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  1. Dear Brethren, I thank you all for the knowledge you have passed on on this topic.
  2. Then , i m sorry to say, you do not know the current situation of the Craft, the result of recruit recruit recruit policy and the must have 3 rituals every year.
  3. I m but not for the Craft but for the RA. But thanks to the suggestion I m now registered with and can access Rosetta since yesterday. 👌
  4. Nothing ever mentioned to me in 9+years. Admin has always seemed to be the domain of the Lodge Secretary who keeps all the cards close to his chest. And we know why , don't we ? 😉 I asked once the Visiting Officer I was sitting next to at a FB whether the notes he making were to mark the ritual performance of the the Lodge officers but the matter was dismissed lightly with no real answer. Rosetta ? I thought it was a program for Lodge Secretaries. Could you give me a tip on how to access it ? This is not the place for me to explain why I am in this situation of admittedly, ignorance. Indeed I would not explain them anyway because of the reflection this would have on my Brethren. I was taught to be cautious. But I only say to you: do not be surprised.
  5. So in theory it should be easier to found in England, Scotland or Ireland a Lodge from an Overseas Obedience ?
  6. I see . But where are the criterias for the appointment, if they exist ?
  7. Thank you Brethren for your answers. But where has freedom gone ?🙄 Surely I should not have to submit to UGLE if I happen to live and work in England but I may not be English. But there we go. It is a matter of keeping control, I assume, since they can t monitor what you do in their warranted Lodge located so far away from their home and can t send their officers to attend the meetings. Food for thought. Prov.Stewards Mmmh. I see why they are mostly recruited young and enthusiastic. I will put my interest in the red apron to rest 😉
  8. Greetings Brethren, I am new to this forum and I have a couple of questions. I am a PM in a London Lodge and I wish to look into the possibility of creating a new Lodge that should be under the jurisdiction of either the GL of Scotland or GL of Ireland. Do you know whether this has been done by others ? What are in your view or experience , the pros and cons ? I do not know where all the admin rules etc. of this nature can be sourced. Any suggestions and contacts ? One last question : where do I find out the duties of a Provincial Steward do and how is one elected to become one ? If possible DM with your replies. Sincerely & Fraternally Len
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