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  1. I learned all the teachings that you rejected by reading the books of the freeMasons. I learned how to summon a demon from goetia and crowley. Isn't franz bardon a freemason? Isn't Israel regardie a freemason? Isn't it the freeMasonic teachings they wrote in their books? Isn't chic cicero a freemason? Isn't enochian magick a freeMasonic teaching? Isn't chaos magick a freeMasonic doctrine? I even learned how to use an altar from books written by freeMasons. People from Golden Dawn publish books and they are sold on Amazon. I bought and read them. I practiced as much as I could. I also loved these teachings. I had very good experiences. I also wanted to deepen these issues by taking lessons from them as a freemason. You say they don't exist in our teachings, but there are books written under the name of Golden Dawn. It's all on amazon. Even if it's not on the cover, it's written in the book that this is a golden dawn teaching. I love these teachings too much. This magnificient spiritualism and I had some experiences with spirits. Even if you say this teachings don't exist in freemasonry, there are public books there. I don't understand your rejection. I am a person who loves you. I don't understand why you take such a rejection to a person who loves you. What happens when you say they don't exist in your teachings? You can say let's talk via private message. You can say let's stop talking and leave here, but it's sad that you say you don't believe us. You have books on amazon.com. openly sold items. Anyone can get it when they pay. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=golden+dawn&ref=nb_sb_noss spiritualism and magick. I learned them from you. not from any other source. I am already your unofficial student. I red many books from your tradition. You are a good order.
  2. okey I got the message. I won't disturb you again. I will learn what I need my own. bye
  3. @Sontaran I think this is a political answer because what I have learned is all from the books of freemasons. I like these books too much. but If you say freemasons have nothing with these subjects I will just smile and say okey to this political answer. Ok I understand why you are answering in this way but don't do this to a man who red approximately more than hundred freemasonary publication.
  4. I would like to be a mason too, but I don't think I can meet your criteria. I am poor and I am not successful in my career. I don't know a mason who can be a reference for me. i love hermetic subjects such as egyptian culture, kabbalah, alchemy, numerology, telekinesis and witchcraft. I have made some progress in this regard, albeit a little on my own. I've also had experience of conjuring, and I've had minor successes. That's just what I'm wondering. can i be a student of masons without being a mason? Is it possible for me to take lessons on hermetic subjects from you? Do Masonic Lodges accept such students? Of course, I would be more pleased if I could be a mason, but even if I can't, can I take classes this way? So far, I have sent emails to many Masonic lodges for this, but my emails have remained unanswered.
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