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  1. Note that you do not need to be awarded Provincial Honors. A MM has has been outstanding for many many years can be promoted to a Past Provincial Grand Pursuivant with rosettes on his apron. Very rare but can be. Sorry, didn't see the post above before I posted my comments
  2. I don't get involved with politics
  3. Only the last one is recognised by UGLE
  4. No toast are to be given when the waiting staff are in the dining room. This should be down to your DoC. There is a laid out procedure for toast giving when having a function with non-masons in attendance as stated above by Sontaran
  5. This was sent out via my District. You might enjoy the read Jan._2019.pdf
  6. Outside of the University scheme, you are to vouch that you know the Candidate for a length of time. Are you willing to vouch for him if you have only just met him? I doubt it. You might click straight away but you still need someone to second him. Hence it can take a couple of years. (Its not a numbers game)
  7. Dave, remember someone (proposer and seconder) has to have known you for at least 2 years before coming a member. Flights from Jakatar to KL are from £40 return
  8. Sorry to say Dave that the closest Lodge to you is in Malaysia were we have 39 Lodges followed by Hong Kong and Australia
  9. Adoniram, who had been an officer of King David in charge of labour gangs, continued under Kind Solomon and was placed in charge of the working gangs working in Lebanon. King Solomon also employed 70,000 burden bearers and 80,000 hewers of stone in the hill country, as well as 3,300 officers in charge of the men carrying out the work. (Some thirty years after the completion of the temple, when Rehoboam sent Adoniram to enforce the collection of taxes, the frustrated masses rebelled and stoned Adoniram to death.) Adoniram, the son of Abda, was the tax collector in the United Kingdom of Israel for over forty years, from the late years of King David's reign until the reign of Rehoboam. Wikipedia
  10. Have we got a problem here ??? Sure it must only be a glitzt?
  11. So I take it you are from military background?
  12. This applies to our District. The Chaplain always reads his prayers. I personally think if anything is to be read it should be the Obligations.
  13. From a former serviceman. Can't means won't. Won't means jail.....................
  14. MEMBERSHIP OF QUASI-MASONIC AND OTHER ORGANISATIONS You have been informed that various organisations are banned by the United Grand Lodge of England, that you are forbidden to join them. How can you break a rule that you do not know exists? As no official list has been published, how do you know what you can or cannot attend? The Book of Constitutions governs this area. Grand Lodge has never issued a definitive list of incompatible organisations as many of them are short-lived. This is the subject of Rule 176 in the Book of Constitutions, which states: A person who has in any way been connected with any organisation which is quasi-Masonic, imitative of Masonry, or regarded by the Grand Lodge as irregular or as incompatible with the Craft, may not be initiated into the Craft except by leave of the Grand Master or the Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Master, as the case may be. A Brother who subsequent to his initiation has in any way been or is connected with any such organisation as above-mentioned shall be bound to disclaim and finally to sever such connection, or on failure so to do when called upon to do so by any proper Masonic authority shall be liable to suspension or expulsion and shall not thereafter be entitled to a resumption of his Masonic privileges until he shall have petitioned the Grand Master, made due submission, and obtained grace. Incompatible organisations fall into three groups: a) Organisations where men and women sit together in Lodges/Chapters purporting to be Masonic, including: Order of the Eastern Star International Order of Co-Masonry b) Organisations which are imitative of Freemasonry or require a Freemason to be present in their Masonic capacity: Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis Association des Juristes European Macons Groupement Interprofessionel du Tourisme European Independent United Order of Mechanics Jobs Daughters Loyal Order of Moose Order of Rainbow for Girls Order of Demolay for Boys Royal Knights of Justice c) Groups claiming to be Masonic which Grand Lodge believe to be irregular, including: Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim Atheneum Grand Lodges Hiram Grand Lodges Independent Order of Mechanics Universal League of Freemasons Organisations which are compatible with membership of the Craft include: Buffaloes, Royal Antediluvian Order (RAOB) B’nai Brith Druids Fellowship of the Services Foresters High Twelve Club (USA) Lions Clubs National Sojourners (USA) Odd Fellows Orange Order Rechabites Rotary Round Table Societas Resicruciana in Anglia Sons of England Any other organisations should be referred to the Grand Secretary’s office for advice and research. If, however, it is a social gathering in the sense of a “white table” or other social event where members of the public who are not members of the Order have the opportunity to be present then there should be no objection to them attending.
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