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  1. soltaran (08/03/2016)David; we've got a 2nd next Saturday (19th) over at Newmarket if you're interested .. if you want to come let me know and I'll get you booked in.Extended tracing board (by your's truly) and working toolsRichard.Damn I can't come to that, I'm in MK doing a stupid wedding show. I would have loved to see how the 2nd Deg. WTs should be done!Our next meeting, 4th April will be a 1st. David.
  2. DavidGoode (07/03/2016)Just back from a great evening at The Lodge of the Three Grand Principles, No. 441. Very interesting ritual, which I'll be exploring further with you. Thank you 3GP441 and eastbeast for a cracking night!Well, thank you for coming, David. We are always pleased to have visitors because they always say they have a good time.Hopefully it won't be long before you come again and with more time Jon can explain a bit about our ritual.
  3. It matters not from whence he came, sadly he is going nowhere.
  4. The consistent thing with antis and cts is their inability to see anything other than their entrenched point of view.
  5. 3GP441 (03/02/2016)Hello David,Greetings from your Lodges Mother, The Lodge of Three Grand Principles No.441.We are doing a 1st Degree next month at Bateman Street, let me know if you fancy coming along.Actually March is L.R.'s 2nd degree, I think April is going to be a 1st degree.Incidentally, if you hadn't heard Jon, the Guy is a fellow bearded mustache twirler!We might end up founding 'The Lodge of incredible Beards'.
  6. Greetings from me too David, S.W. in your Lodge's Mother, I also look forward to seeing you visit us.
  7. soltaran (03/02/2016)Well, well, well. Hallo David! You'll find there's one other (that I know of) from Cambridgeshire on here. Including you, that makes 3 of us. I'm currently the Provincial Assistant Secretary.RichardWho did you forget Richard?
  8. Trouillogan (12/12/2015)[/b]During your initiation in Ireland, I'm sure you'll see the point of Freemasonry; unfortunately the English don't really get it. If they came and saw our Demo of the Irish 1st they might?
  9. The stupidity and lack of ability to and capacity for logical thought astounds me whenever these types and their followers surface.
  10. I was thinking of visiting a Lodge there during my recent visit, but couldn't really find much info, as Mike said and from what i gathered from the website I found, they are VERY cautious.I wasn't too bothered as I was only there for just over a week and part of that time was on family business.I was in Kiev and Pryluky.Plans are afoot to return in late Spring at the moment, I might see if I can visit then!
  11. Probably the origin of the well used phrase 'straw man argument' used on a certain webshite.
  12. Love all of the above, one I have thought of trying is 'the deaf man' where you keep asking them to speak a little louder, hoping they will eventually start shouting.Most of the time its'Hello''Hello can I speak to mr. xxxx?''No.'
  13. Mike Martin (06/01/2015)eastbeast (06/01/2015)As regards the 'f' this is something seen on a lot of old documents to indicate 's'. I didn't know it was a 'long' 's' though, and I'm still not convinced it is, as I have yet to see an 's' in old texts.You're kidding again?First page of the attachment shows you a lovely mix of long and short sSo it does!
  14. Sparker (06/01/2015)I would suggest it is "Name or Mark" which covers the literate OR illiterate.But one thing bothers me is the print. It seems that whenever the Typesetter has been required to print an "S" he has printed a (misprinted) "f" as in "east" it looks like "eaft". You'd have thought they would get these things sorted prior to releasing the document.T.Of course it is 'Name or Mark' I also forgot the level of illiteracy back then.As regards the 'f' this is something seen on a lot of old documents to indicate 's'.I didn't know it was a 'long' 's' though, and I'm still not convinced it is, as I have yet to see an 's' in old texts.Someone will now prove me wrong!
  15. Seasonal festive or non festive celebratory or non celebratory greetings to all.This greeting does not imply any need on the behalf of the receiver to undertake any action whatsoever, nor does it infer that the sender or his agents, representatives, relatives, friends, persons known or unknown to him wishes that the receiver actually experiences any sensations or other unwelcome changes either to his life in general or his current circumstances.
  16. wolfy (25/10/2014)They are not idiots. Some are actually very intelligent.You are ridiculing fools, and that is voluntary so I think that is ok!Yes fools would be more correct, thanks J.Not so sure about the very intelligent though.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!That thing I saw is no longer there!Further proof of a conspiracy!!!!!!!!1They must have digitally removed it.Not only that but what are they hiding under the trees????????Cue cut 'n pasted irrelevant passages of anything even remotely related to digital, digits, remove, removal, moving, house, hide, hiding, hunting, shooting, fishing, trees, Christmas........Bored now.
  17. http://www.davidickethen add.com/forum/showthread.php?and finallyp=1062285799#post1062285799Before Mike reminds me not to post links.......again....Does it make me a bad Freemason if I ridicule idiots?
  18. Mike Martin (07/09/2014)A non-Mason, with reported mental health issues, accusing someone he has a known grudge against of being a Mason with no actual evidence either way.Surely not Mike????????They do meticulous research, and what we know as 'Mental Health issues' are really 'Awakening'.....................
  19. Mike Martin (14/09/2014)Snippet: with white aprons, gauntlets, special handshakes, rolled-up trouser legs playing their part Such as these.Hardly surprising a certain sector get incorrect impressions when hacks are so lazy.
  20. I have my own thoughts which as a member of the Province I shall keep to myself.
  21. Dave, you need to find a decent Joiner or Cabinet maker, not a Carpenter or Woodworker.Although they might be able to do the job, its not what they were trained to do, similarly you wouldn't ask a Cabinet maker to shutter up a new Bridge.Before you ask I don't do private jobs anymore apart from the odd bit of Lodge furniture or equipment that needs a repair or adaptation, your cost is going to depend on what you want it made out of, how many shelves, handles, and all sorts of other considerations.
  22. Sparker (14/09/2014)Peter Duck? In an 8?... an EIGHT?Stout fellow! (or an authentic loon!:D)T.Why not?????It was a heavy wood built beauty, well laid out, built and kept Lloyds A1 so despite her age was a very capable boat and in that instance was in her element which is why it was enjoyable.Another time I had to helm standing on the side of the cockpit in a Moody 35 but thats another story.Nice to see some fellow boaters on here!
  23. wolfy (13/09/2014)Well, just a quick update :)What gear did it come with?GPS, echosounder, wind speed/direction indicator, log/speed indicator, VHF (though I need to look at this as it was quite pore for range), compass, clock, barometer, navigation lights, flares, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, fire blanket, bilge pump, anchor, as well as 2 sets of sails.Pretty much standard gear, so thats good, I had to stop myself from making suggestions as to gear you could get because as a Seaman yourself you should know, but if you would like any advice or suggestions just ask.wolfy (13/09/2014)We sailed her to Dover today, but anything that COULD go wrong did!First up, there was water in the diesel tank, so the engine cut out just before we left the buoyed channel from the river (queue the engineer flushing through the tank/fuel system and fuel pump/filter while at sea!). THEN the sea state picked up to approx 3m, the wind was steady at about 18 knots, we sailed her for the 3 hours to the next port but then started the engine to get us in between the ferries. THEN the sea suction filter got blocked and the engine started to over heat, THEN the exhaust pipe blew off so that the cooling water/exhaust gasses were pumped directly into the engine compartment/bilge causing the cabins to get smoked out, and on top of all of this, my poor wife got seasick with the sea that was running.You have to expect these sort of things to happen in smaller boats especially if they haven't been used for a while as does yours appear.I did a delivery from Southampton to Great Yarmouth some years ago, got to a few miles from Dover at about midnight and smoke started to come out of the companionway and engine room vents. Long one short, we were escorted in by the Lifeboat, when we tied up we discovered that the 'smoke' was actually gas and steam, somehow seawater had got to the battery compartment and caused a few problems.wolfy (13/09/2014)Still, the plucky boat made it even with all this against her, and the wife is feeling much better now and loves it! Just does not want to go to sea with such a swell running again! :)When I was still fairly inexperienced an old salt once told me 'you'll give up before the boat will' I've always found this to be true with your average cruiser, push them too far and they just round into wind and stall.Some of the most fun I have had was sailing a Peter Duck off Lowestoft in an 8, mountainous seas, but what fun!It really is a unique thing to be able to put to sea and relax on a boat even if you are working hard trimming, tacking, navigating etc.Hope you have many years of pleasure with the boat.
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