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  1. If i have read correctly wasn't there only two degrees originally, then a third was added and the royal arch degree is an extension of the third degree. And that there was two fractions to freemasonry until a compromise was met in 1813. Again i do stress i am not a member yet and that this is just things i have read and not sure if this is correct or not. If anyone can help i would be grateful
  2. Yes Exactly that, has freemasonry changed to be more in line with the time period, what i mean without trying to be disrespectful or too ignorant have things been left out or added in to suit how life is at the time, is freemasonry something that is ever changing to blend in with society or is it more not exactly static but more set in its ways?
  3. Posted a question a while ago which was why was freemasonry started, no real answer for that as to be fair no one could really answer it, next question is has freemasonry changed through the years or is it basically the same as when it was formed.
  4. Hope some of these questions i am now posting aren't to silly, have said in one of my last posts that i do have quite a few questions trying to put them in some sort of logical order and can i just apologise if some of the questions i post have already been discussed (like last topic). Basically my question is the title Who Is Hiram Abiff?
  5. I have been on the forum a few times I'm not a mason (at the moment) but on my last topic i was asked why not ask questions about freemasonry that may help me Instead of asking opinions. I do have a few questions about freemasonry as i am very curious on this subject, trying to put them in order for them to make sense to myself in a logical/follow on way has been quite confusing as i have read many different articles and sites on the web. So i thought i would start from scratch, hence the title, Why Was Freemasonry Started.
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