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  1. Well my questions is 

    How freemasonry would fit in my life 

    Will I be asked ( kinda forced ) to do something I dont know why I am doing it 

    Or smth i dont want to do ? 

    I've been interested in freemasonary because afaik it would help me to be better man 


    So is that all the thing ? 

    And another question 

    Could I just leave if I felt uncomfortable .. ?


  2. ah , its not actually about the privacy of the topic but the interactive way of messaging which helps particulary in getting accurate answers more than posting a post which might not attract any attention or the answers might be generalized

  3. Hello everyone

    You can call me matheo

    I am 18 years old teen

    I am really glade and grateful that I've reached you guys here at the end

    I've been trying to get in touch with a freemason in a way or another , due to having a lot of questions

    I've been Thinking about joining in fact but I wanna get clear information about the freemasonary itself at first place and I've someother questions

    I hope this kind of discussions is welcome here (otherwise I'll talk to someone in private if he don't mind for sure)  , Greetings from Syria .


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