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  1. Last one, If nobody has one you can't play it Atholl.......
  2. I bought the basic version for myself as a Christmas present, now looking for an occasion to play it 3GP441 & Sontaran
  3. I'm a bit late with my reply, but I also enjoyed the meeting, particularly being able to say the entrance word for real. I also hope to come next year, meet those who I missed this year and also hopefully drag along some others from Cambridgeshire! I forgot to add, the food was really good, I loved the Soup. Also paid 1.14 per litre and filled my tank with petrol up the road!
  4. Hello Steve, I get from Freemasonry an immense pleasure of brotherhood, friendship and support. Freemasonry has helped me develop as a person to be a lot less worried about standing before large groups of people and talking. It has helped me care more about others, offering my support and wise council. Freemasonry will do for you whatever you wish it to, with the exception that it won't make you financially wealthy, politically influential or immune to prosecution. Lastly, the more you put in, the more you get out.
  5. 'Secretiveness'. On a lighter note, at least they don't have to declare membership of a Golf club. Think of the shame then. Perhaps they should have to declare if they have ever been on holiday to Skegness though.
  6. I have heard a lot of people say they are worried about being able to do the Master's role, partly because of the amount of ritual to memorise. Do we place too much emphasis on the aspect of memorisation of our ritual? For example, why do we ask someone to repeat an obligation, give them that obligation and expect them to remember what they have just promised to keep? Another reason why members drop out is the time they are expected to give to Freemasonry might be more than work and family can allow as they progress. I believe all of this was covered in the past, but it does require revisiting regularly. If we do not, as an Organisation, adapt we will not survive. It is all very well saying we have survived for 300 years already and will survive a lot longer yet, but the World is changing and has changed more in recent times and at a faster rate. Organisation. From the word Organism. A living, changing thing.
  7. Sorry Trou, only just saw this! They do all have these damn ties don't they! Part of my Black tie thing is because of the Provincial craft tie rule, what is the point of only being able to wear your P tie in your own P?
  8. I don't have a tie Trouillogan, I don't really agree with all this tie lark, its black for me, always has been, always will be.
  9. Very proud that my Mother Lodge is one of the surviving Atholl Lodges, Perseverance 213, Norwich.
  10. Update to the above, I went to Kiev last summer (2016) I had the mobile number of Ukraine Grand Secretary who was on Holiday in Odessa. He seems to be a very nice Man, he passed my details to a brother who was in Kiev, we met in a bar, had a few drinks and a chat for a couple of hours. Freemasonry in Ukraine is slowly becoming more relaxed, I still haven't attended a meeting there, perhaps this Autumn / Winter I might if I can spare the time at work!
  11. Like the look Mike, thanks for the email updating me about this.
  12. Various comments relating to differing opinions.(Me being diplomatic.)
  13. That was funny, but if you read all the following posts it gives hope that the internet and youtube are not totally inhabited by nut job conspiracy theorists.
  14. My Lodge has decided to get the Collar Jewel, one of our W.brothers has very generously decided to buy for us.
  15. Trouillogan (11/12/2016)eastbeast (11/12/2016)yorksmason (11/12/2016)I am having a little trouble understanding the point of such a jewel. A Past Masters Jewel shows the Masonic Community that you are a PM and a RA jewel shows that you are a member whilst a charity jewel shows you have supported the relevant charity,all of them marking a personal acheivment whereas this jewel does not show anything about you apart from the fact that you can afford a jewel. Or am i missing something?It will show our brothers in another 100 years that we were there for the last hundred year celebration...........The Lodge records will show that anyway - and the likelihood that all data about everything and everyone will be instantly available to all on demand, or it might just be scratched on the remains of a charred radioactive stone somewhere!It will be easier for them to just look across the Lodge room...................
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