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  1. To clarify - I was talking about Hants & IoW, to which myself and Not quite so Uninitiated belong.
  2. Not strictly true, certainly for the last 5+ years. Plenty of active officers around over the last few years with no HRA jewel.
  3. Feint star = you've posted in the thread and the thread is read. Dark star = you've posted on the thread and there are unread posts within the thread
  4. Dot = unread Blank = read Star = you've replied to the thread
  5. Didn't see the job advert anywhere, did you?
  6. norwichman (08/01/2017)I know Guy from other Forums :blink: You do? Gi's a clue!Guy
  7. Can you zap me a summons for both RAM and Mark - might be able to make this.Guy
  8. bod (12/09/2016)I would imagine that it is a role as opposed to an officeCorrect - it's not a formal office, and has no precedence in the list of Lodge officers.Guy
  9. Congratulations - sorry I couldn't be there, work got in the way. My Lodge (More Majorum, also at Farnborough) is conducting a 1st in November if you're interested.Guy
  10. I'm in town for the day on the 23rd Jan - has anyone got any meetings going on at either GQS or MMH that I can come to? Will pay my way re dining etc.taGuy
  11. Anyone within reasonable distance of Farnborough who fancies coming to see a double 1st then let me know. More Majorum Lodge will be tyling at 3.30 on Sat. 16th Nov at Farnborough Masonic Centre. Dining is c£18.Guy
  12. All my masonry (except AMD and ROoS) is Hants & IoW. Numbers in signature. Mostly in the north of the Province but quite a bit in Botley too.Guy
  13. Great news. Enjoy it, the second degree is too often seen as a 'stepping stone' by a Lodge and not given the credence it deserves. The degree has an important message and the long version of the second tools have a particular poignancy. The 2nd Tracing Board is also a fascinating piece of ritual, both to listen to and deliver.Guy
  14. lauderdale (23/06/2010)....or is it a case that the majority of ordinary Brethren on travelling to foreign lands just visit Lodges thereanyway? I'm guessing this is closer to what actually goes on, especially with brethren making contact through forums and the various masonic mailing lists. I can see why the process exists (ie to stop brethren visiting 'irregular' GLs) but I do agree that it should be made far easier and quicker..... Guy
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