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  1. Looks quite tidy James, I can't quite see what make it is, I prefer a long keel myself, but that looks like a medium so you have the best of both worlds there, depends on how you like to sail though.What gear has it come with?Happy sailing, and don't forget, even over the New Year holiday a little jaunt over to Belgium is always nice.
  2. I think there is also a smaller one in the sitty down bit on the top row, at about 2.25 or so.
  3. I'm still struggling with the images of 'pulling on a painter'.................
  4. Hope someone can help with this.A young friend here studying English, living in West Brom, would like to play Darts. Is there anyone who might be able to help?S&FPaul.
  5. Quite right Mike, its best to avoid any definitive discussion about things.Brian, you might look in a local English language paper while you are there, they are usually free in English shops and bars, for example I saw that Freemasonry was alive and well in my area even if the Brethren didn't seem to be.....That way when you are ready to visit you can give as much info as possible to your Provincial office when you make an official request to visit like I did.Trouillogan, I think if you put all your gear in the hold you are OK, that's what I did anyway.
  6. Hi Brian,I went on one of my usual holidays to Spain and was lucky enough to be able to visit an English speaking Lodge, most Brothers are English ex-pats in this particular one, and had a marvelous time (obviously).So were you to 'bump' into another Brother whilst there I suppose the same thing would occur as does here in the UK.I just wonder why you think you might exchange signs and tokens outside of the tyled Lodge, and what sort of Masonic discussions?Why not arrange a meeting whist there?I took my Apron and all that without any problem so I'm sure anyone else could!It is great to see someone from another Country visiting your Lodge, even if it is an ex-pat one, it shows they have made an effort and that you as a Lodge are worth that effort.Finally, whereabouts in Spain are you going, just out of interest?
  7. I received one too, had a quick look and decided to look again some time in the future when they have it up and running whenever that might be.
  8. Hey Mark,Nice to see you back, hope you are well.
  9. Frank (07/09/2013)The latest edition (Autumn) is in my Outlook inbox. However, I cannot access the pages between 48 and 58.I've even gone to the last page and read backwards (not literally!), but it stops me on page 58. If someone has a hard copy can you reveal the secrets on these pages. Failing that, any idea how to get past page 48? Sorry Frank, but you can't have those pages of that particular issue unless you are high up enough.To become high up enough you have to send 5,000 mason dollars to www.iwannabea33rddegreemasonandjoinintheglobalconsipracy.comYou can't pay via paypal, credit or debit card or cheque or in person. (Other payment methods are available, and by naming them the author makes no claims about their status)You have to use the secret teleporting powers and mind control to transfer the secret money to the secret account.Well, must go, got to change my tin foil hat, the voices in my head........I mean my spirit guide has just told me I need a style change to meet some aliens this afternoon.
  10. Its surprising how many of us either post there or just visit.I have become so frustrated by the particular or should that be peculiar character that I have decided to pointedly ignore him.I shall be so glad when School term starts again.............
  11. Shame all the Provinces couldn't be there, banners held high and proud.
  12. Such a shame to hear about this, I heard last week sometime on a newspaper website I think it was.At least it was reported correctly it now appears.So glad things are going to work out, the only way a building such as this can survive is by ownership by Freemasonry. $152,000 is nothing, I am sure that sum could have been raised easily if it had to have been.
  13. Yes its on Cuidad Quesada, Torrevieja next door to the Country Club Richard.As I am here alone I had permission to go, but even if I was with the most important, she would have allowed to visit, she knows how much good it does me! The scene here is very active, with a good number of joining and initiates, the additional orders are well supported too.I had hoped to get to an OSM meeting to save lugging regalia, but the only thing on was Craft so that was every bit as good.Its just a shame there isn't another meeting I can get to over the course of the rest of my 2 weeks here, but there is always the Summer, Autumn and Christmas to look forward to and arrange!
  14. Yesterday afternoon I spent a very enjoyable time at a past masters' 3rd degree demonstration at the above.For some reason it was the first time I had visited in all the years I have been to Spain, even though the Lodge meets only 10 minutes drive away.A very kind and welcoming group of Brothers!Now of course I will have to time future visits so I can get a meeting in!
  15. Just wondering how it is all going Josh, I have a bit of an interest in your progress in a way, My youngest Brother has a BA in Architecture form Manchester, but so far has not been able to get work to be able to continue. He has decided to do a one year Surveyors course at South Bank, to continue in a similar role, then when things pick up hopefully return to Architecture.Have you a placement for when you graduate?Let me add to the requests for a read of your thesis when you have finished it and had a chance to recover!
  16. Very good Mike, that is just about exactly as I assess them all, with the addition of some input from the Catholic Church perhaps at one time, although that is purely a thought, I don't know if its true or not.For anyone that has not been over to the loony bin, I would suggest that if you aren't in a good frame of mind, delay your visit until you are, those people will send you over the edge!
  17. That was a fascinating piece Mike, and to know the truth, and I say truth because one only has to have a rudimentary knowledge of oppressive regimes to know a bit about what happened in those dark days is very useful.Next time some deluded nutjob on DI forum posts about Hitler being a Freemason can you post that passage?Of course sadly they won't see it as the truth.
  18. [b]Mike Martin Have a look here (this is only the ones that are now Livery Companies):[/quote] So not many left then..................... Which one to join?????????
  19. My first brush with Freemasons was during my apprenticeship in the late 19870's. My Manager was a Mason and he intruduced my Foreman, and of course the rumour mill went into overdrive. Not with the usual current crap, those days it was all social / business ladder climbing, fairly tame! Then in the late 1980's I worked for a chap who having only known fairly briefly asked me if I was interested, must have spotted something eh? Anyway I wasn't interested then and forgot all about Freemasonry again. Then about 5 years ago I was helping a friend with a job and to cut a long story short, found I got on with the bloke who was in charge. He was a Freemason and eventually after badgering for a couple of years he got me in. So far as I know I am the first Freemason in my family, my paternal Grandfather wanted my Father to join 'to get on in Business' he never did join but it hasn't hindered his progress in academia.... My wife's brother in law in Canada is a Freemason, I have yet to meet him, hopefully I shall do some day!
  20. Mike Martin (28/05/2009)M Perrott (28/05/2009)This is what happens when you drag someone known to me from the ickky forums. Thanks for the welcome.Hee hee. It's a conspiracy.....
  21. M Perrott (28/05/2009)eastbeast (28/05/2009)Hello M Good to hear from you again, it is ages since we last met, Havo senior is in your old seat this year.....makes meetings interesting as its never certain whether or not he is awake! S&F P. In my old seat? In the East? Or the South? Never mind, not my worry. :D But in general terms, you will learn what an abomination it is to have a Master Mason that was only raised 2 years ago sitting in a Wardens chair. And no amount of brown nosing will change that. The tortoise will always beat the hare. Measured steps and steady pace will bring the light needed as a just reward... In the South. There is much to be said for experiance, however, within limits ones advancement in Masonic knowledge and performance of the ritual should be taken into account. MM to WM in 6 years is not bad going. Will that be a record? Currently I am expecting 7 more years but who knows it might be longer.
  22. Hello MGood to hear from you again, it is ages since we last met, Havo senior is in your old seat this year.....makes meetings interesting as its never certain whether or not he is awake!S&FP.
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