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  1. It's ok, I'm just doing an investigation of my own to find out more about him, and thought of seeking help here to see if there are records with his name - and yes I'm not sure of his first name, but confident about his last name which I wrote in the above post, and to be quiet honest it's worth a try. why? so many reasons, few of them like: I was intrigued to know if the torture in jail and his nails and teeth extracted was: because of him being a Jew or a Freemason? does he have relatives? where are they now? do they even know where he was buried? are they alive? a lot of questions on my mind, most will be answered if I actually only confirm his real name - is it in the records or not... Thank you
  2. I'm not sure, but here goes: Ali Dara, or Eli Dara not sure at all of the first name, but I'm confident that the 'real' last name is Dara. the fake name just in case: Hussain Ali Asaad Alobaidi I wish, I think it would've made finding everything out easier. unfortunately I've no access to birth certificates because their birth certificates came from Iraq and I live in the U.A.E, I think even if I went to Iraq ..giving them my mothers name to check will only lead me to a dead-end because she has my grandfathers fake name in her passport. my grandmothers paranoia led her to burning all the kinds of documents and papers including birth certificates, the only way I guessed his name was through the help of my uncles & aunts, they overheard my grandmother and grandfather arguing and her threatening him by giving away his real name, but I don't have any evidence on paper, so it's just what my uncles and aunts heard.
  3. Good evening, I'm looking for info to find out if my grandfather really was a freemason - he worked in Iraq petroleum company (which was run by the British government if I'm not mistaken) until around 1958 when the revolution began - he was jailed and sentenced to death, when I first heard this story I thought "oh definitely because he's Jewish", but.... I'm having second thoughts, especially after I read that freemasons were sentenced to death after abd al karim became prime minister in 1958. did my grandfather die? no, he actually got out, I'm not sure how, escaped probably, someone definitely helped, he was given the Identity of a dead man. he left Iraq and went to the Emirates - Abu Dhabi in 1966 "for work" from what I've read all the lodges in Iraq closed down following the Iraqi revolution in 1958 (coincidentally the date he was jailed) and new ones were formed in Emirates / Bahrain / Kuwait 1966 the year he actually left Iraq. shame I never got to see him, I only know his fake name, but have his real photos if that will ever help. tried to convince my grandmother to give out his real name and she kept saying things like "you're trying to get us killed", he also worked on the kirkuk - haifa oil pipeline.
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