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  1. I think I watched an old video on YouTube talking about Masons in Egypt at old period, and yes as you mentioned there is no apparent Mason community in Egypt in current time, and there is huge misunderstanding about Masonry meaning with common Egyptians minds. I think now in Egypt some movements among citizens are religious ones with a particular understanding of religion.
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm Ahmed from Egypt, I heard much about free masons and I've curiosity to learn much about the matter because I've no idea if I'm qualified or not to be a free mason person. I love knowledge but my information are some limited, I read about Mathematics and I like it, for example "Calculus for dummies I", and I finished it but I forgot the topic again, but I promise to care fine in knowledge because I heard that Masons care much in science knowledge and they are of the most intelligent people in the world. I've good admiration to Pascal and hope I'll be like him one day.
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