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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have looked into Freemasonry for quite a long time now and I love the brotherhood side of things and the belonging to a worthy cause. I have questions regarding the Charity work, do different degrees open you up to contributing to different charitys? Or do Masons contribute to the same charitys no matter what degrees attained? I have a lot of other questions in my mind but I dont think knowing too much will benefit me as it seems like a lot of Freemasonry the fun is in the learning and unfolding. I am of course versed in Christian theology and the story of Solomons temple and own a few books on Freemasonry. As above I do not wish to learn too much as I want the mystery to unfold before me and I wish to do the side degrees if I make it that far in the most interesting way possible. To think that I will be taking part in some of the same things that people have been partaking in for centuries is very cool. And I've always wanted to be the best man I can be and I think from what I have read Masonry will help me become even better as I will be surrounded by support and knowledge. I dislike the American all in a day ceremonies were you can attain mutliple degrees in one day by watching a ceremony and not taking part just one person taking it and acting it out for a group initiation this seems to take all the fun out of it. I am in no rush and wish to take things at a pace were I can enjoy every part for what it is, I will hold it sacred and it will be life changing from what I have read. But of course in the scheme of all things Mason I am naive so forgive me if I sound in any way out of touch, I am just keen to learn and grow and to do good with like minded people and people who may be quite different *in a good way! Regards
  2. Greetings you guys, I have just spoke to someone at the local lodge about possibly becoming an EA Freemason. I love the idea of bettering myself and becoming a proper "gentleman". For now I am just researching and the person who I have spoken to said he is going to speak to his people about me. I hope to become a brother in the near future. Respect. Thomas
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