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  1. Steve


    I'd like to thank all who have advised me on this forum and am happy to say my initiation ceremony last night went without hitch and my speech, short and to the point seemed to go down well
  2. Steve


    This makes perfect sense, Thank you I have been to see my proposer today and gave my speech to make sure i hadn't missed anything and going with everybody's advice i kept it short and to the point. My proposer was pleased with what i had read and i"m very much ready for my initiation next week
  3. Steve


    Thank you all for your advice. I think I may have something that will work now
  4. Steve


    Is it really as simple as that?
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Steve and i live in the North East UK and have been interested in the Freemasons for a number of years now. I am due to be initiated at the beginning of October and have a question about my speech after the ceremony but not sure where to post it
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