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  1. Wait for your next FB the curse of the napkin holder be upon you
  2. I personally do not currently wear any jewellery but only as i've not found anything i've liked. I do however see many people with rings cufflinks etc. One item i have seen used and i really really want but haven't yet found is worn by a lodge brother and is a silver (with s&C logo) napkin hook. 1 end hooks into the tie knot the other is a small clamp that holds the napkin. at the FB we were all joking about it and subsequently all threw food down our ties and the item was immediately added to the wish list.
  3. Thanks all. Looking forward to meeting some of you in the future
  4. Hello All i'm a new Craft member (FC). I'm currently in Warwickshire but do have links to Devizes (mother in law) Plymouth (Home town and parents still there) and Southwest Scotland (Annan (ish)) which is where my mothers family hails from. I appreciate there is little benefit visiting as and FC unless there is a first or second to see however i'm hoping to get out and about this year and meet lots of you interesting folks. Regards
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