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  1. To clarify he said a s&C with a G in the middle wasn’t recognised in English freemasonry, I am not aware of the tracing boards meanings yet (I’ve looked at the entered apprentice one but I’ve not really looked until I can fully understand their meaning). Sorry for the ambiguity, thanks for clarifying!
  2. Thanks, Jon! I will definitely keep you all posted!
  3. A mason who is helping me to join told me about the “G” not being recognised by English Freemasonry, very interesting! Its not something I am thinking of immediately, there was just so much on there it seemed like there must be a demand for it. Personally it seems a little ott to wear a Masonic themed tie and ring and cuff links especially daily, I was just wondering if this was commonplace. I think a Forget-me-not will be a good first item, I’m not sure if I would be bothered by a ring or cuff links, I guess I can gauge other people use when I attend meetings. I like the idea of a ring (after raising ofc) but not sure I could pull it off, and also would need to be careful at work. I’m not sure if it would be worth it to just wear it during lodge meetings Thanks all
  4. Hi all, One of the things that I have seen on regalia shops and online, is Masonic themed clothing and jewellery such as rings (obviously) but also cuff links (square and compass, but also aprons and gavels), socks, pocket squares, ties, watches etc. My main question is do people actually wear these? And if so is it a day to day thing or reserved for lodge? I have also been told I will have to buy my own gloves (which is how I ended up on these sites), and wondered if there was any significance to the square and compass on the gloves, or if this is personal choice when it comes to me buying my own. TIA
  5. Thanks for the advice! And I am originally from Sheffield and go back regularly, I will look into visiting at some point!
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Jake and I am currently in the process of meeting with lodges with the hope of becoming an Entered Apprentice in Leeds later on this year. It has been something I have been interested since I found out about it at Uni, but it has taken me a while to get the ball rolling with joining a Lodge. I am currently trying to learn a bit more about Freemasonry (particularly in England as a lot of online resources are US based). Just thought I’d introduce myself, I am looking forward to being being part of the Fraternity, in the mean time, I hope to learn a lot from these forums. Thanks
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