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  1. I did speak with a one or two veterans who didn't attend for reasons stated above, however I was in attendance along with a lot of serving and ex serving members of the armed forces including one or two that served in Iraq with Johnson. Also chatted with Danny who seemed quite cool and relaxed about the whole thing, a real nice chap
  2. Glad you enjoyed, more than welcome to attend any time. s&f Chas
  3. Morning Gents/Brethren, Quick query. I need to stick a badge on my apron, anyone know of a good glue that will do the job ? thanks Chas
  4. Depends where you live, here in Nottingham we have a Provincial team that select the correct lodge based on the candidates preferences. Hopefully someone will be in touch with you, if not feel free to PM me.
  5. Hand over of chair completed for Glittering Star...weekend was good and great to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. Could do with a few serving soldiers to bolster the ranks though :-) i feel lonely in red Interestingly the WM chair was made when the Regt was out in India s&f Chas
  6. Morning Gents/Brethren,I will be in London on Tuesday April 10th to attend the Royal Signals lodge (Certa Cito). I will be staying overnight on the 10th at the Union Jack Club so if anyone is in town and fancies a pint feel free to pm me.S&FChas
  7. Gents/Brethren, Random query time. I have a few founders jewels which I need to convert to PM ones. I have heard it can be done but unable to find anyone that actually does it. Do any of you know of anyone that can undertake this type of conversion work ? thanks in advance Chas
  8. I now have in my possession the summons for the installation meeting, dm me for a copy for those that are interested.
  9. Brethren All, Glittering Star Lodge 322 I.C. will hold it's Installation meeting on Saturday, 17th March 2018 at The Molesley Masonic Hall, 121 Alcester Road South, King's Heath, Birmingham. BT14 6DT. We will be honoured by the presence of the R.W. Assistant Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Leslie Nixon. If you are suitably qualified and would like to witness the Irish Installation Ceremony please let us know - we would be delighted to see you there. S&F Chas
  10. I was glancing through AQC 1 and came across a reference to it. so as you do I delved further. It is available in the Google book store for free
  11. Brethren All, Whilst perusing through various books I came across one called 'The history of Staffordshire' by Dr Robert Plot. Now am not stating I have found a new Masonic revelation as I believe it is mentioned in AQC Vol 1 but an interesting snippet from history especially as it pre dates the 1717 formation of GL regards Chas
  12. thanks for the welcome, not as active as I used to be on here but will dip in and out :-)
  13. Morning All, Been a long time since I was last on this forum but thought I would rekindle the flame. Look forward to reading the posts fraternally Forester (aka Chas)
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