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  1. And a Country Sports Lodge to come - covid put paid to that consecration.
  2. the ProvGSec is a salaried office, not sure about others but think the office staff are too.
  3. To clarify - I was talking about Hants & IoW, to which myself and Not quite so Uninitiated belong.
  4. Not strictly true, certainly for the last 5+ years. Plenty of active officers around over the last few years with no HRA jewel.
  5. Feint star = you've posted in the thread and the thread is read. Dark star = you've posted on the thread and there are unread posts within the thread
  6. Dot = unread Blank = read Star = you've replied to the thread
  7. Didn't see the job advert anywhere, did you?
  8. norwichman (08/01/2017)I know Guy from other Forums :blink: You do? Gi's a clue!Guy
  9. Can you zap me a summons for both RAM and Mark - might be able to make this.Guy
  10. bod (12/09/2016)I would imagine that it is a role as opposed to an officeCorrect - it's not a formal office, and has no precedence in the list of Lodge officers.Guy
  11. Congratulations - sorry I couldn't be there, work got in the way. My Lodge (More Majorum, also at Farnborough) is conducting a 1st in November if you're interested.Guy
  12. I'm in town for the day on the 23rd Jan - has anyone got any meetings going on at either GQS or MMH that I can come to? Will pay my way re dining etc.taGuy
  13. Anyone within reasonable distance of Farnborough who fancies coming to see a double 1st then let me know. More Majorum Lodge will be tyling at 3.30 on Sat. 16th Nov at Farnborough Masonic Centre. Dining is c£18.Guy
  14. All my masonry (except AMD and ROoS) is Hants & IoW. Numbers in signature. Mostly in the north of the Province but quite a bit in Botley too.Guy
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