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  1. Unfortunately recruitment is exactly what is being promoted with the inherent danger that we end up making members rather than making masons. But we've been doing that for over 20 years already (does that appear cynical?). The 3 Rs were, of course, adopted originally because they alliterate nicely. I've preferred the word attraction for a considerable time and voiced the same on far too many occasions to recount but it's nice to see that the difference has "got through" upstairs. I intensely dislike the idea that retention is purely a matter for any one individual and totally support the notion tha it is a matter for every single one of us. We should all be mentors in the same way that we should all be almoners. You are right "on point" on the retrieval front. We are very bad at identifying the reaons for and dealing with resignations and are not seeing the signs anywhere near early enough (except if they are being seen they are being ignored). Soapbox unecessary - unless you would like to make room on it for me as well.
  2. LinkedIn has recently told me that Peter Clatworthy has been at the GLAE for 15 years now and offered their congratulations. Which got me wondering whatever happened to that little lot since they stopped meeting in a telephone box in Vauxhall and "reponed" the Grand Lodge of All England at York? Strangely (sic) enough it all went very quiet after a while. Seems a long time ago now (well it was). Oh and I found Peter by the way. He's doing cabaret in the Canary Islands - no mention of Masonry on his FB page!
  3. To avoid issues with GDPR opinions should NOT enter into the equation at all. Everything should be fact based. I would go further and suggest the 'honours' system is totally devisive - but that's just my opinion. 😁
  4. The Pro is already on record as saying that there are elements in the series which are going to have crusty old curmudgeons like me rotating prematurely in the ground. I'm reserving judgement until I see it but I don't have Sky and no intention of signing up for it just for this.
  5. When it's got as far as the resignation it's too late. That is not the time to start rushing around asking "what happened?".
  6. Keith (07/09/2016)Some of us who have been around for a fairly long time will recall that some years ago, (was it about 15 or 20?) My dear Keith I do hope it wasn't that long ago. IIRC it was around 2005.a guy called Rui Gabirro left UGLE and tried to start another Masonic body in UK - THe Regular Grand Lodge of England which sort of morphed into The Masonic High Council. It has a very impressive website! About the same time another ex-mason, Peter Clatworthy also left UGLE and announced that he had 'reponed' the Grand Lodge of All England at York.Rui got the 'ump because he wanted to properly introduce the Ancient and Primitive Rite into England but UGLE said no. Both expelled for being involved with an irregular Grand lodge. PC always denied being involved with Rui (Robert Lamar) and his machinations but I was never convinced. His subsequent parallel claims that his GLAE had exclusive jurisdiction over the Craft degrees as they could trace their lineage back to a Charter for "Freemasonrie" issued by King Athelstan didn't have any proveable substance. Both 'bodies' were (and are if they still exist) highly irregular despite what they may say.Rui has vanished from RGLE / MHC although they still seem to exist primarily as MHC in E Europe and S America. GLAE has totally vanished as has Peter. Three guys meeting in a telephone box near Vauxhall Cross or in York respectively were never going to survive as a single GL let alone 2. Felt a bit sorry for PC. He tried to resign but wasn't allowed to, was disciplined and expelled which was a tad harsh IMO. To my mind the Masonic Order of Athelstan was started here as a direct "poke in the eye" for GLAE by nicking his clothes. It has flourished in comparison.I do remember that there were a few of us had a lot of fun arguing with them on this forum, I'm sure Mike Martin will remember this too.Oh boy did we and it continued with Peter over on the DI Forums later on too and Mike will certainly remember that as well. Peter got booted off there eventually. I see the arguments about Masonry still go on over there with the TFH brigade but are much more restrained now.
  7. Trouillogan (19/05/2016)Fine. There are precedents for disregarding rules for regalia. An intriguing one is that, contrary to rule 265, active Grand Lodge officers currently don't have tassels on their aprons - read the rule sections backwards from the end, it's easier to understand! To underline this, you will see quite recent historic photos both with and without. And that's UGLE going against its own rules!Thats true except it's only the one owned by UGLE that dont have these. An active officer wearing his OWN apron not on duty away from Grand Lodge does have them. I once asked a certain D K Williamson (then DepGDC) when he was escorting Lord Northampton to a lodge consecration here why it was that both his apron and the Pro's didn't have them. He didn't have an answer then and I suspect, if I were to ask him again, he couldn't give me one now.
  8. When I was initiated I had a three year wait from interview to Initiation. Lodge practice then was to do a 1st in December, a 2nd in February and a 3rd In April with Installation at the 4th Meeting in October. So it ended up being a year plus one meeting between degrees so overall just under 2 and a half years from Initiation to Raising for me. I was not permanently damaged by the experience.
  9. There is clearly size compensation going on somewhere. The 1992 jewel was biiiiig. This one is biiiiig. The new MCF pin is about twice the size is should (IMO) be. Why so?Not intending to upset London Mason or anyone associated with the new logo (and I'm sure its been done to death already) but some wag created the attached image and sent it to me the other day. I'm not happy with him because now I can't see anything else. Attached files TouldntResist2.jpg (11.4 KB) 
  10. Haven't been on here for ages due to various pressures but can't not say Hi to Barrie and welcome. The Maul passed through my Lodge's hands in April and Barrie is right - it does foster visiting but, of course, some provinces have been doing similar for a long time.
  11. Enjoyed the Convocation. Wish I had understood more what E Comp Railton's Oration was about. They've threatened to post the text on FM Today but not seen it yet. Yasha mugged me as I was on my way out. So £ 20.00 lighter and and a lb or so heavier I left. Something else to read :Whistling:
  12. Sparker (18/09/2013)Lewis (28/08/2013)I do not have a Facebook account, so I can read what it is all about !!Blimey Lewis, I think it's only thee and me who don't do Facebook!Tony.He He. Neither do I but I'm quite enjoying Twitter!
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