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  1. I totally understand. Driving/parking/dinning is becoming a problem all round now. Good luck finding a new Lodge and one that can survive for a long time. Remember if you do change, consider changing yourself to that Province
  2. As many times as they can stand you😝 Become a PIG Permanent Invited Guest
  3. If you are still an attached mason (paying member of another lodge) you can visit as many times as you like. If you are an unattached mason (not a member of any lodge) the old rule was once only but that rule has been rescinded. You can visit several times to any Lodge
  4. Great if you subscribe to the Times otherwise you can not read this article
  5. Yes I agree it's down. But there's not been much postings lately on this forum either.
  6. Does anyone know how a lodge qualified for the 275 collar Jewel?
  7. Hi, I've been searching everywhere to try and obtain two of these jewels to replace lost ones for lodges in Malaysia. Has any one got any ideas where I can purchase them?
  8. The Grand Lodge of Sweden (The Swedish Order of Freemasons) is recognised by UGLE
  9. Someone has been taught to be cautious
  10. I suppose you could always try to approach GLoI to form a Lodge with a travelling warrant and hold meetings in London?
  11. It seems in the Uk the 3 Grand Lodges (English, Irish and Scottish) have their own Constitutions in their own Country. That's not saying you can't. You would need to go through your Provincial Secretary. I'm in an EC lodge in Malaysia where we have all 3 Constitutions operating here as well as all the various Side Degrees.
  12. As an A-political Freemason (British UGLE official freemasonary) ?????
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