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  1. DavidGoode

    Lodge in warsaw poland

    Presumably because it’s a deeply conservative Roman Catholic country.
  2. DavidGoode

    Gutted that I Couldn't Go

    Seems very mean-spirited. If he’s paid his debt to society and turned his life around, he deserves another chance.
  3. DavidGoode

    Earliest Mark Mason

    A Freudian slip, Jon?!
  4. DavidGoode

    Reform is blocked

    Ah, yes, the incomparable taste of sour grapes on a New Year's morning.
  5. DavidGoode

    Resignation or drop out of Wardens

    Spot on, Trouillogan, as always.
  6. Yes, that's the one. Mine arrived last week.
  7. There’s an interesting article on quasi-masonic organisations in the current AQC.
  8. DavidGoode

    Good Morning ;-)

    And a very good morning to you, too, Laurent. Welcome to the forum.
  9. DavidGoode

    Initiation on Saturday

    Good luck, Guy, as you take your first step!
  10. DavidGoode

    Women Freemasons on the BBC

    No, I don't think HFAF organise at all in Cambridge. I have met several of the members of Lodge Granta, and also some other East Anglian lodges. And encouraged some women of my acquaintance to contact them!
  11. DavidGoode

    Women Freemasons on the BBC

    I think they both organise in the Province of Cambridgeshire, they just don't tread on each other's toes in a single place, and I'm sure the Grand Master said that only one or the other organise a University lodge in a university town. Maybe she can correct me if I've misunderstood. I don't support the idea of mixed lodges, but I'm looking forward to the day that UGLE recognises the two women's Grand Lodges and we can visit each other. I'd love to go!
  12. DavidGoode

    Women Freemasons on the BBC

    I've not met her but we corresponded recently. About the Universities Scheme, in fact. There's an OWF lodge here, and HFAF and OWF have an agreement, so HFAF don't operate here. I'm not sure if the OWF lodge had a stand at Freshers' Fair. Mind you, we don't even have one ourselves, so I think there's room in future years for a shared stand.
  13. There's a good piece on the BBC web site this morning about women's Freemasonry.
  14. DavidGoode

    Tercentenary Celebration at the RAH

    I think Mike has hit the nail on the head. UGLE is a conveniently large target, but it isn’t the real problem. That is inconveniently close to home. Also, I’m not sure the Craft is an esoteric society, though it’s certainly the training ground and key to the door to esoteric knowledge in further orders, for those who wish to pursue it. In much the same way as we often say "We're not a secret society, we’re a society with some secrets", I think it would be more accurate to say "We’re not an esoteric society, we're a society with some esoteric teaching". Different people get different things from Freemasonry, as Mike says, but I don’t think anyone searching for esoteric knowledge would be satisfied by what they find in the Craft. Just think of the opening and full closing in the Third!
  15. DavidGoode

    Rose Croix - Dwindling numbers?

    Jon, it was a very moving experience. A lot to contemplate. I'm looking forward to visiting other Chapters, and particularly to seeing others Perfected so I can start to put it all into context. Are you coming to Euclid tomorrow? It's a busy one. We open at 15.30 sharp for a double exaltation, adjourn for refreshments, then back up to install the Principals for the year.