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  1. Apologies all, many a year since I used a laptop and I'm 30! MM from Aylesbury , Lodge Steward and been a member since 2015. Proceeding online with pre-advised caution hence the previous scarcity of info I'm a family man with 3 children, electrician by trade but starting new management job within MoJ shortly Keen guitarist also! Been playing since the tender age of 15😂
  2. Hello all, I have started a website where I plan to use advertising to raise funds for a free UK postcode lottery. On top of this, I am including a page for charitable purposes. The idea is this page is offering an amazon search bar and allows visitors to purchase items they would usually buy whilst giving me a 12% commission on sales. This 12% commission will be given to charity, specifically Great Ormond St. IF successful, I will be able to donate to other charities close to my heart. Firstly, thoughts on the idea? This isnt my day job by any means but the advertising aspect would provide me a small additional income PLUS I can give away half of what is made from advertising as a prize. The Amazon stuff will strictly be for charity. Also, if anyone is willing to help me on this endeavour, the website is freeuklottery.tk and go to the charities page. Theres an amazon search at the bottom. I'm open to suggestions especially from Brethren! Decided to start utiising spare time more productively.
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