, Eng.
  9. Hmm. We are obviously not the target audience but I was expecting some sort of reaction in the office but nothing. Not sure that is good really as it implies no one saw it or at least didn't consider it worthy of comment let alone the opportunity of a wind-up, not normally to be missed :D I thought at first that it was up against Broadchurch but I see that started after Sky's prog had finished. Hopefully the subsequent programs will be more thought provoking. Eng.
  10. Mike Martin (15/10/2016)There was a camera crew mooching around in Freemasons' Hall earlier this year which, of course, is not unusual bearing in mind how many films and events happen using FMH as the location. However, this time the cameras were pointed at us and the Staff. Full story here: http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/international/mipcom-2016/hot-picks-inside-the-freemasons/5110366.articleWell, either last night's prog was so shocking as to render you all struck dumb or so tedious as not to be worth commenting upon. Anyone care to put the non subscribers among us out of our misery :D:D:DEng.
  11. PM George (22/03/2017)The suggestion of a local technical college isn't a bad idea.We don't have a local technical college, but what we do have is a shipyard, and one of our members works there.The perfect opportunity for him to demonstrate his metal-working skills.Thanks chaps.What about actual S&Cs fixed to the lectern ?Eng.
  12. Hello David,I asked a similar question and was told that the series would be available on DVD. However that would normally be after the last prog in the series has been broadcast.Another option would be to "presuade" a Bro. who has a Sky sub to host a viewing. Of course persauding his "other half" to go along with the idea might make the DVD option more attractive ;-)Eng.
  13. Trouillogan (23/09/2016)Engineer (22/09/2016)A lodge in Surrey uses an Ipad with a Bluetooth connection to a standalone sound bar placed upon the Secretary / Treasurer's desk. The Ipad controls what is played and the level. It is very effective. I can't see any reason why the Ipad could not be replaced with an Ipod or any other Bluetooth equipped mobile phone. The main thing is to get a good quality audio source; CD or commercially produced, rather than a free, download. If a phone is used select one where Bluetooth and the mobile transceiver can be independently inhibited. Airplane mode can be a blunt instrument and inhibit all RF transmissions; WiFi, cell and Bluetooth.Eng.Yes, Engineer, that kind of interface can work for a limited repertoire but I've found it takes too long to find the sound clip you need in a split second. Scrolling through them doesn't cut it for me. I like to have as many clips visible on-screen as possible for instant access. Each to his own. Good quality audio is, as you rightly say, essential.Accompanied singing is another aspect; needing odes an anthems at different speeds because larger groups sing slower than smaller ones.As to volume, the organ's amplifier is usually sufficient for the room in which it is situated, whereas a sound-bar may only have a measly 50 - 100 watts and at full whack the sound can distort. With a fullish Lodge room you need a good bit more because people absorb sound and you have to overcome the idiot with a loud voice who sings slower or faster than the backing you provided!I know what you mean about scrolling but as I recall they / he has a dedicated folder with all the relevant music, plus some contingency tunes, one one screen so it is pretty much a case of double tapping each one as required.
  14. The tracks are played through the normal "Ithing" music app.
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