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  1. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum. If you've any questions or opinions, do post them and we'll see what we can do. And in due course, let us know how the experience was for you. Whereabouts are you located?
  2. Lodge interview

    Welcome. What sort of questions did you ask them?
  3. 1717 and all that

    Actually Neville kept up his belief in the York Grand Lodge to the end but he did acknowledge that it operated on different lines. The subordinate lodges he reckoned were simply 'outreaches' of the Grand Lodge itself and not separate entities as the ones in the City of London and Westminster. Supporting that view was that some of them spawned other subordinate lodges - granddaughter lodges if you like. Evidently that structure couldn't support itself for long. I guess they saw the London upstart as a competitor and decided to call themselves Grand as well when they saw the London successes under Montagu and Richmond.
  4. 1717 and all that

    And don't forget that a Grand Lodge, with subordinate lodges, existed at York at least in 1705 and possibly earlier.
  5. 1717 and all that

    Only partly, as I see it, Lew. He reveals positive evidence in the 1721 minute, apparently confirmed by William Stukeley's account of that meeting, Also the external evidence of the Apple Tree tavern being something else until several years later when it became a tavern throws even further doubt on Anderson's credibility regarding a meeting at which he was not present. Nonetheless, the battle between, on the one hand, the two non-masonic professional historians, Andrew and Susan, and on the other, a highly respected UGLE employee and a Prestonian lecturer, John and Ric, will be interesting to say the least. Even if not entirely conclusive, the symposium/debate will I'm sure sow serious doubt on what has to date been received knowledge, deserving of further and deeper researches.
  6. Rose Croix - Dwindling numbers?

    Indeed we will. I'll be speaking close to you at 6630 in Bexhill on 18 Nov if that's convenient for you. I have others in Brighton and Worthing before then as well.
  7. doubt RER Panel any help

    The only R.E.R. of which I'm aware was an offshoot from the Strict Observance - a late eighteenth century money making scam by von Hund, around Europe. It made no headway in England. The full rite collapsed when he died. Bits survived (some became legitimate!) and this was one bit promulgated by Robert Folger, also as a money making venture. There may well be another R.E.R., of course.
  8. Rose Croix - Dwindling numbers?

    It's a bit special Steve, enjoy!
  9. Forum Topics and iPad

    My main machine is Ubuntu Linux (using it right now). Functional and slick but a bit nerdy in places. Also some Windows machines for software I cannot get for Linux and for full function printing.
  10. Of course you cannot put a time scale on it, no one can. You'll know when you are good and ready.
  11. 1717 and all that

    Please be advised that the room we will be using at the February meeting may be different from our normal one that is currently shown on the web site. Best to check at reception on arrival. Also the time of the meeting will almost certainly be earlier than currently shown. We plan to hold the lodge business meeting early in the day separately, so as to give more time to the symposium, questions and socialising afterwards. We are in the planning stages and, as we expect a larger than normal turnout, we may be asking for pre-booking. I'll put any changes here and ensure they are on the web site.
  12. I would suggest that you ask the person who told you and also to remember that it is entirely up to you as to when you feel ready for your next step. It is not for the lodge to dictate the speed of your progression. If you don't feel ready, just say so; I'm sure they'll understand.
  13. Confused and Dazed...

    For now, simply concentrate on what the three craft degrees mean to you. There's more than enough meaning and symbolism to keep you occupied for many years before moving further beyond. By that time you will have decided what routes to take (if any) and what suits you.
  14. Hello all.

    Derbyshire, Sussex, Hampshire & IoW and London. Currently physically in Sussex.
  15. Hello all.

    Welcome Marty. What part of the universe are you in? Do ask any questions you may have.