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  1. Troulligan - thanks for answering my questions, sounds like a can of worms to be sure!
  2. Could I ask why London has just LGR/SLGR, yet the Provinces have a myriad of Provincial Honours? Why do the Provinces not have the London system? (Or vice versa) And... how long have the Honours system been in place? I'm intrigued (especially as I have recently received my first appointment as PPrJGD, dead chuffed).
  3. Hi Jules, I remember you from days of yore when you gave me good advice re Joining UGLE from LDH. 13 years later, and I have been through the Chairs of both my Craft and Mark Lodges. As you can see from my signature I have joined a few other things as well!Thank you for your help in ages past.S&F Midlander
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