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  1. The Americans have never understood anything about class and elegance, and the fact that the British are imitating them in their way of dressing is a disgrace
  2. That's exactly my point. I wrote about the principle of "exclusivity" a while ago in another post and that's the logic by joining any kind of particular group. I am firmly convinced that UGLE is using advertising techniques to recruit more members. From a professional point of view, it is very easy to recognise the patterns of modernisation, visual identity, and rebranding. These marketing strategies, are used to promote a product, in this case the product being Freemasonry. This a wrong approach in my opinion, firstly because we are talking about something that is above the mundane aspects of life and it should be treated in a different manner, and secondly is wrong from a professional point of view. In purely marketing terminology, in order to increase demand the product needs to be desirable and selective. As I said in another post, psychologically, people want to belong to something exclusive, not to something where everybody else belongs to. Everybody wants to be part of an elite. For the top notch products, you don't see advertising. They don't need to and also because they know that advertising the product means to cheapen it. This is called the luxury strategy, which aims at creating highest brand value by leveraging all intangible elements of singularity. Instead, UGLE decided to go for the fashion strategy where those intangible elements of singularity do not count; fashion sells by being fashionable, which is to say, a very perishable value. That's why you see the new re-branding campaign. In marketing I would compare Freemasonry to luxury, not fashion. Want to increase demand? You need to use the anti-laws i.e. forget about positions, luxury is not comparative; make it difficult for clients to buy; the role of advertising is not to sell; do not sell; do not hire consultants; do not test; do not look for consensus; do not sell openly. I very much believe that is what Freemasonry has been doing so far and that's why we have survived through the ages. Now they are changing the cards, and what will come will not be very good, in my opinion.
  3. I get your point Mike and I'm glad to hear that quality is still considered. Although I'm still of the idea that the new marketing and rebranding campaigns are oriented towards a heavily recruitment campaign, and I am against such kind of advertisement. I think that the only advertisment that should be done within Freemasonry is that of word-of-mouth. But again, this is my personal opinion. Regarding the Provinces, I often hear that everything is done "because UGLE is pushing", that's what I get. Also, it seems that the PGMs are very keen about numbers and there is always the pressure of "more people" and "more charity". Or at least that is what happened in my old Province, perhaps it is not the case in the other ones. "Drop the unnecessary and excessive secrecy".... well, this would open a huge debate which most likely won't take us anywhere, and find me in total opposition to the majority of the brethren here. So in order to not create disharmony, let's agree to disagree
  4. I'm not sure about that Mike. UGLE is all about quantity. Everything is done to attract more members, there's no other reason. What's the point to publicise so much the Craft and also publicising how much money we give to charity? Sontaran suggested that we do it to "combat the perceived view presented by conspiracy theorists everywhere", but I think this is a wrong approach. Conspirators will never change their mind, we all know that, no matter what you tell them. The best way is to ignore them all at once. Regarding charity, I'm much more oriented towards the "when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you" attitude. But Masonic Charity is used as a tool for Masonic awareness and publicity, which combined with the Marketing and Recruitment strategy is so obvious that it is for the purpose of hyping membership. In my ex-province I was collaborating with the Recruitment and the interviewing process for the University Scheme students. The majority of them were all about the esotericism and they got frustrated once they got in, because esotericism is totally neglected if not hindered by UGLE. Then there were those that think Freemasonry confers some sort of advantages. I could tell straight away and guess what, they got in anyway! I once questioned the Lodge Mentor that was in charge of the interviewing process about the integrity of a prospective member, his answer was "Who am I to judge"? I told him that he was exactly the guy that needs to judge if one gets in or not! A brother like that is a disgrace in that office. Letting everyone in because "we need new members" and "UGLE pushes the province to get new members". Disappointing to say the least. I know that I'm heavily inclined toward esotericism and perhaps is not the way for everybody, but I believe there should be a certain balance between the social and esoteric aspects of Freemasonry. At the moment our Grand Lodge is all about the social aspect. I loved Lord Northampton and shared his view of Freemasonry, but he left...
  5. I totally disagree with this recent tendency of advertising Masonry as if it were just another club. I'm also totally against the new UGLE marketing and re-branding campaigns. I believe they have nothing to do with Masonry. Quality over quantity please, we don't need thousands of lodges to survive. The Masonic light will never be extinguished. I've joined because I did a personal research and came to the conclusion that Masonry has something invaluable to offer, not because I was bombarded with advertising.
  6. That's an absolute disgrace! Those brethren that push him to lie should be kicked out right away. I would report that immediately to the Provincial Secretary and if he does nothing than escalate. Did you raise your objections in open lodge? You can still report that by the way
  7. Thanks God they finally realise that! In my province it was all about increasing membership no matter the quality of the candidates.
  8. Oh yes, I totally agree with you! Although it's not really the way it works in many lodges I've been. Even at Provincial level, they do a couple of meetings (interviews) and that's it. Unfortunately nowadays many lodges are so desperately looking for new members that they accept anyone.
  9. Where? That's definitively not in England. University scheme lodges recruit all members after only 1-2 interviews
  10. Hahahah someone should have told the author that the Royal Order of Scotland comes later on
  11. "... Dr Staples, who is an NHS clinical director". Quite irrelevant I would say
  12. It's ok that journalists and their editors notoriously tailor the interview to their needs, but I don't understand why Steve White had to bring Freemasonry into that interview in the first place.
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