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  1. I'm not sure if this has been asked previously (can't see it on a search) but in this day and age of disappearing high street bank branches and 'unfriendly' GDPR and money laundering obsessed banking staff what is the consensus on where to hold Lodge bank accounts nowadays. I ask as Treasurer of 2 Craft, 1 Mark and 1 (elect) Chapter Lodge. The latter currently banks with HSBC and the current Treasurer is handing over primarily because of their failure to treat him as a valued customer. My mother lodge is with Nationwide, HSBS and Lloyds. Nationwide no longer offer 'community' accounts. My 2nd Craft and Mark lodges are with Nat West and I find them very helpful.
  2. Greetings to you as well. If you are curious then perhaps you might think about seeking to join. I held a belief for several decades that if a Freemason thought I was worthy then I would get a tap on the shoulder and be asked to join! It wasn't until I was in my 50s that I encountered a Brother who was open about his Freemasonry and he explained to me that it was the other way around - I needed to ask to join!
  3. A conundrum that as treasurer has been of concern to me since I took over the books of my Craft lodge in 2013. Traditionally ours have been gifted by the lodge to all qualifying Masters when they install their successor. However, a lodge I visit makes great and excellent ceremony if presenting a previously awarded PM Jewell elaborating on the history of the item. I understand that it is not the done thing to wear a PM Jewell other than in your own lodge and also apparently once in receipt of Provincial honours it is not worn after that even in your own lodge. Our Jewels are beautifully struck from a die by Forget Me Not Regalia at Chepstow Tel: 01291621126 - they have a web presence as well. From memory the last batch we received cost circa £70 each on a batch of ten. Our Secretary gets each Jewell engraved with the receiving PMs name before the presentation.
  4. As with Paul, my mother Lodge is The Wiltshire Lodge of Fidelity No663. I was in the Chair in 2012. I'm also in The Lodge of Honour No 379 in Bath. The Geoffrey Short Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 971 in Trowbridge. Treasurer for those three. Fake Organist for 178 Anchor Lodge RAM and Hon Fake Organist for 178 MMM in Devizes.
  5. Just a thought but replayed downloaded music might run into Public Performance issues for licensing; royalties etc.
  6. This chap supply’s a great range of ritual music and is massively helpful with advice also. https://www.masonicmedia.co.uk/
  7. I’m Treasurer to three Lodges and an Excel spreadsheet for each seems to work okay for me. The examiners are happy with it that way as well. I have columns for date (trying to keep it aligned with Bank statement entries), the details of the item, I come, expenditure. Following this I have green columns for Subs, dining etc. Red columns for UGLE, Province, Catering etc. Totalling each at the bottom of the worksheet and itemising the Income and Expenditure in the Green and Red columns.
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