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  1. As a list changes from time to time, I think your best option is to ask your provincial secretary for one (through your lodge secretary). I could give you a few organisation names but it would almost certainly be incomplete. You could also ask the applicant what other organisations he is in.
  2. I'm not an academic - I didn't even go to a university. In those days there were no grants or loans and a country vicar's pay was not enough. Yes, I do read a lot, particularly since I retired, and that's how I discovered how interesting the second is (and many other things). What is revealed beneath the surface of the ritual can be quite an eye-opener. I do appreciate that ritual performance can be an end in itself but for me, that's not enough; I have to dig - it's in my nature! As a result, I get so much enjoyment out of seeing and performing in any degree - especially the second. Each of us has a different journey and I'm sure you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine.
  3. For me, the Second is perhaps the most underrated of our Craft degrees. Hived off it may have been but so full of intriguing material that it's remained strong enough to stand on its own feet for three centuries. Do you really know is meant by 'nature'? Do you really know what is meant by 'science'? Have you found the Mark theme within it yet? Do you know why the study of the trivium and the quadrivium were and still are so important to both human and spiritual understanding and development in your daily life? Try reading Alex Horne's Solomon's Temple in the Masonic Tradition for archeological aspects for starters. If that doesn't blow your socks off, nothing will!
  4. Hello

    Thank you Mark, I bear that in mind.
  5. Hello

    Welcome Mark. In case you are interested, I shall be speaking at Royal Sovereign 6630 in Bexhill on Sat 18 Nov 4.45pm - 'Fifty Shades of Blue!'. Just along the road for you. Call them and book in. 6630 Royal Sovereign Light Flier 20171118.pdf
  6. Women Freemasons on the BBC

    We have both in this area, Sussex, and HFAF seem much more switched on than OWF. Possibly because, being smaller, they can implement ideas quicker - and the G Sec lives in Brighton so she's on tap!
  7. Women Freemasons on the BBC

    Yes, I've met Christine and she's a good 'un, and her G Sec. The HFAF usually share a stand with us at our local university Freshers' Fair. It counters those, particularly university administrators, who might think that Freemasonry is male only.
  8. Initiation on Saturday

    Welcome GuyIncognito. Forget the trepidation - go with the flow and enjoy! We've all been there, even the Duke of Kent and several of our monarchs, so there can't be anything to worry about - or can there?!
  9. You will find this subject, and almost everything else of a masonic nature, amply dissected in the annals of A.Q.C. Very briefly though, cultures throughout the world and throughout the ages have embodied initiatory ceremonial practices. It would appear to be a part of the human condition.
  10. Tercentenary Celebration at the RAH

    Yes, basically we are of a mind here. The corporate mind set that seems to have crept in at GQS in recent times appears to be trying to market a product with the aim of increasing membership numbers (customers?!!). The fraternity is not a product but is for enjoyment of the journey of improvement, is how I see what I joined many, many years ago. At its grass roots (or quarry face) it still very largely is that now. Unfortunately the numbers race is trickling down through provinces to lodges and is seen as a measure of success - understandably, because numbers can be counted, analysed and reported upon. It is very difficult to count, analyse and report on knowledge and understanding though. We could perhaps take a view that disinterested masons soon leave, while enthusiastic ones who take the trouble to study and understand the inner messages and reasons are likely to stay. So a fairly rough and ready but long-term method of measuring quality might emerge. Naturally, lodges are individual in characteristics (hence rule 155), so a top-down, one size fits all approach is never going to work. With Grand Lodge and the provinces now having all these new 'officers' whose tasks appear to be part of the top-down mechanism, I wonder if we can find a way to turn them so as to reverse the information flow, giving us the ability to have our messages heard at the top of Mount Olympus (or Moriah!)?
  11. Tercentenary Celebration at the RAH

    Mike, I agree with you on that point and I also agree with much of what nymaso3 just said. It appears to me that over the last few years UGLE has been trying to turn it into a numbers game and, for me, it cannot ever be that if we are to hold to the principles and tenets of the craft. It is, for me, a fraternity selective in its intake of members. Nowadays I'm seeing all manner of people coming in 'on the nod', whether they are likely to be able to contribute to the greater good or not, and whether they are fertile material for improvement or not. One important aspect that doesn't seem to be taken into account is that which caused the original Grand Lodge to change over its modes of recognition. I won't here go into details but I believe we should examine those concerns in the light of the qualities of today's intake.
  12. Scottish Rite visitors

    nymaso3, I was referring to our UGLE Craft rules possibly being behind people's assumptions about other orders. You would need to check with our A&AR (not AASR - yours and ours are run very differently), in St James', London for the situation here in England. District Recorders may get it wrong!
  13. Scottish Rite visitors

    That idea probably stems from the UGLE Craft rule that an unattached mason (one who is not a subscribing member of a UGLE Craft lodge) can visit any one lodge once only. He can, of course, visit as many lodges as will allow him but only once each. So it might appear that the advice given could be based on the assumption that that rule applies to other non-UGLE orders here but that is not necessarily so. The best source for advice on this would come from the Supreme Council in St James', London.
  14. Grand Lodge Certificate

    Although applicable to visiting, rule 125(b) might nonetheless be relevant. Rule 163(e) deals with this subject but there is no mention of a GL certificate. Rule 174 covers who is entitled to a GL certificate and from that rule it would appear that a brother joining from another constitution would not be so entitled. Consequently I do think the question as to whether or not he can otherwise obtain a GL certificate, should be put to his intended Provincial Grand Secretary.
  15. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum. If you've any questions or opinions, do post them and we'll see what we can do. And in due course, let us know how the experience was for you. Whereabouts are you located?