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  1. After doing my own research this is what I've managed to find out. 250th ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE JEWEL On 14 June 1967 the 250th anniversary of Grand Lodge was celebrated at the Royal Albert Hall. Centrepiece of the celebrations was the installation as Grand Master of HRH The Duke of Kent, who still holds that office today. In 1966 in celebration of Freemasonry's 250th anniversary, Lord Scarbrough, launched a charitable appeal in February 1966 to mark the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons. It was marked with a massive donation by the Craft to the Royal College of Surgeons to endow a research chair at the College for the benefit of mankind as a whole. "The College has a long and special relationship with Freemasonry in England with the advancement of surgery, owing much to the generosity and constant support of Freemasons, who have contributed money and time to the College over many years. "He proposed that every English Freemason should give £1 towards `the betterment of human health and `happiness." The purpose of the appeal was to establish a charitable fund with the income being made available to the College for research. The appeal was enthusiastically embraced by Freemasons, and resulted in the establishment of the 250th Anniversary Fund for "research into the science of surgery". This fund is used for non-Masonic charities and endows research units under the auspices of the Royal College of Surgeons. More than £580,000 was raised, and used to create the first Masonic charity with exclusively non-Masonic objectives. In its first years, the fund gave £25,000 to the Royal College of Surgeons of England, financing the first three Freemasons’ surgical research fellowships, a dental research fellowship and a library grant to help with the research process. The donation took the form of a collection equal to £1 per member of the Lodge to the Grand Master’s Fund. Lodges achieving their own target in this respect were accorded the right to a 250th Anniversary Commemorative Jewel; to mark this event the Jewel now adorns the Master’s collar. The medallion is in ‘Red and Blue’ enamel showing the Arms of the Premier Grand Lodge and the years 1717 to 1967. The charity’s objectives remain ‘to further, in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons, research in the science of surgery’. The following address is suggested as being suitable for the use at Installation of the new Worshipful Master and could be delivered by the Installing Master, at his option, immediately after the presentation of the Warrant, Book of Constitutions and the By-Laws and Hall Stone Lodge Jewel if appropriate. (Extract from the Emulation Ritual Book) Worshipful Master, during the Ceremony of Installing you into the Chair of this Lodge, I had the honour of investing you with the Collar and Jewel of your office. In addition to the Square, that collar is adorned with the Commemorative Jewel indicating that the members of this Lodge played their part in establishing a Fund which commemorated the preservation of Freemasonry through two and a half centuries. The design of the jewel embodies the central theme of the Arms first granted to the ‘Hole Crafte and Fellowship of Masons; in 1472. As you are aware, the income from this very substantial Fund is placed at the disposal of the Royal College of Surgeons of England to further research into the science of surgery as a real and practical contribution for the betterment of the health and happiness of humanity. I feel sure, Worshipful Master, the members will always feel great pride and satisfaction that the adornment to the Master’s Collar marks the Lodge’s participation in this great enterprise. Personally I think that this jewel for those Lodges between 1918 & 1967 should prize this Jewel as those Lodges that have the Hall Stone Jewel. By the way, my District has now applied to UGLE for further information on the presentation within our District. Hopefully I'll get some more information shortly
  2. A Lodge contributed to this fund, in and around 1967 and as a result was awarded the 250th Anniversary Commemorative Jewel to wear on the WM's collar. Does anyone know how I can find out which Lodges contributed and were awarded this Jewel. I have recently come across the jewel discarded in the waste bin but no one claims ownership.
  3. Can you confirm which Rule he would be expelled from HRA. You quoted 66B.


    It varies from order to order, although more and more are requiring continuing membership of qualifying orders.  Royal Arch now requires continuing membership of Craft; if you resign from all your Craft lodges, you have exactly one year to again become a subscribing member - if you fail to do so, you are automatically resigned from your Royal Arch chapters (Rule 66B).

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    2. lewis


      That's the problem, I cant find a Rule 66B in my 2012 edition.


      Found it now in the 2018 edition.


      Thanks, thought i was going crazy

    3. Sontaran


      Secretary should always have the latest version 😎 (paid for on Sec's expenses!) - or just use the online version on the UGLE website (which is what I do)

    4. lewis
  4. Interesting story. If he was indeed a Freemason before 1958 he would have registered in his REAL name. There lies the problem. With out this detail it will be impossible to search the records to find him. Sorry
  5. Note that you do not need to be awarded Provincial Honors. A MM has has been outstanding for many many years can be promoted to a Past Provincial Grand Pursuivant with rosettes on his apron. Very rare but can be. Sorry, didn't see the post above before I posted my comments
  6. I don't get involved with politics
  7. Only the last one is recognised by UGLE
  8. No toast are to be given when the waiting staff are in the dining room. This should be down to your DoC. There is a laid out procedure for toast giving when having a function with non-masons in attendance as stated above by Sontaran
  9. This was sent out via my District. You might enjoy the read Jan._2019.pdf
  10. Outside of the University scheme, you are to vouch that you know the Candidate for a length of time. Are you willing to vouch for him if you have only just met him? I doubt it. You might click straight away but you still need someone to second him. Hence it can take a couple of years. (Its not a numbers game)
  11. Dave, remember someone (proposer and seconder) has to have known you for at least 2 years before coming a member. Flights from Jakatar to KL are from £40 return
  12. Sorry to say Dave that the closest Lodge to you is in Malaysia were we have 39 Lodges followed by Hong Kong and Australia
  13. Adoniram, who had been an officer of King David in charge of labour gangs, continued under Kind Solomon and was placed in charge of the working gangs working in Lebanon. King Solomon also employed 70,000 burden bearers and 80,000 hewers of stone in the hill country, as well as 3,300 officers in charge of the men carrying out the work. (Some thirty years after the completion of the temple, when Rehoboam sent Adoniram to enforce the collection of taxes, the frustrated masses rebelled and stoned Adoniram to death.) Adoniram, the son of Abda, was the tax collector in the United Kingdom of Israel for over forty years, from the late years of King David's reign until the reign of Rehoboam. Wikipedia
  14. Have we got a problem here ??? Sure it must only be a glitzt?
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