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  1. Greetings from Sweden. You have a lot of things ahead of you (I hold the VI degree in the swedish rite).
  2. To clarify a bit. You wont learn about freemasonry by studying old german texts as the rituals have gone in other directions as the ritual writers saw fit. Albert Pike is only intressting in a AASR context outside of it he is worthless.
  3. And in other places new lodges are started to handle the number of men who wants to join. Sure its declining but it has nothing to do with just freemasonry, most fraternal orders has the same problem.
  4. Rasmus Olsson, 28 years old. I work the swedish rite under the GL of Sweden. I hold the IV-V degree and is a member of the lodge of St. Andrews Lejonet och Kronan (the lion and the crown.) in Gothenburg. Im FCM (first master of cermonies in the lodge of St John Astræa. My main intresst in freemasonry is both the ritual aspect as well as the esoteric ideas found. Outside of freemasonry Im a member of Tempel Riddare Orden (Templars of honor and temperance). I work as a janitor and live with my girlfreind.
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