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  1. I want to join for many reasons. I want to be part of something whose fundamentals are couched in ancient traditions of honor and integrity and the pursuit of wisdom/knowledge and one that recognizes there is a higher power in the universe who has given order and structure to all life, nature, etc. I want to be among others who share this pursuit and who still respect tradition and loyalty and recognize that we're part of something much bigger and to seek to understand why. I appreciate the clarification and I definitely understand what you're saying. I too see a problem with taking an obligation on a sacred text that I don't necessarily subscribe to. Logically, it doesn't feel right, let alone morally/spiritually. I shall reflect on this.
  2. Trouillogan, you actually bring up a great point that was on my mind. If I do take an oath/obligation on a sacred/religious text of which religion I do not subscribe do, am I in a way committing a dishonorable act? The first answer that comes to my mind is "yes". That said, I have nothing against the Abrahamic religions, for example, and I've read the Bible, Quran, and the Torah and I believe there are instances within those texts that do express the will of this higher power we speak of. So it's an interesting situation I suppose. I do recognize this is serious and I in no way mean to lighthearted in any way.
  3. Thank you all for the great replies! I am in California, United States. I do not mind taking an oath on a Bible/sacred text at all. I'm not against Christianity or any of the Abrahamic religions in any way.
  4. Hello everyone, New guy here and I have a question. I wouldn't say I belong to any specific religion. I do, however, believe in a higher presence at work in the universe, cosmos, etc. that originally set things in motion, giving all things order/structure/purpose and continues to exist in all life. Whether or not this presence is a being, a force, etc. I cannot yet say but I believe there is a higher power. Having shared my belief, does this disqualify me from joining the Free Masons? I know it doesn't exactly fit into any established religion so I recognize I might have an issue here regarding qualifying for membership. -Sam
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