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  1. Trouillogan


    Welcome Ian. Looking forward to your questions and other input. It might be a good idea to put a similar entry in the 'Welcome to the Forum' area. You'll find there are several Scottish members here with whom you can reminisce. You've already found that things a very different south of the border - do you have any views?
  2. Trouillogan

    Sleepy Hollow Television Series

    I've not had a television set for a quarter of a century! Nowadays, I can actually get things done, go out and see/annoy other people too!
  3. Trouillogan

    Rose Croix - Dwindling numbers?

    You would need to ask the unit you might wish to join - they vary. However, my annual subscription to my Rose Croix chapter is £50, your regalia (collar and jewel) might be £100 brand new but as that changes in time, they are available second hand on ebay, for example, for next to nothing. Often a chapter will have a stock and there may be no charge, or a charity donation may be suggested. Dining is likely to be about £20. Does this help?
  4. Trouillogan


    I understand your immediate concern but my point about recognition is that if you affiliate to work under another Grand Lodge then you'd better make sure it is one that is widely recognised, otherwise you and your brethren will find yourselves unable to associate masonically with brethren under other Grand Lodges. I would also posit that you would be more likely to find men of the sort you seek within a recognised jurisdiction, than in unrecognised ones.
  5. Trouillogan


    Remember that books by either Albert Mackey or Albert Pike are each only one American person's opinions and therefore not a sure guide in any sense. Your question inherently touches upon the subject of Grand Lodge recognition. In brief, this covers recognition of other Grand Lodges by each other and by the 'home' Grand Lodges of England, Ireland and Scotland, which have an agreement of eight articles under which other Grand Lodges are recognised and which subscribe fully to the 'Aims and Relationships of the Craft'. Although there are Grand Lodges and Orients that operate outside these inter-jurisdictional agreements, inter-communications and inter-visitations are severely limited. So, be careful what you wish for!
  6. Trouillogan

    PGL Antrim 150th Anniversary

    Yes, it does look a bit disappointing, with 187 lodges in the list. But only 13 with web sites published, perhaps communication is not what it could be nowadays. From my own limited experience of Irish freemasonry, the membership seems to be of more tender years than in UGLE, so perhaps they are mainly at their desks and ploughs with the older, retired brethren able to attend.
  7. Trouillogan

    Gutted that I Couldn't Go

    And the result of his interview was? And the result of the ballot was?
  8. Trouillogan


    Yes, Sentience, it is UGLE-wide but many of the issues are lodge-specific. I see provinces trying to address issues by adding layers of administration - managers for this, vice chairmen for that and that reminds me of an African saying that when elephants dance, the grass suffers. I firmly believe that we we need fewer directives and initiatives from Olympus and more fertiliser (masonic education) at the grass roots so that freemasonry becomes more attractive to those who really wish to follow its precepts. Your item 4. underlines this need.
  9. Trouillogan


    It would be a good plan to research why they are not attractive to new members. When you know the real reasons, unpalatable as some may be, then you are in a position to apply possible solutions. Without that information, there's no chance! It could be that in some cases a lodge has outlived its usefulness and the remaining members could enjoy happier meetings by swelling the membership of a successful lodge.
  10. Trouillogan

    Badge replacement glue

    As I have rank in two provinces, I have two apron badges to swap at frequent intervals (if I remember!). I use five small (half inch square) pieces of adhesive industrial grade Velcro (has better adhesive). The 'hook' pieces on the apron and the 'fluffy' pieces on the badges. One in the middle and four round the edge; n, s, e & w. You need to apply lots of pressure when first attaching the adhesive bits to the apron and to the badges or they'll eventually pull adrift from frequent removal of the badge. So far they have lasted thirteen years without pulling off, so the method seems to be working.
  11. Trouillogan

    Dot , star or blank

    I don't see what you're seeing. As a guess, try a different browser.
  12. Trouillogan

    One to Watch for - Documentary - GLoS

    Thanks for posting that. I've downloaded it. Good to see a couple of Quatuor Coronati Lodge members strutting their stuff here and in Virginia.
  13. Trouillogan

    UGLE Recognition Withdrawn from GL of Albania

    There are three situations that I can think of which might bring this about: If you have joined a lodge that is under a different but recognised Grand Lodge from the one under which you were initiated. However, in that case you shouldn't have to forswear your original initiatory lodge, as that initiation would still be valid. If you originally were initiated in a lodge under a Grand Lodge that is not recognised by the one you have just joined, or is in some way irregular. If you have just joined an irregular lodge under an unrecognised constitution - sort of the reverse of 2. above. May I suggest that you ask exactly why you have been asked to forswear your original initiation? It would seem that something odd is going on. It might just be that someone in your new lodge doesn't know the rules - it happens!
  14. Trouillogan

    UGLE Recognition Withdrawn from GL of Albania

    I admit to knowing very little detail about specific administrative matters in Australian freemasonry but I will say that no matter where you are, the lodge into which a brother is initiated is his mother lodge, even if he were later to move to another lodge, even under another Grand Lodge's jurisdiction. This is just the same as being born in a particular country makes you a native of that country - nothing can change that. As far as allegiances are concerned, yes, you agree to abide by the rules laid down by the Grand Lodge under which your lodge is warranted. If, simultaneously, you were to belong to lodges under different jurisdictions, then you abide by the rules of the Grand Lodge in whose territory you are at that moment attending a lodge. If territorial jurisdictions overlap, then one can see a problem - I said it was complicated! I could see that since the overlapping Grand Lodges would have agreed to allow the overlap, then one can logically suppose that when you are attending a lodge (whether or not you are a member of it), you would be governed by the rules of the Grand Lodge under which that lodge is meeting. We are here talking about Grand Lodges which recognise each other. Of course, if you are in any doubt, you could always ask the secretary of the provinces and/or districts concerned.
  15. Trouillogan

    UGLE Recognition Withdrawn from GL of Albania

    Forget about 'landmarks'; that would not apply in this kind of situation. As to territorial exclusivity - it's complicated! For just one example, look at South Africa. Basically, you can say that if toes would be trodden on, then exclusivity is likely to be applied. A 'landmark', can be regarded as an element in the form or essence on the Society of such importance that freemasonry would no longer be freemasonry if it were removed. (ref.: Harry Carr, The Freemason at Work)