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  1. You could always ask whether or not he is a member of that lodge, and, if not, go ahead yourself. If subsequently he were to apply to that lodge, you would be able to raise an objection on 'personal issues'.
  2. A very sad and difficult situation. I'm not intimately acquainted with the finer details of Scandinavian Rite Freemasonry but I'm quite sure that it would be unwise to join a lodge where there could be a brother with whom you are at variance. To do so, would, from what you say, hardly promote brotherly harmony. It really doesn't matter what the 'rights and wrongs' are of this particular case. There would always be rancour. As you are not yet a member, are you quite sure there is no other lodge that you could join which is closer?
  3. Well, apart from Ozymandius' post, this thread is all about the 250th collar jewel and illustrations of them. The '300th' is another event entirely and, of course, it looks different, as it should.
  4. It would seem, then, that as he was not capable of answering for himself in UGLE, the edifice could collapse and his UGLE degree conferrals be void. I really believe this should be referred to the UGLE Grand Secretary for advice, followed by a similar referral to the Mark Grand Secretary.
  5. May I suggest that reference is made to the section: 'Disabled Candidates' in the booklet Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft. This, you will see, is one of the decisions made by the Board of General purposes. In the situation you mention it would seem appropriate seek advice from the Grand Secretary. That some kind of ceremony has been performed involving this poor chap, that is a separate issue which you would need to mention to the Grand Secretary.
  6. Not sure what you mean - it's identical with the one Lewis shows above. Just that yours has been removed from the collar.
  7. Hardly - but nice try, though!
  8. The difficulty to which you refer as far as UGLE is concerned, would have a tendency to impact much wider international recognition, since much of that is based on the structure of 'three degrees and no more; . . . including the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch.' agreed at the 1813 Union which created UGLE. Perhaps a solution may be found for making the 'Ceremony of the Veils' available to English Masons in a similar way to the Mark, by having it as an 'optional extra' which a qualified Mason may take should he wish it to be part of his journey. One possible home for the Veils could be the Royal and Select Masters, as there we already find the Excellent Master and Super Excellent Master in those Cryptic Degrees. By doing so, the 'three degrees and no more' remain unchanged under UGLE, the Mark is already optionally available and then so would the Veils. It has seemed to me over a number of years consideration that only a little effort would be needed to put this into effect. The Veils is already permitted to be demonstrated in our provinces; all it needs is a proper home.
  9. Looks like a signet sealing ring. It's age will be given in the assay marks which i can see on the inner surface. Without more info I don't think much else can be said. There looks as if there might be an inscription - does that give you any clue?
  10. The answer to your question would appear to be a qualified 'yes' but not quite as we would today expect. It's complicated! The matter was exhaustively dealt with by Dr James Campbell in the Prestonian Lecture for 2011. The lecture is to be found in AQC Vol. 125 for 2012. I was present when he delivered the paper in Quatuor Coronati Lodge No.2076. AQC is the annual journal of the transactions of that lodge and back-copies are available from Lewis Masonic.
  11. Boats are very appropriate as, in the early eighteenth century, a Noah legend was used but was soon changed to the HA one we have now. Of course, Noah remained and became an order of its own in the nineteenth century, 'moored' to the Mark for no better reason than it was looking for a home
  12. Thank you Mike. I've told my QC Lodge and Circle about this in case any are interested.
  13. I agree with Mike here. Frequently I'm in direct communication with members of staff in the LibMus at GQS; no involvement with anyone else and no one else's business.
  14. Correct, no one will claim ownership of these significant jewels; they were awarded to lodges and not to individuals. Many qualifying lodges mount them proudly on the Master's collar. However, since so few brethren appear to take much interest in the history of their lodges or of the Craft as a whole, it is not surprising that little is known or passed on about such matters. I would suggest that you do likewise and perhaps address the lodge on the subject.
  15. I have to say that I prefer our English pick-and-mix arrangement, with pre-qualifications, to a regimented order. We can select to our individual tastes and needs, as they develop over the years. Of course, it's the way I'm used to, so won't suit everyone.
  16. Trouillogan


    Welcome, Bro John. We look forward to your comments and queries.
  17. As to the forget-me-not, there have been many stories about its origin and use, including the ridiculous idea that German Freemasons used it for recognition during the horrific period from 1933 to 1945. Here is the paper by Alain Bernheim, highly respected Masonic researcher and international concert pianist, who was himself interred under the nazi regime. It's a lengthy and detailed paper but worth reading to get the truth: http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/bernheim3.html
  18. One of the things that make Freemasonry special is the formal dress, in my opinion. New members appear to like this characteristic. As long as they do, that's fine. A century and more ago knee breeches and hose were the dress, as you will still find in Apollo Lodge today (the members love it and and are proud to continue). So perhaps now may not be yet the time for a wholesale change.
  19. I'm quite old but I haven't started dribbling yet! 🤤
  20. The world has detractors on every subject under the sun; the Internet just makes communications easier. It's good that nowadays UGLE keep a constant eye on these things and when something specific or actionable comes up or we tell them, these days they act. Besides, people with even half a brain cell take little heed of social media ranting posts, whether the writer is an unknown hiding behind a pseudonym or even a president of some company or country. Such posts without evidential references are worthless, void and of no effect.
  21. Trouillogan


    Well, therein lies the enigma which I couldn't possibly discuss in an open forum!
  22. Trouillogan


    You mean, like the sides of a right-angled triangle are in the ratio of 3:4:5. Now, 3+4=7; 7x5=35; add the two together and total is 42, which, as we all know is the answer to life, the universe and everything! Or am i giving too much away?
  23. Welcome to the forum. Bearing in mind your other post, it would be a good idea to introduce yourself here; your general background and your freemasonry to date.
  24. Was your own father was born in England? If so, then your grandfather's real name will be on your father's birth certificate, details of which are held in the Public Records Office which you can get on-line.
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