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  1. I’m a member in the north east. Do you have any more information?
  2. Is anyone here a member of this? For £2 I was thinking about it To support its work even though I’m unlikely to make meetings.
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4193914/Former-Freemason-caught-child-sex-sting-police.html
  4. The border province of the supreme royal arch chapter of Scotland is holding one on Saturday 6th May if anyone would like to join. A one off lifetime fee of £20 and that includes a tie and food on there day.
  5. I'm a member of kilwinning 24 cork lodge. We only meet once every two years. Its worth doing even just for a bit of fun. Let me know if you decide to go through and the date and I'll try and pop up for it.
  6. Hi Brethren,I'm thinking of subscribing to a "Correspondence Circle" possibly two. Obviously Quatuor Coronati stands out as the one to join and I think I'm 95% going to subscribe to it. I see there is several other English based ones and i've been recommended one based in California. Each one seems to vary is price and "product" offered. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of any or recommendations etcThanks in advanceHussar
  7. Hello, I'm also a member of the Scottish constitution. My lodge is in Edinburgh. If I can help with any advice I'd be glad to do so.
  8. I think it was 4 months but the average is around three months around my way. Some lodges meet twice a months which reduces it to a month and a half
  9. Ha ha yes. I find in masonry somebody always knows somebody you know where ever you go. If your free on Wednesday 22nd this month you are welcome to come along to Edinburgh as my guest to my craft lodge.
  10. https://toyekenningandspencer.co.uk/shop/masonic/english-constitution-regalia/craft/tercentenary/tercentenary-breast-jewel-metal-gilt.htmlFollow this link will
  11. Thank you frank. I'm not a member but it is an order that really interests me as my family are from Ireland so I have an interest in Irish Masonry. I often go to craft meetings in Gateshead
  12. I'm not a member but a lot of my mates are. It was muted about me joining the eastern matches a while back but it has never really been mentioned again. I come out the craft chair In October so I will have more time then.
  13. There is one in Berwick if you ever fancy joining an English one.
  14. I'm looking forward to attending this. Is any member of the forum going?
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