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  1. I have to say that I prefer our English pick-and-mix arrangement, with pre-qualifications, to a regimented order. We can select to our individual tastes and needs, as they develop over the years. Of course, it's the way I'm used to, so won't suit everyone.
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    Welcome, Bro John. We look forward to your comments and queries.
  3. As to the forget-me-not, there have been many stories about its origin and use, including the ridiculous idea that German Freemasons used it for recognition during the horrific period from 1933 to 1945. Here is the paper by Alain Bernheim, highly respected Masonic researcher and international concert pianist, who was himself interred under the nazi regime. It's a lengthy and detailed paper but worth reading to get the truth: http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/bernheim3.html
  4. One of the things that make Freemasonry special is the formal dress, in my opinion. New members appear to like this characteristic. As long as they do, that's fine. A century and more ago knee breeches and hose were the dress, as you will still find in Apollo Lodge today (the members love it and and are proud to continue). So perhaps now may not be yet the time for a wholesale change.
  5. I'm quite old but I haven't started dribbling yet! 🤤
  6. The world has detractors on every subject under the sun; the Internet just makes communications easier. It's good that nowadays UGLE keep a constant eye on these things and when something specific or actionable comes up or we tell them, these days they act. Besides, people with even half a brain cell take little heed of social media ranting posts, whether the writer is an unknown hiding behind a pseudonym or even a president of some company or country. Such posts without evidential references are worthless, void and of no effect.
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    Well, therein lies the enigma which I couldn't possibly discuss in an open forum!
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    You mean, like the sides of a right-angled triangle are in the ratio of 3:4:5. Now, 3+4=7; 7x5=35; add the two together and total is 42, which, as we all know is the answer to life, the universe and everything! Or am i giving too much away?
  9. Welcome to the forum. Bearing in mind your other post, it would be a good idea to introduce yourself here; your general background and your freemasonry to date.
  10. Was your own father was born in England? If so, then your grandfather's real name will be on your father's birth certificate, details of which are held in the Public Records Office which you can get on-line.
  11. To be clear about what I meant, the combination of S&C including the 'G' is not used in UGLE. The S&C is and so is the 'G' but together they are not.
  12. Also, don't make the common error of buying things with the S&C containing the letter 'G'. Irish, Scots, Americans and some others uses that symbol quite legitimately but for an English Freemason it has no meaning. I would, however, advise waiting a while before getting items of this kind. About the only thing that a cautious Freemason might wear in public would be the little blue forget-me-not emblem (tip: research its origin). Rings and so on can be seen as a bit 'showy' and in some settings, particularly business, could easily be misinterpreted.
  13. Seems you're going about this in a sensible way. Yes, take your time, there is no rush - there's lots to absorb! If the lodge you join turns out to be not quite what you want, look around, visit some others and then move to one you feel is a better fit. No two are alike and they change over time too, as will you! Don't be surprised if, when you ask the same question about freemasonry (what this or that means) to several different members, you will get at least as many different answers! When that happens, you need to do your own research. If you get down to Sheffield, there's an excellent and helpful library and museum at Tapton Hall (http://www.freemasonryinsheffield.com/). Give them a call first, so someone will show you what's what. Enjoy
  14. Welcome Jake. Have you set your sights on any particular lodge? There are several in and around Leeds. You can discount much of the American masonic stuff on the Internet as their masonic systems are quite different from ours, as you will later learn. You may wish to join a lodge that is in the Universities Scheme, as there are some cost benefits particularly if you are under 25. You will find details of the Scheme here: https://www.universitiesscheme.com/ and there is one in Leeds. Every best wish and do come back here with any questions you may wish to ask.
  15. I couldn't agree more. It is not given to many that skill of not only memorising but meaningful delivery of our ritual for the benefit of candidates in the several degrees. Far more important, in my view, is the desire and progress in living according to the precepts laid down in the VSL and emphasised throughout our rituals. A lodge Master has much to do and if his forte lies elsewhere than in ritualistic matters, then he need only delegate work to those who enjoy and have the skills to inculcate those precepts upon candidates.
  16. Not being a London mason in that system, I cannot comment but out here in the weeds, one of my led discussion sessions entitled 'Fifty Shades of Blue' seems to go down fairly well, dealing with the inconsistencies and divisiveness of the 'system'.
  17. Yes, I think that's a pretty good analysis. UGLE only has to look at Whites or the Athenaeum to see how exclusivity works. Not that Freemasonry is a club; it's just the exclusive aspect and that is attractive to the kind who would be acceptable members. A sort of reverse Groucho Marx idea!
  18. Yes perhaps but, as you say, it would never happen!
  19. This is such an interesting topic! Yes, provinces can interpret Grand Lodge's suggestions and initiatives as they wish but there seems to be a strong indication they go with the flow of GL or with what should enable them to qualify for more APGMs (or am I being too cynical?!). And that involves 'numbers'. Likewise it's up to private lodges whom they accept in as members - not only of their own lodge but also, be it noted, members of the wider fraternity. Again, there is a tendency to follow the drift implied by its province following GL - and that's 'numbers'! It's easy to add up numbers and interpret a bigger number as being better than a smaller number and so more 'successful'. As to charity - 'charity vaunteth not itself, nor is it puffed up' (from memory, so something along those lines). How do you measure the good that a smile or a kind word does? If only we could devise ways of measuring 'masonic knowledge' - yes, esotericism as well - we might be able to judge the health of lodges, provinces and UGLE as a whole. But we cannot, so I don't know what would be a suitable course of action. Masonic knowledge is sadly lacking at most levels, so the new entrant looking for information soon becomes disappointed and leaves. Thus masonry becomes an empty shell. 'Solomon' is a move in the right direction but needs wider publicity than it is getting. There are, of course, members who don't want to know and there's probably little that can be done to change that attitude. Sorry to finish this on a sad note but I believe we really need to get a handle on this.
  20. I'm in agreement with nymaso3 here. Openness is one thing; blatant proselyting is quite another. I am in favour of public processions in regalia (Remembrance Day, thanksgiving services, foundation laying etc.) but not this kind of mobile trailer next a hot dog stall. The one demonstrates a certain special nature; the other plain everyday ordinariness. I know which I find the more attractive. Further, being able and willing to vouch for the character, circumstances and stability of a potential entrant is paramount in our system. That is most unlikely to be done responsibly with those who walk in off the street or, indeed, sent through a provincial office. It takes a long time to be in a position to take on that responsibility in any proper sense (hint: rule 171!).
  21. I admit it can be a fine line but we are not supposed to recruit; the person in front of you needs to ask to join. It very much depends on how it is done. Recruitment is enlistment and has its root in the military and is an active process; attraction is to allure, to draw together and is a passive process. As I say, it's a fine line but we should remain passive.
  22. So are businesses and so on. The point is they 'recruit' in one way or another. We are enjoined and we agree not to solicit. Freemasonry should be attractive to those we want to have as members and not attractive to those we don't want.
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