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  1. It is my understanding that once you are made a mason you are a mason, non payment of dues is bad form and quite disrespectful to the lodge however it dosnt stop you from being a mason. that said, that’s my understanding and may not be applicable to all people or organisations that profes to make masons.
  2. Fair enough- to summarise then, you are of the opinion that masons should simply attend the lodge they feel best suits them and leaving your mother lodge is not a big deal? being a member of both is not something I want to do either.
  3. Hello guys, im seeking some wise council from you more experienced gents, my question is this; How much personal responsibility falls on an individual brother to try to enact change in their lodge or is it preferable for that brother to simply affiliate with a lodge more in line with their goals? I would expect that if both lodges are happy and thriving it would be a non issue however there is a significant size difference and considering a change leaves me feeling guilty. looking forward to your opinions.
  4. It’s really not long until my raising- just over 2 weeks to go and I’ve got my work down pat. really looking forward to it honestly, additionally I have been assigned an entred apprentice to mentor which is fantastic- can’t wait
  5. Thanks for the kind welcome. dont stress about missing it, if you are like the masons I know I’m sure you are being pulled from all a directions.
  6. It’s more a lodge to lodge thing for mentoring and writing papers but delivering charges, taking office etc that’s reserved for MM. you can of cause apply for dispensation but it’s not the norm.
  7. Thanks for the kind words guys, I’m really looking forward to it
  8. Well yes and no, my lodge currently is reliant on a key group after losing our WM and jW last year to drama- i guess a better phrase would be that I will be in a position to be of more service to the lodge. Taking office, delivering work, being on committees and mentoring are reserved for masters exclusively
  9. Good morning all, im very excited to say that after a year and 6 months I will be raised to the sublime degree of a master mason. To finally get here I have presented in lodge, written short form articles, traveled a good bit, I have read book after book (currently stuck into Esoterika) and I am just so excited to finally be coming to a point where I may actually be of some use to my lodge. D
  10. Hey guys, wanted to introduce myself, I’m a FCF from lodge Capitol 612 in Canberra Australia. I have been a mason a little over a year and visit as often as possible, within my own lodge I have had a small bit of work published for the lodge news letter and have as part of my passing presented a short talk in open lodge. first time on the site and am looking forward to my stay. thanks all, Dave
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