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  1. This is the down fall to us all, because men being held together by a common thread can only make us stronger. I would to petition the governing bodies,a nato summit of such to deal with feelings and ideas and be as one. So that are no grey areas. We all practice as one. (I'm a dreamer as you can tell)
  2. Understood Brother, We are men that has chosen masonry for the better of man. In not to see the trees for the forest is to be blind and what we all seek is light!
  3. You took a oath to to make men into masons aren't you forgetting why and what the accents were, well since you have I will remind you Builders. You have been given a great responsibility to a mold rough ashlar into a finely polished stone. 1st degree forgot ? "Quote " The new entered apprentice is the rough material straight from the quarry. “Rough undressed stone - ignorant, uncultivated man, ready to be squared and prepared for purposeful employment by skilled craftsmen”
  4. Power and Knowledge is a grand and beautiful thing. The number of brothers that meet are small and few. Ideas and egos get in the way of what really needs to be handled. I have always thought this was problem for a long time. That if you are my brother you are my brother regardless if your blue,red or green with yellow poka dots ,you are my brother . This is 2019 . I took a oath to Fly to my brothers relief. Where are you Masons on this issue. Be honest ! For the true will set you free ! Power is in numbers. If you are a mason your ritual and ceremony should be same. When you go to England to Africa to Russia and to Hawaii or Waynesbro GA . You can take part and break bread with your brother this is what must be. I'm Stepping off the soap box ? Remember who you are a "builder" !
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