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  1. Thanks Soltran. The secretary of my Lodge has been in touch with GQS andI have some good feedback. There is a Masonic Protocol for overseas visits thatI need to adhere to / should not be contravened. I now remember visiting a Lodge in Wisconsin,USA, back in 2011. It looks like, whilst I had a number of options (in terms ofthe number of lodges I could visit) in the USA, this may not be the case inUkraine. Oh well, …not the end of the world. @ Mike - Many thanks; I shall bear your advice in mind. YS&F,
  2. Frank (13/11/2015)Welcome to the forum.Werics (12/11/2015)PGL of MasonIs this a typo?Ah... yes :-D. Apologies Brethren. I meant to write PGL of Surrey. I do have a good a excuse though; the message was written at 11.32pm ;-).Cheers,
  3. Dear All,I am traveling to Ukraine soon and would like to know if anybody has any experience of attending a lodge meeting (s), as a visitor, in Ukraine (the Grand Lodge of Ukraine).Cheers,E.
  4. Greetings,I joined this forum yesterday and look forward to learning and sharing information. I have been a Freemason for nearly 9 years, currently SW, and will go through the chair as WM next year.WericsPGL of Mason
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