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  1. Found these two links that might be able to send you the book. https://www.waterstones.com/book/tell-me-more-about-the-mark-degree/rev-neville-barker-cryer/9780853182788 https://www.amazon.com/Tell-More-About-Mark-Degree/dp/0853182787 Hope this helps... if possible do inform us if you are able to procure the book so that we can then ask you to review the same and let us know if it is worth buying.
  2. Dear All, In case if any brother is visiting Bangalore, India and would like to visit a lodge, please do PM me. I am from Craft Lodge United Services No. 58 under the rolls of the Grand Lodge of India, we meet every 4th Wednesday of the month. However, in case if you would like to attend any other lodge meetings, I can help in providing the right info and introducing you to the Secretary of the lodge. The Freemasons' Hall in Bangalore (you can search us on Google to see the Lodge photos) is the place for Freemasons who are member of Craft, Chapter, Mark, and R.A.M. lodges under Grand Lodge of India. English and Scottish Craft Lodges and even Conclave, Consistory, Cryptic Council, and Scottish Rite (Rose Croix).
  3. We have brethren here in India, who used to tell me that they record themselves delivering a charge or the ritual and they listen to it daily while commuting to work. Thus ensuring they are not bored of the traffic and in the process learn their parts very well. I prefer reading over listening hence have the soft copy of my portion with short forms and abbreviations that I use literally everywhere.
  4. I guess pretty much everybody has provided their view and that obviously will help you. Personally, I feel wearing a pin, cufflinks, or badge in your day-to-day life is okay but please don't overdue it. Nobody should ever look at you and say - "Here comes the advertisement on Freemasonry". If you want keep a simple Masonic Pen that you will use rarely and mostly to sign a register or cheque - it will be a great asset or statement. To add onto what Mindmagic said, wear a tie that has square and compasses; provided it doesn't stand out. I personally have one, that from a distance is a simple black tie until someone comes and stands in front of me to talk to me - that's when they get to see the S&C that too only if the light hits on it. Reminding me that I am proud of being a Freemason but I will never use it to gain any advantage. Hence, I have never mentioned that I am a Freemason in any of my CV, on the other hand as Mindmagic mentioned I have written about public speaking and charity work. The Etiquette by the Grand Lodge of India clearly tells us that we should not use the S&C symbol in any of our business cards. People should look at you and consider you to be the perfect man and then when they come to know (maybe because of your association with some charity work or through some of your photos) that you are a Freemason. They will do the maths.
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome, looking forward to interact with most of you on various topics.
  6. Hi Brethren, I bring fraternal greetings from my Blue Lodge in India - Lodge United Services No. 58, based in Bangalore, which comes under the rolls of the Grand Lodge of India. I have been a mason for nearly 3+ years and have joined the Royal Arch Chapter, Mark and R.A.M. lodge as well as the Order of the Secret Monitor. Looking forward to learn from my fellow brethren. Yours fraternally, Bro. Rinesh Hegde
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