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  1. I am most grateful to you for furnishing that information. I wish you well and a Happy Birthday - when it comes.
  2. Hello Sontaran, Thank you for your prompt response. This item was discovered in a suitcase of Masonic Aprons, Collarettes etc that one one of my Sons purchased about two yers ago at a local Car Boot Fair. He has only recently passed these to me. I am 85 years of age and a PM - Initiated in 1971. There is a Red Apron with the Collection which reflects your observations, having an embroidered circular Badge Logo with the lettering 'MIDDLESEX' and a Cornucopia overlying a set of Compasses within the circle. A matching red Collarette has a similar 'gold' logo on its Jewel with the same lettering - beautiful.
  3. Hello, I recently acquired a 'Founder' Jewel for my collection (photo attached) but I am not able to identify it fully. It would appear to be of Royal Arch Identity but no clues as to where or its origin except for the Cornucopia - references to 'steward' perhaps?. Any information would be gratefully received.
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