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  1. Absolutely no disrespect intended to the Province of Lincolnshire, but the demographics (notably age and ethnicity) of that video bear no reflection on the reality of the Lodges that I have visited in that Province. Nor any of the other Provinces that I've visited (or I'm a member of, for that matter)
  2. Today, after delays due to something or other, members of The Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight will be at Freemasons Hall, to witness a double-headed ceremony The Installation of E. Comp. Stephen Allum as The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight The Installation of W. Bro. Jonathan Whitaker as the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight At short notice, the event is now open to all (but still requires registration), having been moved from the original planned venue in Southampton due to restrictions at that venue, and then tight restrictions on numbers. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend - originally I had the day free (and booked off) but when restrictions on numbers attending were put in place, the calendar filled. So my very best wishes to the new MEGS and PGM, and may the Province thrive under your leadership.
  3. It's quite as revolutionary as it appears... The building is already owned by Chester Masons, and adjoins the existing temple complex... But perhaps an ideal Freemasonry in the Community opportunity
  4. Hi again, Serpion Your best bet, to answer all of these questions, is to talk with your Provincial Secretary - they can provide you with the necessary forms (and advice) both in terms of a new Lodge or even a target for take-over if any are deemed "failing". Bearing in mind that any application would have to go via your Provincial office, getting the ProvSec on side at the earliest opportunity will be a good idea!
  5. Indeed this appears to be the case - and Number 10,000 was recently allocated to the "Young Masons" Lodge In Hampshire (I nearly forgot the "and Isle of Wight", sorry!) we now have the following (the last nine consecrated in Hampshire - and the only ones since 2004): 9878: Pax Hill Lodge (Scouting) 9896: Rugby Bastion Lodge 9903: Lodge of Brevity 9914: Chequered Flag Lodge (Motor racing) 9921: Football Lodge 9932: Spinnaker Lodge (Yachting) 9939: Motorcyclists Lodge 9953: Samuel Cody Aviation Lodge (ironically, not in Farnborough where Cody actually flew, but in Bordon?!) 9969: Vectis Services Lodge (Combined Services, on the IoW) On top of this, there are 7 Installed Masters Lodges...
  6. The "new" website has a slightly different structure - page links are obviously now autogenerated by the content management system Now at: https://www.ugle.org.uk/about-us/foreign-grand-lodges
  7. I guess a question that needs to be asked is this: Why are you wanting to join the Freemasons? As a brotherhood that has a requirement for a belief in the GAotU, and based on morality and strict personal virtue, I respectfully suggest that anything other than an unequivocal "Yes" to the Question is merely deceiving yourself, and those who would be sharing your masonic journey.
  8. As with all Provincial appointments, they are the gift of the Provincial Grand Master - aided by is advisors. Different provinces have different criteria. For example, in Hampshire and Isle of Wight, (active) Stewards are typically younger, just-out-of-the-chair, first-time Masters - they become the general duties bods while in Red, and usually become Active ProvADCs or ProvDeacons a few years later and then into other Provincial roles... Hampshire can award 17 ProvStwds a year, but with 255 Lodges that makes it quite an honour. Hampshire does not award PProvStwd.
  9. Now confirmed... but subject to change (and UGLE etc guidance) From May 17th, multi-household meetings, under the Rule of Six From June 21st, Rule of Six to be lifted I appreciate that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland's devolved Governments have their own dynamics, and their Grand Lodges will make their own calls.
  10. I suppose I could wait until around 17:00GMT, but if we are to believe the speculation, the road-map ahead provides: The "Rule of Six" indoors, from June Back to Normality, from July The rumour-mill does not have dates, so let's assume it is end of June and end of July respectively - although let's be honest it matters not much, given how few Lodges/Chapters/Conclaves/etc have meetings in July and August (yes, I appreciate there are the odd handful). What will be the UGLE and MMH response? Do we think September is viable? I note that (although I'm not a member) that the Masonic Order of Athelstan had already extended their suspension to 31st August...
  11. In addition to Solatron's answer, there has been some recent-ish discussion regarding Provincial Stewards...
  12. There's a sad sort of knocking from the clock in the hall...
  13. I was wrong then... Thanks Guy. But I stand by the second part 😉
  14. For any customers of SR, it would appear that deliveries may be delayed 🤕 🤕 https://www.chichester.co.uk/news/pictures-show-firefighters-tackling-large-blaze-bosham-3091701
  15. I may be completely wrong, but I don't believe Hampshire's Province employs anyone... but the volunteers are well (ab)used.
  16. Fair point... I have a copy, shared by my secretary 🙂 I'd just not read it properly
  17. Not seen that... but (as I've mentioned) in Hampshire we've had an "additional" Lodge Office (and Area and Provincial) Membership Officer for the past three years Likewise, we've had Area and Provincial Communications Officers for a bit longer, too I guess, this just makes it Official... and another pair of "active" Dark Blue appointments, rather than filled by Past Officers... which is actually probably a positive, as these Officers do an important job. PS: I'm not intending to belittle the work of the Assistant Secretary - in my Lodge, we've been fortunate that the ASec has been the Outgoing Sec or Planned Next Sec and has genuinely been as assistant... and in this (my first year as WM) both have been invaluable support!
  18. I understand my own Province of Hampshire was one of guinea pigs for the Membership Officer role - we've had one for three years now. But I'm puzzled why a new (non-designated office) role was created, as opposed to repurposing the role of Assistant Secretary - which seems to be little more than a euphemism for Dining Steward in many lodges?! This later role could (should?) be a "Senior" Steward (ie not a precursor to the ladder, but a PM slot) Assistant Secretary (Membership Officer) Senior Seward (Dining Steward) But best wishes to you all... and may 2021 be more friendly.
  19. Thanks... my Daily Advancement 🙂 Not a member of KT, never mind KTP
  20. Let's go back to the original quote... AIUI, in England, the only way to get to be a 33rd degree Mason is via the Ancient and Accepted Rite (aka Rose Croix) - the A&AR year book lists all holders of the 33° and The Right Honourable Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is not listed. The Studholme Lodge No. 1591 was Winston Churchill's Lodge... but since it has been the United Studholme Alliance Lodge since 1957, I don't think Blair will have been a member of the (just) Studholme lodge! Equally, Blair has no (known) connection with Surbiton. Thus, having disproved the two "facts", I think it is reasonable to be doubtful of any Masonic career?!
  21. Thanks for the clarification... it is certainly the impression of many, still, though. Of course, I'm still well away from such consideration, although I do tick that particular "box" :-)
  22. I guess this is down to Provincial differences... certainly in Hampshire and IoW, you get presented (by the Provincial Representative, usually the VO) with a booklet relating to HRA on your Raising, and are encouraged (in due time, but not too quickly) to join. Likewise, there is a gentle tap of the stick in that Provincial Rank beyond (P)ProvAGDC is only for those who are members of HRA, and I've heard it suggested that Acting Provincial Rank at the juniorlevels requires a commitment to join, if not already a member.
  23. In many ways, the UGLE hierarchy means we're 2nd class masons - we can't visit HRA Chapters in most other jurisdictions (at least, for the whole shebang), as most other Constitutions follow the Scottish system (Craft-->MMM-->EM-->HRA). The logical solution is for UGLE and MMH to coordinate, and put right 300+ years of FUBAR. The problem of course, is that to get from Here to There brings major practical issues, way beyond re-framing the Prime Directive...
  24. Good prediction... But rather bizarrely, The Excellent Master Degree (Passing the Veils) is only available to those much further along their masonic journey than a Master Mason... http://www.somerset-wilts-rsm.org.uk/excellentmaster.html For the avoidance of any doubt, the Order of the Silver Trowel is worked in a number of Royal and Select Masters Districts by Installed Masters Councils... meaning you already need to be a RSM Installed Master to be eligible for the Excellent Master degree!
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