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  1. Hi there! I am - or thought I was - in the process of applying for Order of the Eastern Star and haven't heard back in a couple weeks. I am wondering if I should be concerned or take a hint. I feel strongly about my desire to join, but I will hold the reasons for my interview, if there is one. My worry here: I disclosed to the people who met me the first time, that a few years ago I was badly injured in a car accident (& that the other driver was charged in court) and that I saw a trauma therapist. To note, I do have visible "physical limitations" (not in a wheelchair or anything) and scarring - it's obvious that something happened. I did not discuss that I have other resulting invisible disabilities (not interesting or relevant) and that shortly after my accident, there was a lot of malicious and untrue gossip about me. I was new in town, the other driver's family have tons of friends and really went out of their way to malign me/help their relative save face. If you believed what they said (people knew them and didn't know me) you'd want nothing to do with me. Unfortunately, a couple of the untrue rumors were so egregious that my attorney had to step in. But, this was 2 - 3 years ago. The truth came out and many people have warmed up toward our family; and we've formed some very treasured friendships. But I still hear hateful comments now and then, and a handful of folks make it a point to snub me when our paths cross. None of these folks are in OES though. I didn't mention any of the drama because - it seemed irrelevant and I'd rather just move on. If you google my common-ish name though; I've been featured in a couple reputable platforms about living with and advocating for yourself with physical differences. If they were to have heard these rumors - would they ask me for my side of the story or just disregard me? For the record, I have solid documentation disproving every single nasty rumor.
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