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  1. Or go ahead and recognise their contribution anyway. I can think of several brothers in our Province with dark blue rosettes on their aprons.
  2. My thinking is quite simple: the exoteric honours system has (I believe) become so prominent to make up for a lack of any meaningful esoteric content. How different might English Freemasonry feel if everyone wore the same plain white apron in Craft lodges, an ordinary companion's apron in the RA, with a clear pathway from Craft to Royal Arch to the 18th Degree of the Ancient & Accepted Rite, the Rose Croix, for example.
  3. @Trouillogan, I know what it would take, but I also know it will never happen, for the reasons you outline in your opening three paragraphs. What it would take is this, for UGLE to abandon the exoteric and divisive "honours" system and embrace some of the orders beyond Craft and RA. Mark, RAM, and A&AR would be a start. It's a pipe dream, I know, but that would be a radical move which would bear fruit.
  4. Or even worse, why some lodges would neither close nor amalgamate, but just die slowly.
  5. Yes, welcome, Eric. Visit. Get yourself out there and enjoy. And we are all mostly a nice bunch. Even Trouillogan, Sontaran, and Jon, all of whom I know!
  6. Maybe each order should abolish regalia beyond the highest degree it confers. One could then receive promotions in recognition of service, and be bestowed fancy titles such as Worshipful This, or Very Worshipful That, or Right Worshipful The Other, but only ever be dressed humbly and unassumingly, exactly the same as all the other Master Masons in a Craft Lodge, or Companions in Chapter, or Mark Master Masons, etc.
  7. Er, "in fine" is Latin, meaning "in, or at, the end, finally".
  8. Welcome, Steve. Speech advice? Stand up, thank your proposer and seconder, and sit down!
  9. Before the ban, Indonesian Freemasonry was organised by and under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of the Netherlands, and was therefore irregular. If it’s been restarted in the same jurisdiction, then it won’t be regular now either, and indeed Indonesia is not in the list of recognised Grand Lodges on the UGLE web site. So, if you do find a lodge and join, you should be aware that you would be joining an irregular group not recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England and the other regular Grand Lodges around the world. Caveat emptor.
  10. Well, Sun purchasers can’t read entire paragraphs. Or, in many cases, even whole sentences. But they do like to ogle the photos
  11. Presumably because it’s a deeply conservative Roman Catholic country.
  12. Seems very mean-spirited. If he’s paid his debt to society and turned his life around, he deserves another chance.
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