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  1. My work started here url removed Here you will find that font-variations, Gematria (PROVEN) (removed "letters or values", hidden Geometry and Euclid's Elements is applied. Using the methods of the Rosy Cross. As the older Masonic Encyclopedia states: "Rosicrucianism is still done with great bravur.". How come..you can say, but not explain? This German book explains well. He was a mathematician, and a printer and taught secret writings by a Jesuit priest and a Rabbi seeking the secrets of nature... It's not only Pike that say that All Masonry i based upon Pythagoras formula, as described in the original print of Euclid Problem 1:47. On this forum (the former version) Plato and Pythagoras was mentioned by one of you, when describing the origin of Masonry. Most sites and Masonic book does. The author and the book above explains why, by applying the same code. The linked figure, and it's geometric foundation can be found in Euclid's Elements. Something about 3 and 5 🙂 yes, proven. And something about where it leads. Written in chapter 55 of the book. And applied Gematria as shown, adding up to 1717 Something special about the year he writes.. something about 17 twice..something about 17 = 8. It's written in his books, as you can see. Sorry people aren't curious of historical facts and true art. Best regards.
  2. I hope you read my post, because I never said I was a Freemason. I just said I got interested because I studied cryptography and Geometry of some old books of Rose Cross and it was tied to Masonry. Why would I ask questions in public about Masonry here, f I was one? Actually, if I was, I wouldn't be comfortable writing those numbers in public. Only by the use of Gematria 🙂 I don't ask if what I say is correct. I have studied that well enough, more than most people in the world, and also gotten it confirmed by many (Mostly by RCs and mathematicians etc.). For example, I'm sure you know the geometry of your own background image? I'm sure you don't say the picture is a part of a conspiracy? Or you actually did! I also know you use the word conspiracy here as a way to avoid others taking me seriously. It's a shame. I also know your obligation ref. Albert Pike, is to lead "us" astray If so also lead us astray about the truth in the below picture. (And many many more). All can see that the bottom part is a Square, as in Plato's Meno, And that two 3-4-5 triangles is indicated in the middle (two times 53 degrees = 106 degrees). As can be created/drawn inside the 4x3 part of a 4x4 square. Then all can see that the upper part is a 4x3 format. And everybody knows that inside a 3x4, the diagonal is of length 5. Thus creating the Pythagorean triangle of 3-4-5 where the upper vital angle is of 53 degrees, (where side 5 and 3 meets..So Geometry, not conspiracy). Often Gematria is therefore used to spell "53" or "106". Inside this figure you can draw the Moon and the Earth at a perfect ratio, creating the well known pyramid (or as a square and compass)... Also we get the ancient approximation of "Squaring the Circle" and so on. Many people outside Masonry know, so you, using the figure yourself must certainly know). If that is a conspiracy theory? Do you want me to draw it up here? If so, where can I post it? I actually just asked, maybe some masons here wanted to be a part of publishing such historical documentation. For example by translating to local language, local publishing etc etc. If so,jJust send me message..
  3. Greetings from Norway. I am a Norwegian IT network and security engineer that became interested in Masonry after many many years of studying several German Rosicrucian encoded books and a notebook from Kassel, published the special year written twice (2) with the number 17 After 20 years or so of studying these documents by analyzing the by systematic cryptography, I managed to fully uncover the system and document it, and finally writing a complete documentary book on it, and the historical implications of an ancient but still existing masonic and RC code. I discovered a code originating in ancient Egypt, applied by ex. Plato, Pythagoras and later applied in other European Religious writings, art, The Shroud, by our greatest artists, The Jesuits and in intellectual writings like Shakespeare etc. Still applied by artists worldwide today. I guess you know just what I talk about.. A code leading to a special ancient secret figure..going by the name of "The Grail" and finally "The Philosopher's Stone". Hidden by the use of Gematria, invisible Geometry and systematic font-manipulations etc. By numbers like 33+55 -> 88 -> Two x 53 - > 106, ODD FELLOMS.. 2Bacon - Gemini, 37/53 etc. Many know what I talk about I guess.. I guess this would be interesting for some curious Masons to be a part of such a project ? If you know of any, let me know I hold lectures, while the book is still under review and development. Best Regards: ØR J.E.E.O Johann Ern5t Elia5 ORFFYRE'
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