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  1. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    There are three situations that I can think of which might bring this about: If you have joined a lodge that is under a different but recognised Grand Lodge from the one under which you were initiated. However, in that case you shouldn't have to forswear your original initiatory lodge, as that initiation would still be valid. If you originally were initiated in a lodge under a Grand Lodge that is not recognised by the one you have just joined, or is in some way irregular. If you have just joined an irregular lodge under an unrecognised constitution - sort of the reverse of 2. above. May I suggest that you ask exactly why you have been asked to forswear your original initiation? It would seem that something odd is going on. It might just be that someone in your new lodge doesn't know the rules - it happens!
  2. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    I admit to knowing very little detail about specific administrative matters in Australian freemasonry but I will say that no matter where you are, the lodge into which a brother is initiated is his mother lodge, even if he were later to move to another lodge, even under another Grand Lodge's jurisdiction. This is just the same as being born in a particular country makes you a native of that country - nothing can change that. As far as allegiances are concerned, yes, you agree to abide by the rules laid down by the Grand Lodge under which your lodge is warranted. If, simultaneously, you were to belong to lodges under different jurisdictions, then you abide by the rules of the Grand Lodge in whose territory you are at that moment attending a lodge. If territorial jurisdictions overlap, then one can see a problem - I said it was complicated! I could see that since the overlapping Grand Lodges would have agreed to allow the overlap, then one can logically suppose that when you are attending a lodge (whether or not you are a member of it), you would be governed by the rules of the Grand Lodge under which that lodge is meeting. We are here talking about Grand Lodges which recognise each other. Of course, if you are in any doubt, you could always ask the secretary of the provinces and/or districts concerned.
  3. UGLE Recognition Withdrawn of GL of Albania

    Forget about 'landmarks'; that would not apply in this kind of situation. As to territorial exclusivity - it's complicated! For just one example, look at South Africa. Basically, you can say that if toes would be trodden on, then exclusivity is likely to be applied. A 'landmark', can be regarded as an element in the form or essence on the Society of such importance that freemasonry would no longer be freemasonry if it were removed. (ref.: Harry Carr, The Freemason at Work)
  4. Belt tightening

    Then at an even later date, you can get a belt extension section - I call that one 'quantitative easing'! It would be nice if provincial collars came with a buttonhole or loop at the nape, so a lodge officer collar can be neatly hooked in.
  5. Mark and Royal Arch

    As with UGLE Craft, there are several different RA rituals here but somewhat fewer variations for our Mark - possibly because the number of Mark Lodges is relatively small. Our Craft Grand Lodge and the SGC have always distanced themselves from detailed matters of ritual, for a number of good reasons. The same principle tends to apply to most other orders but not so much to the very new ones.
  6. Mark and Royal Arch

    Indeed so - but I didn't say 'in England'. I said: 'Neither the 'Past Master (Virtual)' nor the 'Most Excellent Master' form any part of either the UGLE craft working or the Holy Royal Arch here.' I can be so nit-pickety sometimes!
  7. Mark and Royal Arch

    In England, none of those you mention are worked under the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). The Mark degree is governed by the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons which has no connection with UGLE. The Holy Royal Arch is governed by the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England. That body is linked with UGLE and has the same people in the top posts and the regulations for both bodies are incorporated in the same book but in other respects are quite separate. Neither the 'Past Master (Virtual)' nor the 'Most Excellent Master' form any part of either the UGLE craft working or the Holy Royal Arch here. Different arrangements pertain under the Grand Lodge of Scotland and under the Grand Lodge of Ireland.
  8. Who was Adoniram?

    ISBN 085318 211 6 It's a page-turner!
  9. Who was Adoniram?

    There's a fair bit about about him in Neville Cryer's The Arch and the Rainbow, implying a very early involvement of Adoniram (under a variety of names) in the questioning of journeyman operative stonemasons (steinmetzen) in Germany during the 14th and 15th centuries. He keeps popping up throughout the developmental period, so you need to read much of the book in order to find answers to your question.
  10. Who was Adoniram?

    There is a view, Willf, that the ritual compilers, having discarded Noah for the time being, needed someone to use but about whom nothing much was given in the Book, so as to avoid too much controversy. He's mentioned and could be one or more of several people with little known about any of them. So his/their 'profile' would suitable for 'traditional' legend building.
  11. Grand Lodge Certificate?

    According to the UGLE Directory of Lodges and Chapters, Ashbury Lodge No. 1459 E.C. meets at Freemasons' Hall, 36 Bridge Street, Manchester M3 3BT. I suggest you drop a line to the lodge secretary there.
  12. A very short regular QC lodge meeting will be held at 12.30 just for minutes etc. and closed. The symposium will start at 14.00, untyled as there will be ladies and non-masons present (two of the speakers are non-masons). Several are bringing their wives/partners. So regalia will not be worn. Because of numbers we have booked the Egyptian Room (No. 10). See also: http://www.freemasonrytoday.com/more-news/lodges-chapters-a-individuals/1717-and-all-that
  13. Interesing snipped from history

    This is a well known and oft quoted book in masonic circles. A real treasure. You don't say where you found it!
  14. Freemasonry’s new culture of openness

    It would be nice to see something like this in the main-stream press!
  15. Reform is blocked

    Reminds me a bit of of our 'honours' system!