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  1. Hi, thank you all for your replies,
  2. Hi, thank you for coming back to me, i will defiantly be in touch, has anyone got any info/links of insights etc or books more like educational before making a commitments to get an understanding, i see what you mean by people beliefs like conspiracies but more the line of actual facts and not myths, i understand to much cannot be said so anything withing limits would help. thank you again,
  3. Hi, just a little about myself, i am 26 years old male, born and bred in Essex, i am currently a Sales executive trainee for plywood and mdf, i have 3 step daughters and 1 on the way, not really a sports person unless it has an engine in none of this running malarkey, iv been looking into freemasonry for sometime now, just not sure how to go about it to be honest, i have read up if i was to send my details to the Essex lodge it would be looked into and would be recommended to a certain lodge, weather that is true not, just any advice would be helpful, hope to hear.
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