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  1. That's an absolute disgrace! Those brethren that push him to lie should be kicked out right away. I would report that immediately to the Provincial Secretary and if he does nothing than escalate. Did you raise your objections in open lodge? You can still report that by the way
  2. Thanks God they finally realise that! In my province it was all about increasing membership no matter the quality of the candidates.
  3. Oh yes, I totally agree with you! Although it's not really the way it works in many lodges I've been. Even at Provincial level, they do a couple of meetings (interviews) and that's it. Unfortunately nowadays many lodges are so desperately looking for new members that they accept anyone.
  4. Where? That's definitively not in England. University scheme lodges recruit all members after only 1-2 interviews
  5. Hahahah someone should have told the author that the Royal Order of Scotland comes later on
  6. "... Dr Staples, who is an NHS clinical director". Quite irrelevant I would say
  7. It's ok that journalists and their editors notoriously tailor the interview to their needs, but I don't understand why Steve White had to bring Freemasonry into that interview in the first place.
  8. Congratulation Brother! It's never too late
  9. Funny enough I'm in the opposite position. Long line in my Lodge and I was looking to join a "Fast Track" Lodge in order to be more involved with the ritual. Long story short, I haven't been able to find one Lodge in the Greater Manchester area nevertheless I keep hearing that quite a number of Lodges had to close this year due to not enough members.
  10. Just got it today! Nice article but I would have loved to see modern orders mentioned as well. No order such as Golden Dawn or OTO that have a grade where they make masons (according to them...) are mentioned.
  11. You mean the AQC that we should receive around this time?
  12. Every few months would be enough I guess. The major ones are always around. If they have identified those that have been around for a while it would make sense to say which are them then. I probably think OTO is one of them, but strangely enough there is plenty of UGLE people there...I've actually met a Brother that is in a very dark "order" and I've tried to find out how to report him. Long story short, it seems to me that nobody cares and I was quite disappointed to hear responses such as 'everybody have their own interests'...
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