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  1. "During the war as Allied bombing intensified, the collection was moved from Germany for safekeeping and broken up into three parts - two were taken to what is now Poland and one to the Czech Republic. The section left in the town of Slawa Slaska in Poland was seized by Polish authorities in 1945, while the others were taken by the Red Army." This could be interesting. I knew a lot of documents had been taken by the Russians and that the Russians returned the documents to organisations that could be identified a few decades ago. I -for example- have dug through the "Russian boxes" of the Dutch federation of Le Droit Humain. If this remaining third in Poland is also potentially (grand) lodge administration, it may refill some holes in some histories. If that is the case, I hope they won't keep the documents to themselves, but return them like the Russians did.
  2. Fabio Venzi's latest book is all about this: The Last Heresy.
  3. I have had the sad experience in my short Masonic 'career'. Basically it is not much more than sending a letter to the Grand Lodge and then follows some administration, returning the charter and possessions of the Grand Lodge (aprons, cordons/sashes, etc.). At least, that's how it went in the GL where I'm still member, but my mother lodge isn't. A lodge is an organisation of its own that makes its own decisions.
  4. But that all takes place in the Netherlands...? Or do you mean in the beginning of the film?
  5. Prince Charles is a Traditionalist who writes for Traditionalist publications such as this one. Many Traditionalists don't think too highly of Freemasonry, but should Fabio Venzi speak with HRH some time, you'd make a chance :-)
  6. I have secured an invite (and permission from GL to attend) a lodge in BelgiumDo note that by and far the largest part of Belgian FM is irregular. You might want to make sure that the logde you're in contact with belongs to the Regular Grand Lodge of BelgiumThe rest will probably welcome you too though.
  7. I just noticed that a very short (2:30) interview in the museum was made regarding the 'little situation' that I mentioned. The video gives a look inside the museum, VERY briefly. You only see the darkened entry hall, the chair that is at the end of it and a glimpse of wooden tracing boards that are just around the corner. From there there is a larger room with exhibitions and you continue to another few rooms with exhibitions.Here is the video (a Facebook link, I hope that works).
  8. This article actually quite different from what is also going on in Belgium right now. There is an influential journalist calling on Freemasons in public functions (mostly politics) to make themselves known so that the audience can know what influence the lodge has on society. However the article of this thread suggests that Belgians are very open about their Masonry, this is far from the truth (or maybe more correctly: not always true). There was a talkshow on TV last week which featured a Mason, the journalist an interviewer and two people who sat on table for other topics. The interviewer was full of the conspiracy theories telling the Mason about all the secrets that should be reveal and whatnot. The man used to be a public TV big cheese, but his 'coming out' severely hindered his carreer. This is quite typical for the reaction to FM in Belgum.Also, FM in Belgium is notoriously hard to join. Apparently because they want to avoid getting in 'bad apples'. The interviewee does not really answer that question.The interview is not very clear about the fact that the largest part of FM is irregular. The Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium has about 6,5% of the Belgian Freemasons. Belgium is more like France with 'adogmatic' Grand Lodges and Grand Orients, a large mixed gender and a relatively large "femalecraft" branch. But, the museum is indeed worth a visit. I was there a couple of months ago. I missed "the so-called meditation hall" and I didn't know that "[t]here is also a “Temple” inside the building where the ceremonies take place." What was a bit of a disappointment, is that the museum is in the Lakenstraat, but it is not the same building as the famous Egyptian temple. I still love to visit that one some day, but it isn't open to the public very often. It has a permanent exhibition of different kinds of FM. The museum is not very big, but should you ever be in Brussel...
  9. Roy


    For what it is worth. In my hometown there are four regular lodges using the same building and they also rent is to a lodge of AMORC. A Br:. of mine (not from any of the four mentioned lodges) is also a member of AMORC. I never really spoke to him about it, but should I fish for some 'inside information'?AMORC has been around for a couple years. I believe some USA GLs forbid their members to be members of AMORC. They appear to be somewhat 'Masonish'. They sure have a lot of work-by-mail, but also meetings 'in real life'. No idea how often though.
  10. the First gentleman you spoke of who was a Freemason. You said he was not very happy at you choosing the path you chose. If it were me, I would have been disappointed.. but I certainly wouldn't be unhappy about it. Each man must choose his own path, and Freemasonry teaches tolerance.Of course that was the short version. I tend to be long-winded in writing (less so in talking). To clarify the situation. The good man had smaller study groups within a larger (non-Masonic) organisation that he founded. These groups contained men and women and had a (Masonic?) aim that was impossible within his own spectrum. Still he kept laying focus on the regularity of Freemasonry, not really 'on UGLE basis', but rather those René Guénon. He is (I believe) of the opinion that Dutch FM modernised itself outside of Guénonian regularity. What I did not know at the time, was that the Masonic situation in Belgium is totally different from my own country. In the Netherlands we have one, regular Grand Orient. Belgium two times lost its (UGLE) regularity which resulted in a split-off and he is member of the small part of Belgian FM that is regular.I doubt he would have been happy had I joined the Dutch Grand Orient, but co-Masonry is in both (UGLE and Guénon) ways 'very irregular', hence quite a bit out of the question. On the other hand, I don't think he is really unhappy or disappointed, because he is partly the reason for my girlfriend's interest in FM. I'm quite sure he is aware that he navigated me in a 'tight spot'. Besides, he can't (indeed) be unhappy or disappointed that I make decissions for myself.To use his own words: "Your lodge can't provide real/filiated initiation, but that doesn't mean it can do good work esoterically."Quite a technical story really, but him and me understand eachother. I'm just not in the same position as he is. In several regards.Anyway, just to be clear that I'm a bit of another breed, but certainly not unaware of the position of the majority in FM.
  11. Goodday all. For over two decades I have been studying a lot of different subjects, from mythology, comparative religion to a variety of things esoteric, including FM. About a decade ago I met a man who was to be an inspiration and teacher (of me and other people). For one thing, he was a Freemason. The study was not Masonic, but of course the subject poppup up every now and then. One other result of the contact was that I got acquainted 'the Traditionalist school'. The ideas of René Guénon coloured my ideas about FM.Then the good man left the organisation that he founded meaning an end came to the studies. For a few years I have tried to continue on my own, but I had to fall back on just reading and contemplating which is not exactly the same as what we did before. I have been thinking about alternatives, mostly along Traditionalistic lines, but that did not exactly fit in my larger picture. Quite by accident me and my girlfriend ended up and an open day in the local FM building (where four lodges, an AMORC group and sometimes a women's semi-Masonic group reside) simply because I had never seen the inside of it. There we met a colleague of my girlfriend who invited us to an information evening of his lodge. We went being critical; my girlfriend because she knows she can't join anyway, me because of my view on Dutch FM given by my former teacher (not very positive). The evening was not like everything fell on its place. The very psychological explanation of initiation confirmed the difference with my (Guénonian) idea of initiation. The symbolism and way of working did appeal to me more. It also did to my girlfriend.A couple of months later there was another open evening of another lodge. We went again. Again the little psychological information on initiation, the usual reasons why women can't join (but not the 'real' reason), but the positive side of the symbolism, &c. That night the FMs invited a woman of the Vitae Feminea Textura. The VFM is an organisation that was founded with the help of our Grand Orient. It is a women-only group working 'Masonic like' but with weaving rather than building symbolism. My girlfriend was not really enthousiastic but accepted an invitation for an information evening. Coming back she was less negative, but not exactly ready to join.So I set out to find information on mixed FM. First reply of my girlfriend: "but they've got human rights." Right, we initially thought that co-Masonry meant Le Droit Humain and that LDH is an antheistic order. I found out that the nearest mixed lodge is not LDH (the first time I heard that there is more mixed FM than LDH in my country), but a split-off. However critical I contact the GM (a woman), soon the Bible appeared in our conversation so my girlfriend decided to plan a meetup. That talk was much more informative and enjoyable than my earlier talks with men-Masons and my girlfriend thought so too, so after some more thinking things over, we decided to start the procedure. Me and my girlfriend were initiated together late last May.Since then I found out that LDH, for the largest part, works with the GAOTU too and in three different rites. My own, small order nowadays also has lodges with these three rites, the 'Scottish', 'English' (Theosophical) and 'French' (atheistic). So far I have only seen the Scottish. I have no interest in working spitually without 'something higher', but I can't deny being somewhat curious about what such a 'French' rite would be like.So there I am. My former teacher is a regular FM, so he is not particularly happy with me choosing irregularly. Also I have to step out of the Guénian framework somewhat. I don't think it is a bad thing to investigate if my former conclusions are actually correct. Besides, I think that men and women complement eachother also spiritually and since 'the co-option' allows me and my girlfriend to share this path too. That is I why I went for co. So far I am not unhappy with the choice.I look forward to interact with (European) FMs, that is, if you allow a co on the board.
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