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  1. Checking on Wikipedia and it shows 4 GLs in Morocco (see below). Does anyone have any experience of lodges in Morocco? Might be heading out that way and wouldn't mind taking a look, going along and seeing what's what. And of course I'd love to speak with any Moroccan brethen who might be around here! Thanks Morocco Grande Loge du Maroc[1][36] 1964 CLIPSAS CPMAM, UMM Morocco Grande Loge unie du Maroc (United Grand Lodge of Morocco)[37][38] 2005 5 80 GLUDE[37] Morocco Grande Loge Féminine du Maroc (Women's Grand Lodge of Morocco)[36][39] 2008 3 Morocco Grande Loge Régulière du Royaume du Maroc (Regular Grand Lodge of the Kingdom of Morocco) (GLRRM)[4][40] 2000 7 [8]
  2. Thanks - I'll check those out.Funnily enough, in the UGLE posted this on Facebook this morning; it's a carving made by American troops in WW1 in Northern France.The full article is here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3649043/Stunning-network-intricately-carved-WWI-tunnels-rediscovered-amateur-explorer-revealed-250-designs-etched-quarry-walls-troops.htmlPS Sorry for posting a link to the Daily Mail. ;)
  3. If one were taking a car trip from Calais to the South of France, from North-West Italy down to the centre, and then across Greece, are there any sites of masonic interest you would recommend?I'm thinking of an ancient lodge or perhaps an old wall with masonic graffiti on it, the burial place of a venerated mason and so on. Anything out of the ordinary but of interest to masons really.Any ideas?Thanks!
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