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  1. Brothers,I grew up wanting to be a Mason due to the fact my Grandfathers,Father,Uncles and numerous Cousins were all Masons. I could feel the bond they shared other than being Family due to their Masonic ties and I knew they were all good men. As I grew older I met more Masons and each time I met one I noticed they conducted themselves as gentlemen and always had time to speak and be friendly.These observations made me want to belong to this wonderful institution we are all members of so now you know why I joined so I ask You "What Induced You To Become A Mason"?
  2. Sorry I missed that one on page 17 or I wouldn't have repeated it:hehe: so try this one on for size: A lady brings a child to the doctor & exclaims no matter what we try he just cannot gain any weight. the doctor asks is the child bottle or breast fed & she tells him breast fed. The Doctor then asks her to expose her breasts. After a very thorough examination of her breasts the Doctor exclaims no wonder the child isn't gaining weight you have no milk in your breasts. The lady then replies I know I don't have any milk in my breasts I am his Grandmother !!
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